This week went by so friggen fast. I love it! Tonight I’m going out for a HUGE Italian dinner in Rhode Island for my brother’s birthday and I am honestly just fantasizing about the bread and its only 10:30AM here.

Today I am presenting you with an update on my fitness life – particularly my spin classes. I haven’t posted my playlists or talked about my classes in quite some time!

So – in my spin classes lately I have been loving patterned rides as well as a lot of speed. Usually I am a quality over quality girl with the sprints and speed themed songs, but this past week we hit it it hard. Don’t get me wrong I love my jumps, my tapbacks and my isolations but being in the saddle and grinding out a hill and sprinting to the finish line are the meat and potates of my ride.


Here is the ride I did all last week. We ended the ride with three speed songs…

We started with Kiesza’s “Give it to the Moment” for some pick ups in standing on a low hill. 30 seconds each. When students come up into standing, I always tell them to use their legs. The handle bars are there for support; not a crutch and they should float up and float down. For speed cues, I tell them I want you to run – but it’s not a sprint and sure as hell ain’t a jog…this helps people find their groove in standing without the pressure of going too fast… if they feel the pressure then they don’t put the right resistance on. You  gotta play with them a little bit.

The second speed song we did was Christina Aguilera’s “Let There Be Love”…banger. I have been playing this since I started teaching. It’s a PC song and has the quickest and most motivating beat. After we did standing accelerations, we did this song in the saddle on a 5 (which is beneath a low hill where you take off like a bat out of hell but you are not on a flat at all). For this we stayed in the saddle and did 75% of max. This way they are movin’ and groovin’ without sprinting JUST yet.

Last song – the finale! Ferry Corsten “Feel It”. This will put it all together. What I love about this song is that at the beginning the beat picks up within the first 5 seconds and I use that as an opportunity for the first full sprint. This way students don’t even think about the sprint and they just go for it. Of course, I warn them so when I hit play they are ready. The second sprint is a ladder – 65%-75%-sprint. 45 seconds total with  little increases in speed every 15 seconds. They should be doggin’ it after the second round. And third round is a full out 20 second sprint. Usually for my students’ very last sprint I really pep them up. I saw things like “You came here to work tonight. This is your FINAL push, don’t let yourself down” or “I want you to look back and know that you kicked your own ass tonight”. With the right crew, this gets them amped. After I count them down, I turn the volume louder and I don’t say anything…I let the beat take over with the motivation. I usually get goosebumps because they are working it so hard!

Hopefully for some you speedsters or instructors out there that are looking how to spice up your playlists that this could be a little nugget for you! I have been really enjoying thinking out of the box with my playlists.I have been re-purposing songs and using them at different points in my ride to just try new things. I go through phases where I feel more motivated by songs and other times where I’m way more into the thrill of making the perfect choreography sequences.

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a great weekend!



Happy Friday everyone! I cannot tell you how happy I am that in about 5 hours it will be the weekend. I have had such a stressful week. I realize how much I hate being the new girl at work. I am awkward, sensitive and have been exhausted. When you are learning new skills and meeting new people, by the time 5pm rolls around I honestly have nothing else to give. I took this week off from spin and I am so glad I did. I have only worked out twice and I realized how much my body craves the exertion. I get so stuck in my head and sweating it all out is so cathartic for me. It helps me sleep better, it helps clear my mind and I just feel more confident. Needless to say, I admit I am going through a little bit of a rough patch, however, I have been trying to keep to a really simple routine and try to take care of myself. Below I have a few essentials for you all to sift through that help me relax and totally keep me sane.


I’ve only worked out twice this week. I went for a run one day which felt so friggen good and the other day I did a strength workout with a few bursts of cardio. One of the moves I did a couple of sets of was this pike on a stability ball. I typically don’t go into a pike but rather keep my shins on the ball in a plank position and roll my legs into my chest for a killer ab workout. I pull into a pike every once in awhile and on Wednesday I thought I would just go for it. Once in pike, I lifted one leg into the air and then switched legs followed by 12 reps of bringing my legs into my chest while in a regular plank. It is so challenging to bring yourself into pike since its a lot on your wrists and you really have to brace your core to bring your bum up into the air. It’s a great movement for those who are working towards their handstands or want to ramp up their ab series. I decided to for this move because it’s a real confidence builder and you need total concentration.

Next item is my lavender salts from CVS. These are so great. I totally relax and I put about a cup in the bath. They’re so cheap and you get such great volume. If you have trouble sleeping I would highly recommend a bath with lavender anything to help your body get into sleep mode. I always have a bag of these laying around the house. I have really tight feet (probably because of my tight calves) and this concoction in the bath helps melt away a lot of the tightness and stress.

My third savior is Odesza! I just love every song and every remix by this group. I listen to them in the morning when I get ready, in the car on the way home, when I workout and in the bathtub. It’s very ethereal electronic. When I teach barre I always do a savasana and play a full song. One of my favorite songs is White Lies, just speaks to me for some reason. When I used to take public transportation to work I used to listen to their stuff to relax while dealing with commuting stress. Since I literally just explained so many scenarios of when I listen to Odesza, it is literally no surprise that I have been listening to them every chance that I get this week.

Because I have been training at work, I have had a lot of downtime in between shadowing, independent work and meetings. Of course I log onto The Coveteur every day to read the latest article about a designer, new face oil or current workout trend. I just get lost in the pictures and the stories. It’s a girl’s heaven and I highly recommend the site if you love anything about fashion, beauty, working out, etc.

Lastly – of course a corny quote. I don’t normally like these sort of cheesy sayings but I saw this on instagram and was like…. TRUE DAT. SO this is my mantra. I gotta be tough and just stop being like “poor me… help me” but rather “come on, girl put on your big girl panties and work it out”…sometimes its hard to walk that walk but it’s rewarding when you get to the other side. I have a tendency to get really wrapped up in my own head and stay there for awhile. NOT GOOD but I am most certainly working on it.

Well – hey, you made it to the end of the blog. I hope everyone has a great weekend and thank you for reading my melancholy posts. I will hopefully return back to normal this coming week (after I finally get paid).

Thank you for reading,

Hill XO

Fitness Fridays

Hello party people!

It’s Friyay! I hope all of you have something  great planned but also make time for rest and relaxation.


I thought for this Friday, I would include some of my favorite fitness-y things of the moment! ENJOY!

The song(s) that currently makes me want to turn up 

Major Lazer (f. MOTi, Ty Dolla $ign, Wizkid & Kranium) – Boom ~ I have been using this in my spin classes for jumps  while adding resistance as we go. This song along with the rest of his new album is quite good. I like the slight Latin vibe mixed with house undertones.

Chris Brown – Fine By Me ~ This one is sort of a different sound from Breezy but I love it. He just keeps getting better and better. Who would have thought he would have stuck around this long? But then again ‘Run It’ was such a high school jam and always will be.

Current snack obsession 

Since I have been trying to A) lose a little bit of weight and B) save some money during this holiday season I have been trying to curtail my snacking but also make it as healthy as possible. The other day before spin I needed something with some good protein and fat so I made a mix of blueberries, roasted cashews and a handful of semi-sweet morsels. GENIUS. Trail Mix on a budget.

A comfy but stylish top 

Athleta’s Spotlight Top ~ If you need a new long sleeve shirt for either working out or to/from, this is an awesome option. I ordered this a couple of weeks and already washed it twice. It looks super cute even with skinny jeans. There is a pocket down the side which is perfect for my phone to fit into without the armband. This is not as tight as something from Lululemon so its forgiving but flattering with the side paneling. CURRENTLY ON SALE


Wipes are essential for us girls on the go, whether you need them for the commute home or dinner with friends post sweat sesh. Simple’s Micellar Wipes are lifesavers. Wipes can be very irritating but these are hydrating and gentle. If you are almost out of your current, crinkly package – pick up these bad boys. I sometimes use these after a night of one-too-many and am too lazy.

I hope you guys enjoyed these little tid bits! Love to share!

Hill XO