The Current Wishlist

Happy Thursday to all of you! With spring here, (but here in the NE it does NOT feel like spring) I’ve got that itch to do a little bit of shopping **insert monkey emoji that is covering its mouth**. I ain’t gon’ lie, I did already purchase one of these items and cannot wait for it/them to arrive. I also received my 15% off for being a VIB at Sephora and am so friggen ecstatic about it. I will most certainly be making a trip to the Prudential Center this weekend for a little bit of some fun! See my wishlist below!!!!


The Sunday Riley Good Genes has been at the top of my list for awhile. After I purchased it in a value package with the Luna Oil I have been yearning for a full bottle. I just fell in love with it. It helped even out my skin texture on the tops of my cheek bones – which is where I seem to get get a lot of milia. It’s really potent so I know if and when I buy this, it will greatly help my complexion out. I think I favor this over the Luna Oil.

Banana Republic lace up pointed toe pumps. Ok! These are currently on sale for 40% off….get to it. These come in black, nude and this mint color. I bought the mint and cannot wait to wear them this summer. The lace up is just so sexy and I love the pointed toe…these will be great for nights when I need a pedicure but still need that hot ass shoe. The heel height is perfect me for me and are so versatile….jeans…pencil skirts….bodycon dresses…Also the mint will be a great pop of color! EEEEEEEeee!!! So in love. An extra bonus is that the reviews online said these were so comfortable. TIP: ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS!!!!!!

Ok so this Marc Jacobs mascara has been on my wishlist for awhile. All the bloggers are going crazy over it and I have been lusting for it. I tried a sample, fell in love….simple as that. I recently bought the Bobbi Brown Smokey Lash mascara which I like, but I sort of want to get this MJ offering in my collection ASAP. It gives the most feathery but intense lashes!

These two Oribe products I have purchased numerous times. I currently don’t have the Dry Texturizing Spray in my possession and I miss it. I have just been using my Bumble Dry Shampoo but for those days where my hair doesn’t need dry shampoo but needs a little oomph – that’s when I grab the Dry Texturizing Spray. It’s light, gives my hair some ‘tude and it makes me SO happy.

The other Oribe product is the Dry Thickening Spray which I’m all out of. This is supposed to be for the middle of your strands and give some life to the hair. It does JUST that. I am currently on my third can. Oribe’s products are just top of the line….I have used their hair oil, shampoo and conditioner and now these sprays….You cannot go wrong. They make great gifts and last forever. A little does go a long way which is how I justify the steep price tag. If I had to choose between the texturizer and the thickening spray – if you are like me with thin ass hair, get the thickening spray! The best part about all of this – you can buy purse sizes of pretty much all the products so you can try them out and bring them with you on vacation.

Next up is the Kate Somerville Nourish Hydrating Firming Mist. I gotta say I am a sucker for marketing and need this ish. I love mists, essences, etc. right now and this stuff seems like it packs a punch. I also love Kate Somerville so I am willing to give this puppy a go.

Lastly we have my beloved Sephora Collection Face Masks. For 6 bucks you just can’t go wrong. They work, they’re fun and cheap. The two that are pictured above I haven’t tried yet. They recently redid the packaging and added a couple to their collection. The blue is for detoxifying and purifying and the the green is for nourishing and repairing. I want to go for these two because my skin does feel sort of clogged up and I have some acne marks that I want to clear up with the nourishing and repairing mask. These are so fun for a girls’ night in!

Thank you all for reading!!!  I hope you enjoyed what I am currently coveting. What are you current lusting over? There’s gotta be something!!!

XO Hill


Fresh Purchases

Happy Wednesday to everyone. We are half way there.

You know that wishlist that I put together? Well I did a little bit of damage. I bought a few things – a couple were on the wishlist and one was not. After I put my wants and desires into the universe via my blog post, things happened and I handed over my debit card and just…yea…

First up! Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Cleansing Balm. I gushed over this last week and had purchased it after using you sample just for two days. The instructions mention that you can even use it as a hydrating mask, which I did do and it was a great decision. This stuff has got awesome skincare goodies like cocoa butter, chamomile and vanilla to help you get ready for bed. What i like about this is that it is thick but is easy to move around on the skin and just rinses so easily. Nothing is left behind.



I’m just a little excited!!! 

Next! Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

I saw this on the Sephora website and was into right away. Then I went to the Becca section of Sephora’s website and looked at a tutorial and further explanation of the product. What drew me in was that is so glowy and you can go up a shade without it looking bad. I have been mixing Medium with my lighter colored foundations for some warmth. This lasts all day and is just so pretty. I can’t wait to use this even in the summer for nights out. I have enjoyed using this stuff with a lot of highlighter and bronzer. I just love the sun bum look.


It looks a little dark but is so perfect! Sheers right out


It was a good skincare day for me when I used this foundation. In love. 

YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizers in Green

Neutralizers have come on the scene lately as a step to help cancel out imperfections on our faces. For me – my issue is redness in the winter time. My cheeks, chin and nose seem to get quite flushed. I bought this on a whim and so far am enjoying it. What I like is that it doesn’t cancel everything out…it just helps dial it down. I think for someone who doesn’t like foundation or even BB cream you could use this with some moisturizer and keep it light and natural. I probably would not have been as interested in this product if I wasn’t an avid Touche Eclat fan. I love my little wonder pen. I go between 2.5 and 3 which are so peachy and great for the under eye. I would love to get one of these for my gym bag! They blend like a dream and are just so good for on the go.


Very green and very intimidating but was just so light and made everything look much more even.


My skin nice and evened out after I used the green pen. This is before foundation and after primer. 

So there you go! Hopefully some of you have either tried these products or are looking into trying them. I normally don’t purchase things that are overly trendy because I like for things to die down and let the cream rise to the top but I must say these are all three awesome purchases.

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO

Skincare Faves of 2015

How can one bundle up his or her favorites into one post? There are just FAR too many. I decided to start with skincare. I am still finalizing my list of makeup favorites and man is it hard to trim things down. I honestly do feel more passionate about skincare and truly investing in your skin, but of course- makeup is just so damn fun. However, let’s get into the skincare faves. We have a lot to chat about!!! EEEEEE!! So excited to share!


Kate Somerville Clearing Mask

I bought this about a year ago in complete desperation. As some of you know from my past posts – I take Spironolactone for my cystic and hormonal acne. At the height of my self consciousness and hyper-pigmentation I bought this mask in hopes of not even clear skin, but better textured skin. I knew that clear skin was a long shot and honestly felt that I would never have smooth, pimple free skin again hence this purchase. I don’t normally buy masks like this because I believe in using my stuff from the derm with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid but I digress…I apply this only to the areas of concern – mostly forehead and chin. I only leave it on for five minutes and when I take it off – you will be amazed. THINGS CALM THE EFF DOWN. Spots seemed to be less irritated and not as large. You also do not feel like your skin is burning or becoming irritated from having something so potent on your face  – I mean unless you leave it on for like 15 minutes. I do not recommend that. I use this maybe once every two weeks or as needed depending on my skin situation and it does not dry me out too much at all. I don’t feel the need to amp up the moisturization because it is not stripping. Bonus: the packaging is so hygienic. K.S. knows what she is doing in that area.

Fresh Rose Face Mask

We all know this is a cult classic. I have had a love-hate relationship with this and I am sort of ticked off that I am almost to the bottom of my pot and feel like I finally figured out how to use it. So…the key to this is to leave it on overnight. I start with one simple layer…let it sink in…and then go in with one more before bed. This looks like a General Tao’s Chicken sauce, but mostly dries colorless however you may have the odd, brown clump on your face but I am sure you can deal. It is very gentle and feels very refreshing on the face. Because it is a hydrating mask I have a tendency to leave them on for longer and have never had an issue with blocked pores or irritation. If you are in the market for a nice tub of something – this should be your next purchase. Obviously anything with rose petals mixed in feels comforting and I highly recommend using this cold and after a hot bath. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser

I did a lot of research on this before I dove in to purchase it. I was not sure if it would irritate my skin and make things worse or would help. I always air on the side of caution with products that have essential oils in them, which is a shame and very annoying, however, this stuff has done a whole lot of good for me. I use this mostly at night after I do my oil cleanse. It feels very refreshing on the skin and is packed with Vitamin C (collagen boosting and radiance enhancing), green clay (vacuum for those pores), jasmine (nourishing and helps fade scars), sandalwood (soothing, cooling and astringent like) and other sources like frankincense and myrrh…jk on the myrrh…clearly I still have X-mas on the brain. I have never felt a stinging sensation when lathering and my skin feels clean without the tightness. If you are into splurging for a nice cleanser  I would take this for a spin.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Shocker. Another mask. Sorry. Last one though. With Asian skincare being a hot topic of discussion, I was so happy to see this arrive at Target. I originally purchased a balancing lotion by the brand and then went back to purchase this. If I was on a plane – this would be my choice for hydration. It seeps right into skin and I even put it under my eyes and on my neck. It is a gel-cream that is light blue and is another mask I think works so well cold. I usually use this after I have used a radiance mask and want to pamper myself even further. The price point also makes me a happy girl.

La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Legere (comes in Riche as well)

I am starting to see a trend here with a lot my favorites. I am all about hydration. There is nothing  better than having plump skin that is soft and radiates. I have gone through a few tubes of this and I use it all year round. It is a 24 hour re-hydrating cream that really sticks it to dehydrated skin. Even though in the winter time I rely on this I really favor this in the summer. Because I use retinol and safely baske in the sun’s rays my skin can become flaky and very reactive. This does not necessarily calm things down, but plumps things back up and takes care of the dry flakes. I am so glad La Roche Posay is now available at CVS. Such great quality without the fragrance, alcohol and dent to my wallet.

Nivea Cocoa Butter Body Lotion – Dry to Very Dry Skin

I’ve tried it all – Vaseline (my 2nd choice to this), St. Ives and Eucerin. I am a drugstore, body lotion hoe. After Vaseline reformulated it’s Repairing Moisture offering (at least I think they did because it smells different and feels stickier than before) I had to find a second love. Enter in this Nivea Cocoa Butter. Now – I am not really a cocoa butter fan but this stuff smells so warmly nutty and is outrageously hydrating. It is a little bit thick, but nothing like Eucerin. To be honest with you the award winning aspect of all this is that I apply this to my bum and that crevice where your hamstring meets the bottom shelf of my bum. HOLY. SMOOTH. I am going spare you all further TMI but just trust me on this lotion’s hydrating and soothing capabilities.


This is pretty much always a favorite of mine. I mix it with my foundation for some more hydration, I have slathered it on my feet mixed with tea tree oil, I use it on my elbows, knees and other dry bits and I literally douse myself in it before a long walk into the city on the coldest of days. I also burnt the absolute shit out of my leg with a curling iron (I curl my hair a la nude) and it was pretty nasty. This comforted my skin and kept the scales at bay….this is even used in hospitals for burn victims. The smell is rose-y but not overpowering. Go get some…like right now. If you are a new mommy and have stretch marks from all of your hard work use this on them!

La Roche Posay Ultra Toleraine Ultra – Intense Soothing Care

I first started using this in conjunction with my heavy duty acne products. I was so dry and had pimples from dehydration and turned to this to help me. It is a touch greasy but was the one product that helped me out. I also turned to this again last winter… Can we just revisit the infamous 2014 winter…The worst. What sold me to purchase this again is that it is recommended for eyes as well. I would get these pink eczema patches on my eyes and this cleared everything right up. This is great for those that suffer from rosacea. I noticed that the redness around my nose subsides greatly when I use this. It is also packaged quite uniquely. There is a plastic bottle and then within the bottle is a vacuum sealed bag with the product so no air gets in. You can gauge how much you have left because the bag shrinks up with continued use. If you have sensitive, dry, rosacea, dehydrated skin you have found your match.

Sunday Riley Good Genes

This is a more recent addition to my skincare family and am so glad to have it. It is a light cream that is a miracle worker for the complexion. It smells quite lemony but really gets to work on your radiance. It helped further even out marks from pimples and makes the tops of my cheekbones glow even without highlighter. I had no expectations for this but was pleasantly surprised. I try to use this every night, but I want to make it last, not over stimulate my skin, and also insert in other radiance boosting products so if I use it every other night, I am still happy with the way my skin looks the next day.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

I know I just wrote about this oil and Good Genes recently but it has quickly become my favorite oil (next to Bio-Oil obvi). This is just lovely. When I wake up in the morning after using this I feel like my skin is saying “Thank you”. It is an all around pleasure to have this. The pipette is great for distribution and the formula is not too thick. It has blue tansy in it which I have read up about and not only does it help damaged skin but it known for its tranquility and sweet aroma, which is probably why this formula is best for sleeping. What makes the oil blue is something called chamazulene which emerges during a distillation process and this can aid those with allergies and asthma gets up out of chair for a standing ovation. Of  course the price point is STEEP, however, a little goes a long way.

AND THERE YOU ALL HAVE IT. MY 2015 SKINCARE FAVES! I hope you all maybe learned a thing or two or even feel the same about some of my pics!!!

Thanks for reading all the way to the bottom.

Hill XO.

The Gift Set You Should Get For Yourself

‘One for you and two for me’ is a phrase that I am trying not to act upon during this holiday season. While shopping for loved ones and friends I tend to have a habit of picking up the same gift that I am planning on purchasing for someone for the simple fact that I want one too! I get serious gift envy even though I will  be the recipient of presents as well…does this happen to anyone else? …I hope people don’t think I am selfish?

However, this holiday season Sephora has really stepped up their game with their gift sets. While having a nice look through online, I found this Sunday Riley Power Couple Kit. I thought for $78 it was such a steal. Good Genes and the Luna Oil have been on my wishlist for awhile. I received a sample of the Luna Oil about a month ago and just adore it. Besides this purchase the only other thing I have actually bought myself is a striped turtleneck from Banana that was on sale for $15. HONEST TRUTH.

Since I have only read about Good Genes and have ONLY heard fab things, I thought this Power Couple Kit would be great for me. I have used Good Genes three times and I don’t think it is a fair amount of time to judge, but my cheeks do feel more refined and soft. My acne scars seem to not have faded but like I said, its too early to tell, but so far so good.


After purchasing Riley’s Artemis Oil, I liked it but didn’t love it however, I was willing to give another one of her oils a go. Luna’s blue, light as air serum wins in my book. While Artemis’ goal was help clear up acne but be hydrating, I don’t think it helped as much as Luna has. Since Luna is a night treatment, my skin feels refreshed and brighter by the morning. The only issue with Luna is that since it has retinol properties, I have to be careful to not overdose on my actual retional prescription. I tend to use my Luna after a good face mask and pamper and then use my prescription in the morning on alternate days.

Usually these two items are $105 each. Of course the set does not include the full size bottles. You receive 0.5 oz of each product. The regular size of Luna is 1 ounce, so you receive half in the set. Good Genes’ normal volume is 4.2 ounces and I think they could have included a little bit more in the  gift set, but I am still not complaining for the price tag.


I just looked at Sephora online and it says its out of stock! I am not sure if it will be available in stores or not, however your best bet if you cannot get your mitts on it is to get samples in the store and see how they work for you! Maybe this set will give you all gift ideas for someone else or even yourself, but either way, Sunday Riley’s products are one of a kind and are awesome options for us girls that just LOVE SKINCARE.

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO