The Current Wishlist

Happy Thursday to all of you! With spring here, (but here in the NE it does NOT feel like spring) I’ve got that itch to do a little bit of shopping **insert monkey emoji that is covering its mouth**. I ain’t gon’ lie, I did already purchase one of these items and cannot wait for it/them to arrive. I also received my 15% off for being a VIB at Sephora and am so friggen ecstatic about it. I will most certainly be making a trip to the Prudential Center this weekend for a little bit of some fun! See my wishlist below!!!!


The Sunday Riley Good Genes has been at the top of my list for awhile. After I purchased it in a value package with the Luna Oil I have been yearning for a full bottle. I just fell in love with it. It helped even out my skin texture on the tops of my cheek bones – which is where I seem to get get a lot of milia. It’s really potent so I know if and when I buy this, it will greatly help my complexion out. I think I favor this over the Luna Oil.

Banana Republic lace up pointed toe pumps. Ok! These are currently on sale for 40% off….get to it. These come in black, nude and this mint color. I bought the mint and cannot wait to wear them this summer. The lace up is just so sexy and I love the pointed toe…these will be great for nights when I need a pedicure but still need that hot ass shoe. The heel height is perfect me for me and are so versatile….jeans…pencil skirts….bodycon dresses…Also the mint will be a great pop of color! EEEEEEEeee!!! So in love. An extra bonus is that the reviews online said these were so comfortable. TIP: ALWAYS READ THE REVIEWS!!!!!!

Ok so this Marc Jacobs mascara has been on my wishlist for awhile. All the bloggers are going crazy over it and I have been lusting for it. I tried a sample, fell in love….simple as that. I recently bought the Bobbi Brown Smokey Lash mascara which I like, but I sort of want to get this MJ offering in my collection ASAP. It gives the most feathery but intense lashes!

These two Oribe products I have purchased numerous times. I currently don’t have the Dry Texturizing Spray in my possession and I miss it. I have just been using my Bumble Dry Shampoo but for those days where my hair doesn’t need dry shampoo but needs a little oomph – that’s when I grab the Dry Texturizing Spray. It’s light, gives my hair some ‘tude and it makes me SO happy.

The other Oribe product is the Dry Thickening Spray which I’m all out of. This is supposed to be for the middle of your strands and give some life to the hair. It does JUST that. I am currently on my third can. Oribe’s products are just top of the line….I have used their hair oil, shampoo and conditioner and now these sprays….You cannot go wrong. They make great gifts and last forever. A little does go a long way which is how I justify the steep price tag. If I had to choose between the texturizer and the thickening spray – if you are like me with thin ass hair, get the thickening spray! The best part about all of this – you can buy purse sizes of pretty much all the products so you can try them out and bring them with you on vacation.

Next up is the Kate Somerville Nourish Hydrating Firming Mist. I gotta say I am a sucker for marketing and need this ish. I love mists, essences, etc. right now and this stuff seems like it packs a punch. I also love Kate Somerville so I am willing to give this puppy a go.

Lastly we have my beloved Sephora Collection Face Masks. For 6 bucks you just can’t go wrong. They work, they’re fun and cheap. The two that are pictured above I haven’t tried yet. They recently redid the packaging and added a couple to their collection. The blue is for detoxifying and purifying and the the green is for nourishing and repairing. I want to go for these two because my skin does feel sort of clogged up and I have some acne marks that I want to clear up with the nourishing and repairing mask. These are so fun for a girls’ night in!

Thank you all for reading!!!  I hope you enjoyed what I am currently coveting. What are you current lusting over? There’s gotta be something!!!

XO Hill


Replenishing the Stash

The issue with having such a love for beauty products is that when I go to Sephora or Ulta, most of the products I buy are a repurchase. Of course I take peeks at my favorite brands just to make sure I didn’t miss a new release and see if there is anything new that peeks my interest but I am at the stage now where a lot of my Sephora runs are to replenish a staple. Below are a few of them that I would like to share with you so that they can perhaps become a staple for you as well.

Oribe Dry Thickening Spray

I picked this up from Blue Mercury since Sephora or Ulta do not carry it. I prefer this over the Dry Texturizing Spray because I always use my Bumble to Bumble Pret A Powder. This product is great for volume starting at the midlength and down to the ends. It’s so lightweight but very powerful. When I use this stuff I don’t really even need to use a hairspray for hold. When I style my hair I usually shower at night and then curl my hair in the morning with my straightener, rake through the curls and then blast my length with this stuff. Or, since I have fine hair that has a little bit of texture, I will use this on 2nd and 3rdday straight hair for a beachy, effortless look. The price tag is a little steep – $39 but us girls with fine hair NEED something like this to help our mid strands out. If you have the budget or are a ‘hair’ girl (I’m a blush girl) then anything by Oribe is worth the investment because the quality and value are just incomparable.

image4 (7)

Nars Pro Prime

I don’t really need to say much here. Best eye shadow primer ever. Period. I have oily eyelids…like really oily *insert funny scene form Girls Season 1 when Hannah is at work and her coworker tells her that* All you need to do is read the reviews and that is enough to convince you. I have been using it for about two years and have gone through only three tubes of it. I will wear a look for 10 hours and I don’t think I have ever seen it crease more than three times. When I accidentally sleep with my make up on *cringe* my eye look STILL gives it.

image3 (6)

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

For ten bucks just dive right in…get one of your mom, your friend and even her friend…It’s great. Does not move. I know some people feel indifferent but this is another holy grail product that is perfectly priced and lasts quite awhile. It is a buildable lower lash mascara that dries pretty quickly. I have endured some pretty intense sweat sessions with this on and it looks just as good as when I put it on in the morning. The other awesome thing is it is still easy to remove!

Caudalie Moisturizing Toner

I love this product so much that I wrote a review about it on the Sephora website…do not judge. It is so hydrating and you need the tiniest amount. It does not strip the skin whatsoever and serves a great first layer to your serums and moisturizers. It has a subtle scent and I use this all year round. It’s very refreshing but still light. I’ve gone through bottles and bottles of this stuff and just wish they had an industrial size bottle so I didn’t have to repurchase so frequently. If you are someone that has dry or even oily skin this is a great supplement to your regimen.

image2 (6)

Thanks for reading everyone!

Hill XO