Monday Blues

It’s raining and I think I’m still hungover…

This is NOT how I wanted to start my Monday. Yesterday was the ultimate lazy day. I had homework to do for my grad school class and am just saving it for tonight. I didn’t go grocery shopping and I have a shit ton of laundry to do. So what DID I do yesterday? I pretty much laid on my couch all day. I can’t even remember the last time I did that. Needless to say – today is a struggle. I did a lot of drinking and eating this weekend and feel like I need another day to recuperate and get my week in order.

The weather was great up here…sunny and cold. I went to Telegraph Hill on Saturday and Sunday for some fresh air and a great view. We’ve been getting a lot of rain and its been miserable so it was lovely to have some sun and a little dose of spring. I hope everyone had good weather and was able to get out there and have some fun. This week I have a lot going on – more training for work, a lot of school work and a lot of things need to get done around the house!

I will be back this week with some good makeup posts 🙂 🙂


My boo came up to see me Friday night and I dragged him on this walk. But – the views from the top make it so worth it. 


Selfie from the top of Telegraph Hill. A must have for those that live in Southie. 


My roommate’s mom came over yesterday and we all cooked together. It was so great. Those bagels are on challah bread. Carb heaven. 


The last part of the climb up to Telegraph Hill. This is a really fun place to get your work out in. I love the it. 


Amazing. Just when you feel lost in the city – I always look out and think, “wow I am so lucky to live here and work in such a great city”.



Happy Friday everyone! This week just sort of seemed to drag! I could honestly care less about it being Halloween. I think I would rather spend the money on a NYE dress than buy a costume. Just my opinion. I am going home to RI for the night to see the fam and my boyfriend and then will be coming back up to Boston forSaturday. I honestly am really looking forward to going home for just one night and seeing some of my favorite people.

Last night after work I randomly decided that I was going to go out for a run no matter how late I got home or how tired I was. There was something about the temperature being in the mid 70’s in October and knowing that it was probably going to be one of the last times I could run after work with it still being light outside. As soon as I got home, I laced up and took to the streets of Southie. It was such a great run. I had no expectations and enjoyed my music without doing counts for spin. I went straight to Castle Island for my run and the sunset was just MAGNIFICENT. The wind was so strong that I felt like my obliques were taking a beating but I felt so alive and just fought through it. I ended my run by HAULING ASS up G Street which is straight uphill. I have ran up it many times and sometimes I make it to the top without stopping and sometimes I only last about 30 seconds. I kept repeating over and over in my head “FIGHT FOR IT”. I didn’t stop once and then it was only about 5 minutes to home from there. I felt like I could have kept going by the time I reached my place.

I very rarely run anymore. In college I always ran and took spin to supplement my soccer training and then after college I started teaching spin right away so I never really harvested my running skills. I have run two 10-mile road races in my hometown which are a blast and this past summer I really wanted to run it for my third time, but my allergies were horrible and I couldn’t get a handle on them, I was really stressed out at my job and then I started a new job…the timing was just awful. But after last night’s run, I can say it was one of the best runs I have ever had and it seriously motivated me to hit the streets!

Here is one of the pics from my run! Thanks for reading everyone and I will talk to you this coming week! Everyone have a FAB weekend!!



Hill XO

Spin Updates & Playlist

I have been subbing a lot lately and yesterday was the end to the madness. When I first started teaching I was subbing whenever I could and would teach sometimes 6 times a week. Now that I have been teaching for about 3.5 years I don’t jump at every chance to sub but when that perfect situation presents itself I do take it. By perfect I mean…where is the gym…what time…can I get there with no traffic…do I have to do work for grad school…do I like that specific location…should I take the T home…etc. It all has to align for me and if I sense that it is too much of a hassle or if I will be spread too thin by taking it on, then I don’t do it. It’s important to say ‘No’ when you are active. Your body is literally your temple (I KNOW I KNOW CORNY, but we only have ONE bod) and if I am not 100% comfortable with adding to my current load, then I just don’t commit.

Yesterday I taught at 6am at my gym in Southie and then taught at 6pm at Government Center. My manager at my Southie gym was in a serious bind for her 6am class so I said I would just do it. Teaching twice a day is NOT my preference but I would rather teach at two different times of day than to teach a double. Whenever I teach in the morning I cannot sleep the night before…my adrenaline pumps all night long thinking about class and my counts and how many people will be there… what if my alarm doesn’t go off? I drive myself mad, so yesterday I was running on fumes! Plus my boyfriend’s mom was in a horrible car accident and I rushed out of work to help her (she’s ok) but it was a long day. By the time 6pm came around I was dog tired but was so happy to get on a bike and teach again!!

It was a steamy class…speed…hills…hills with jumps. Sometimes when I am tired, I care less about what I throw on the playlist and its usually harder than ever with a big finish. Here is the lineup below. Roses and Sugar are my current loves for hills. Roses just speaks to me for some reason and I used all parts of the bike for it. We started in the saddle, came up to standing and then moved to 3rd for some slow, two count jumps all while on a heavy hill. Sugar is a remake of Baby Bash’s hit and I used this as a medium sized hill out in 3rd and then as pickups in the saddle during the chorus. My motto is: if you can get a decently high cadence in the saddle with a sizable amount of resistance and keep your pace for 30 seconds…you have made it in the spin world. That was one of the HARDEST things for me to master as a teacher and a student. New sprint jam is A1…this is a workout playlist must. Whenever it comes on, I instantly feel the need to ramp it up.

IMG_6279 IMG_6280

Thanks for reading!

XO Hill

Monday Blues

Ughh Hey Monday…I still don’t like you. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did not want it to end! I stayed in Boston and my boyfriend came up. We ordered Tasty Burger on Friday and Saturday night because we are just SO healthy and we spent Saturday night on a close friend’s new roof deck which had nothing less than a spectacular view of Boston. I did go to M Street beach on Saturday which was great because it was just the perfect temperature and hardly anyone was there. Then of course we participated in Sunday Funday by spending the day at Stats to watch the game! Here are a few pics from my weekend. I’ll be back this week!

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO

IMG_6194 (1)

What does this picture NOT capture of the Boston skyline? South Boston views are pretty impressive. 

image1 (5)

I took a little trip to Neatly Nested and picked this candle up. I loved it because it didn’t smell too much like fall and not a whole lot like summer. I’m loving it.

image3 (4)

A busy Stats for the Pats game. Their buffalo chicken spring rolls are AMAZE.

image4 (6)

M Street Beach. I love the colors in this photo – the gradient nature of the blue sky, the teal undertones of the water and the neutral sand. Small piece of heaven.

image2 (4)

Another purchase from Neatly Nested. I needed a new makeup brush holder. The wider the top, the better. Lesson learned.

Thanks for reading,

Hill XO

Monday Blues

No matter how fun or how boring my weekend was, I always struggle with Mondays. I never really have gotten along with them. I always feel that no matter how much preparation I did for my work week, I struggle with the start. Even though I am a morning person to the core (yes I was that psychopath in college who always chose to take 8:30am classes) I struggle with putting one foot in front of the other at the beginning of the week. In the summer time I relish long beach days with a good magazine followed by an outdoor dinner and drinks. Living in New England, we wait all year for those twelve weeks of bliss so I always feel guilty when I am inside. Perhaps this is why I have loathed Mondays more than ever! I always love going through my camera roll at the beginning of the week to relive those awesome moments but to also remind myself that the weekend is a permanent fixture in our lives and will be arriving shortly. Below I have included some snippets of my weekend!

I love my Henry. He has been limping around the house the last week or so. He took off in hot pursuit for a rabbit outside. Poor thing <3

I love my Henry. He has been limping around the house the last week or so. He took off in hot pursuit for a rabbit outside. Poor thing ❤

One of my favorite places to eat in my hometown - 210 Oyster Bary and Grille. I never actually choose this dish but just went for it! Finished the whole thing.

One of my favorite places to eat in my hometown – 210 Oyster Bar and Grille. I always considered ordering this dish, but this past weekend I just went for it! I finished the whole thing.

If anyone lives in Southie they know that planes are constantly in their line of vision. The airport is so close to use and they just line right up, one after the other. This one was not flying as low as some of them do but it was a great shot.

If anyone lives in Southie they know that planes are constantly in their line of vision. The airport is so close to us and they just line right up, one after the other. This one was not flying as low as some of them do but it was a great shot.

A view of the city from the jetty. Love this one. You get the whole skyline.

A view of the city from the jetty. You get the whole skyline.

It was little too much to finish in one sitting, but I did it anyways. Brie with stoned wheat crackers is ilfe.

It was little too much to finish in one sitting, but I did it anyways. Brie is life.

Hello world!

Hello everyone.

WordPress automatically populated the title of this blog post and at first I tried to think of the most epic title since it is my first rodeo, but then thought ‘screw it, this is good enough’. I think I will take this time to formally introduce myself and give you an explanation of what this blog will have to offer.

First and foremost, I’m a twenty-something living in Southie with my bestie from college. I’ve got an awesome boyfriend and a great family…oh and a job…I am not jobless here people. This blog is not strictly for making it big, but more as a creative outlet for me.  I’ve played with the idea of starting a blog for so long and just RANDOMLY decided ‘I’m doing this’ (that was yesterday that I just RANDOMLY decided this…while at my desk…at work. Mondays are NOT my thing. I’d rather be at work on a Friday completely hungover than hear ‘How was your weekend’ or ‘Looks like you had a lot of fun from reading your Facebook’ *side-note: I’m unfriending you ASAP*). But anyways, I hope that this blog appeals not just to those that are obsessed with spending a quarter half of their paycheck at Sephora, Ulta, Blue Mercury (for us Beantown girls), or even an impressive CVS (serious girl boner for the South Station CVS) but also to those chicks that like to workout, love to try to new restaurants, drinks, DRANKS and have got a little bit of attitude/spunk/sass/chutzpah/*enter in fun ass adjective here*. I teach Spin at a couple locations in the city. It started as very small obsession when I decided to hit a class instead of going on my torturous 5k run to train for soccer preseason. I will be sure to upload playlists, post some ass kicking workouts and hopefully keep some of you readers motivated to not ditch on the daily sweat sess.

Happy reading everyone! Have a great week. The first official and themed post will be hitting your feeds shortly. 

exes and ohs  <– LMAO NO



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