Week Recap

Happy Easter everybody! After being on hiatus this week I am back today to give you some updates on my life as well as post some favorites and my makeup look from the holiday.

I was up in Maine from Sunday to Thursday training for my new job which was so exhausting but so amazing. I met some people from all over the country and made some friends. We didn’t have training for our positions which was great. Since we were in Maine, I got to unplug and enjoy some fresh air and some amazing views. Friday I had to be in the office for my first official day of work which was exciting but also a little stressful. Since I will be in sales, and it is my first sales position I just want to successful and get into the swing of things. I am a little nervous about my spin schedule because I don’t want to give any of my classes up but feel that I may need to release one for the sake of my career.

Anyways – in my previous job I used to blog at work in my downtime and I am unsure if I will be able to do so with this new position…so the timing of my posts may be a little different. I will probably post later in the evening which I don’t mind because blogging helps me relax and is my creative safe place!

Below I have compiled a few things for everyone to read through. I have a few favorite things I want to share and today’s makeup look! I will be back this week with some updates and posts for you all. Spring is coming and I am so excited for new make up launches and the fashion! I am on the prowl for a cute crossbody bag for summer nights on the town…Furla has my eye… but my wallet is screaming “Hell no girl what are you thinking”


Here’s my makeup look from today. I kept things smokey and simple. I smudged color on my upper and lower lash line and finished with a ton of mascara.


See that highlight? Yea you can thank Champagne Pop for that. I am wearing NARS lip pencil in Bettina.

These bracelets I bought from Bauble Bar right after Christmas. These are so fun to pair with other costume jewelry. They are very comfortable to wear but the only issue is that they are already starting to tarnish so I try not to wash my hands when I wear them. These are great conversation pieces and give a little bit of attitude without being too in ya face!

FullSizeRender (11).jpg

HOLD THE PHONE. I bought these just out of interest. I found these at CVS and always walk by them and think “I wonder if these even work”…so I said to myself, “For 13 bucks I am diving in”. They are so great!!!! I use them every other night and they do just the trick. They help refine my skin’s texture without too much exfoliation. The best part is that I haven’t experienced any irritation. I am interested in other parts of the line but  I think if you are on a budget these are a total must!

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

Recently I decided to give my nails a break and so I have been doing my nails instead of getting gel. I wasn’t missing doing my own nails, but I did feel like my nails needed a rest. Also, until I start making my commission at work, I figured I would cut down on costs a little bit and just do them myself. I will admit, I do like doing my nails and I am drawn to nudes because if they chip it can be a little harder to tell. Also, nudes are ALWAYS safe and professional and can be a little more intriguing than trendy colors (not saying I don’t do those too) because they’re simple. On my favorites is Essie’s East Hampton Cottage, featured below. In the photo I included my go-to nail products. If you don’t buff your nails, you can experience chips sooner than expected and a good base and top coat are essential!

FullSizeRender (13).jpg

Well thank you all for reading! I hope this post was saturated with some good content for you all to satisfy your beauty cravings! I will see you this week at some point. I hope everyone has a great week.

Thanks for reading

xo Hill


Fresh Purchases!

Happy Weekend! I am coming at you with a few purchases that I literally just made that may be of interest to all of you. I figured I would give you guys a weekend post because this coming week I have training for work in the middle of nowhere in Maine, so I am not sure if I will be able to write out some posts or even have wifi (the horror).

The products I am about to feature are a mix of things I have purchased before and new items I’ve never tried. I made a trip to CVS this morning and thought I would just feature a little mini haul for all of you!

FullSizeRender (10).jpg

Seche Vite Base Coat and Dry Fast Top Coat

I have bought numerous of these magical bottles. The base coat is infamous for filling in ridges and helping your nail polish look smooth and professionally done. I have used Essie’s base coats and Orly’s but nothing compares to the Seche Vite. This also goes for the fast dry top coat. This stuff is so serious. Whatever you are currently using – get rid of and pick one of these up. In college my roommate and I always had “nail dates” a couple of nights a week and this stuff was always the cherry on top (and still is) to my manicure routine. I recently took my gel off my nails because my nails feel week and I honestly miss doing my own because I find it quite calming. So that being said – I needed to obtain fresh bottles to get motivated for doing my own.

L’Oreal Million Lashes False Fiber Lashes

To be honest, I didn’t need this but I always need to have a tube of it handy no matter what my current mascara routine is. Currently I am finishing up my Marc Jacobs sample and alternating that with my Bobbi Brown Smoky Lash and MAC Extended Play. I haven’t own this for awhile because the last one I purchased seemed to possibly have a different formula. It didn’t separate or volumize (or it felt that way) like it usually did but it also could have been because my lashes do go through weird growth phases. So, we’ll see!

Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo & Conditioner

NOW these are the new purchases. I originally went to CVS to grab Redken’s anti-snap because I feel like my hair is giving me a big SOS lately. I have used Pureology’s products in the past and they are so good but way too expensive…but when I went looking for Redken’s Anti-Snap they only carried the detangler so when I saw the Pureology line I took it as a sign to spend the extra dough. My hair is so so fine and not to mention damaged so I didn’t want a product that is moisturizing or hydrating, but rather something good for strengthening and  repairing. I think I will be happy with this stuff since I have used their volumizing line and fell in love but just couldn’t work with the price point!


Thanks for reading everyone! Chat soon!

Hill XO