Monday Blues


I know I was MIA last week. It was just a killer for me….I had almost no time for myself and was struggling to keep my head afloat. Work was busy and I taught a lot of spin. I went to Portland, Maine for the weekend with Nate and we had such a great time. The timing of the trip could not have been any more perfect – After my tough week, I definitely needed some time with my counterpart.

I think my pictures will make up for the lack of blogging from last week including some make-up pics and lots of shots of food! I hope everyone enjoys my little captions. I enjoyed doing my hair every day and putting on some nice makeup for sightseeing and just being out and about…ain’t no rest for the wicked!


Adorable “kitchen shelf” in one of the hotel’s restaurants. So rustic and organic but home-y. I was in love.


The hotel we stayed at was called “Press” and it used to be an old newspaper factory that was converted into this Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. It was all decorated with words and tons of printing paraphernalia. It was quite the gem. 


Our  first drink at the hotel before dinner reservations. This photo was taken at their Inkwell bar. 


IThe kitchen of the most amazing restaurant called Fore Street. It was the first restaurant of its kind  with a focus on “farm to table” offerings. It was outrageously expensive but worth ever single penny. If you are ever in the area – this is an absolute must. We saw one of Nate’s cousin’s and his family and they said that Fore Street put Porland on the map for culinary excellence. It was one of the best meals of my life.  The picture does not do it justice.


My Maine oyster selection. Those meaty ones on the left were very bright with a lot of brine. I don’t even use the mignonette…just a little lemon and get to slurpin’


Even though we were stuffed we took chocolates to go. DUH.


Lemon curd french toast with little blueberries and a honey mead mimosa. Don’t be fooled – I had a full eggs dish along with all of this.


Enjoying our last meal before heading home


Our last meal was at DuckFat – holy shit. The heaviest dishes in the world. Everything is “infused” with truffle or something decadent. These fries were called “Poutine” which are fries with cheese, scallions all sitting above a layer of liquid duck fat. So decadent! French fries are my passion and these checked off all of my fries expectations.


I didn’t even know I was taking this good of a picture of him. I could barely see because the sun was in my eyes and he is just so statuesque. Love him.


This was my make up look for the weekend…. warm brown eyes and blush in the color “Stubborn” by MAC. A must have for us blush fanatics. My hair looks TERRIBLE in this shot. I have been really liking not wearing eye liner but keeping everything smudged. 


Monday Blues

My thoughts exactly above.

Today is just so painful. I have been noticing that Mondays are worse for me when my weekend was less than eventful. Yesterday’s weather was just so ANNOYING. It was 60 degrees and it poured all day long. I opened the windows to my apartment and it was so humid and uncomfortable. I was also really looking forward to the Golden Globes last night but was SOOOOO bored….The whole event is like one big inside joke that no one understands if you aren’t famous. I watched the first half hour and then just decided to call it a night. I will say I did enjoy seeing a lot of women winners. GIRL POWA. Side note: what the hell was J. Lo wearing?

Anyways – I just hope this week comes and goes. I miss my family and my boyfriend. Wah.

Here are few pics. Sorry for the lame Monday post but ya know what? THAT’S LIFE. It ain’t always awesome but I am thankful that I am in good health, have a nice roof over my head and have a great family.


When I studied abroad in Barcelona these were my weakness. Barcelona in the South End has just the best vibe and the best food. 


The only productive thing I did yesterday was head out to the gym. It was sticky walk home.


On Friday night, my mom and stepdad came up to Boston and I met them out at the Salty Pig right next to Back Bay. My roomie met us there after work. If you love cured meats and awesome pizza- this is your joint.


My current favorite eyeshadow combo. African Violet by Laura Mercier and Satin Taupe by MAC. Satin Taupe looks nothing like how it does in the pan… its quite purpely/taupey… nothing like below! That’s why it is so amazing. 


I recently found this awesome instagram account called “alwaysssleep” and its just pictures of beds from wherever. This new bed set was a Chrismtas present from my mom and its just so cozy. 

The Perfect Eyeshadow for Christmas

I know all of you are sorting through your personal collections for that perfect red for the holiday whether it be on your nails or your lips. Finding that perfect red lipstick can take a bit of trial and error since a multitude of criteria are taken into consideration such as the finish, the texture, and saturation. However, after we find that perfect color – what about our eyes? Should we do a winged liner or should we do just a swipe of color or just mascara? I CAN ANSWER THIS FOR YOU.

This passed weekend was my birthday and  I wanted to do a red lip (MAC’s Russian Red is my GO TO) but wanted at least some color on the lids…I pulled together the perfect cocktail of colors to give just a hint of color while feeling festive without going overboard.

I just sort of stumbled upon this look. I was in a rush and did not feel like rummaging through my palettes to find the perfect colors so I literally used whatever was right in front of me. I only applied these colors to my upper lid, vetoed against doing any sort of crease work and just loaded up on my mascara!

I started with Rubenesque by MAC, one of their notorious paint pots. The glory of these is that they are not as saturated as they are in the pot and go on smoothly without too much effort. I applied this up to my crease with my fingers and then just continued to blend out the edges. The color is so great even in the summer with a nude lip. It is a peachy gold and stays put all day! Cream eyeshadows and I get along like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.

Next, I wanted a little more saturation and to set the cream. I grabbed my Hourglass highlighting palette and used a MAC 239 to pat the gold highlighter over the top of Rubenesque. BEST DECISION EVER. This passed week I have worn this combo almost everyday and it is so subtle but so beautiful. Plus, this Hourglass palette is handy for setting, highlighting and bronzing. The formula is top-notch and the powders are so smooth and decadent. The gold color looks amazing in all different sorts of lighting.

Lastly, I wanted a little bit of a cool tone on my lids so I went in with MAC’s ‘Naked’ loose pigment.  Now, it does not look very shimmery or interesting in this small tube, but trust me, its perfect for just brightening up the inner eyes. It is not as gold as the other two, but pairs well. This gives a small ombre effect to the lids and is just a finishing touch. You need a very small amount and you can either use your ring finger to place it or get a small, dense, tapered brush.



Top: Rubenesque Paint Pot by MAC, Middle: MAC’s Pigment in Naked, Bottom: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette in Radiant Light 

I hope this was helpful for some of you who just need an idea for a subtle but adorable eye look to go with your red lips! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS holiday!!!!

Hill XO

Monday Blues

Happy Monday to all of you. Christmas is so close and I really am getting into the spirit. I also am very happy that this means work will be quite quiet and I can make sure everything is buttoned up nicely for the break. I am really looking forward to spending time with my family and relaxing!

I hope all of you had a great weekend. It was so cold here in the Northeast but it felt good to cozy up with a nice cup of tea and walk around the city without sweating. Boston is just so beautiful at this time of year. Commonwealth Avenue is one of my favorite places to stroll through and see all the lights. I have a small obsession with peering through people’s windows and just seeing a quick snippet of someone else’s life that you don’t know WHATSOEVER. It’s not like I put my hands up on the windowsill and peek in but I enjoy slowing my walk down and jut taking an extended peek.

Yesterday was my birthday so I enjoyed copious amounts of food and drink. As I get older I care less abut the birthday and just enjoy being with my family and friends. Yesterday my family came up to Boston and we went out for an early dinner. My roommate threw me a party Saturday night and it was even more special because my boyfriend stayed the whole weekend. I love having my birthday around Christmas and the 20th is the day before the Winter Solstice which is such a powerful time of year.

Here are some pics from the weekend!

 Thanks for reading

Hill XO

FullSizeRender (2)

The girls and I  getting quite silly prior to going out.

FullSizeRender (3)

I just adore him and this photo. 


Spaghetti Carbonara. So egg-y and so delicious


A hazelnut hot chocolate with whipped cream…also my birthday desert. It was heaven. 


Birthday selfie. I loved this make up look. I am wearing Russian Red by MAC here.

Monday Blues

HEYYYYYY GUYSS!! Here we are. Another Monday. I don’t know about you all but I NEEDED that long break. I slept SO MUCH…as well as ate TOO MUCH but I am just so happy to feel finally caught up with the shut eye! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I went to my boyfriend’s mother’s family’s house for dinner on the actual holiday, then went to my bf’s dad’s house on Friday for dinner and then we went out with MY dad on Saturday. THREE HUGE FRIGGEN MEALS. I feel bad for my mom because it was my first holiday away from her but we did spend some QT together.

Due to the exorbitant amount of food I ate this weekend, I am going to try to eat clean this week and do a little detoxing with teas, fruits and veggies. I really want to shed a couple of pounds and just feel better! I know I am not the only one to feel this way.

Yesterday when I came back to my apartment in Boston, my roommate and I went on one of our little “adventures” which included a drive to Newbury street and then Harvard Yard. We went to MAC on Newbury, but only after we realized the LUSH is out of business… WAH! So after MAC we headed to Harvard Square to the LUSH! It was a cold night but was great to see the lights all strung and see some of Black Friday deals and gift sets…LUSH is awesome for gifts may I add…cheap, all natural and its all just so happy.

Here are some pics of my long weekend! Have a great week everyone!

Hill XO


On my way home to RI, I stopped in at Providence Place Mall. There is a KIKO in there…I was a good girl and did not enter. BUT, I will be back for sure!


I did get some good time outside. Fresh air just makes me feel so alive…I AM SO CORNY…I am well aware.


A little LUSH purchase. I had to! It is supposed to be very hydrating so I wanted to try the smallest bottle first.


I just had to. After my spin classes this stuff will feel so good on my legs. The hint of menthol is so AWESOME


This is inside the ChrisTingle…I love anything blue. I didn’t stick to my budget that I gave myself over this weekend – $50 bucks…ughh I tried!

IMG_0203 (1)

The impressive steak and eggs breakfast that I ate the day after Thanksgiving. I slept the WHOLE way home after and pretty much licked the plate.


Me and my boo on Saturday night.

Thanksgiving Makeup Must Haves

Holidays are the most perfect time to be a little daring and on trend with your makeup. Fall invites us try our deep red lipsticks and go for fuller coverage foundations. For me personally, I have been loving having a hydrated base with some smudgy liner and a touch of sculpting. Below are some items from my stash that I will be wearing on Thanksgiving and during this weekend. I hope you enjoy reading!

FullSizeRender (1)

Too Faced Hangover RX primer ~ Love this stuff. I randomly bought this during the summer and just picked it up off the shelf. I am so glad that I did. With the cold weather this gives me just a little bit more hydration and smoothes everything out. It is a light cream that dries pretty quickly and I love the pump and it’s great for travel.

Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer mixed with Maybelline’s Bronze BB Cream ~ I have been feeling a little pale so I have been mixing this Bronze BB Cream with my lighter colored foundations for some glow. These two together make a great pairing. I received LM’s tinted moisturizer as a 100 point gift at Sephora and I have been loving it for travel! Application is a dream and it is a great option for the gym and running errands afterwards. It has some good SPF in it and just mutes my redness around my face.


Kevin Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder  ~ YAASSS. I bought these during the Sephora VIB Rouge event and mmmhmmm I am happy with it. $44 bucks for a tiny, eye-shadow sized powder, but I lurv it. It blends seamlessly. i don’t think I can use this when I am really tan but I think for right now, it gives me some damn good cheekbones without looking dirty…ya know? It is quite pricey, but it was worth the splurge. AND again, it’s a small value but superb for travel!!!


MAC’s Kohl Eyeliner in Costa Riche ~ If you have brown eyes just do yourself the favor and pick this up. It’s like a milk, rich chocolate. The color is so unique and is just an all around awesome product to have. I sometimes use this after I apply my primer and put it all over the lid and then smoke it out with a fluffy brush…the effect? Smoldering, sexy, rock and roll. If you have hooded eyes like myself, your intrigue levels rise exponentially! FullSizeRender (2)

By Terry Color Fix Cream Eyeshadow in Frozen Quartz ~ I know that Bronze Moon and Misty Rock are the two shades that have had women from all over the world not give a what about dropping $43.50 for a freaking cream eyeshadow, however, I was privvy to Frozen Quartz. This pink is so beautiful. In certain lights it looks a little bronze-y, looks more mauve than pink…pretty much its like Sybil and has multiple personalities. For this holiday weekend, I will be applying it all over my top lids and underneath, then buffing out the edges. Then, I will go in Costa Riche to tightline and create some drama – then smoke that out and use Frozen Quartz again to further soften the Costa Riche and sort of highlight.


The Alternative to MAC Coppering

We all know that coppery eye looks are currently on trend and I cannot say I’m a huge fan because I do think its difficult to find your perfect copper shade. MAC Coppering I know is the ‘end all, be all’ shadow that is literally in everyone’s September Favorites, however I must say that I found a less intense version that has a little bit of shimmer in it and may suit more skin tones.

Enter in MAC Mythology. A little more on the bronze side than Coppering and with some shimmer. I think that this offering is dressed down and a strong option for daytime. I am trying to find the best way to wear it and I must say, I have been enjoying using on my upper and lower lids. You can wear Mythology on its own with a simple wash of color or you can wet it to get something a little more intense. For this look, I put it up into my crease, and wet my liner brush to place it underneath. Then I went in with my MAC Costa Riche eyeliner to line my upper and lower lash line and then I blended it out slightly with my fingers. For me, I need a little bit of liner to secure the look. I did not use any other color for my crease to transition the shade but I did blend out the color with my MAC 217.

I think that copper is a nice alternative to bronze and gold looks so I am kind of enjoying this slightly different look. My Revlon lipstick Champagne on Ice is a great pairing with the eyes and keeps the look nude-ish. The blush I have on is an oldie but a goodie – Rimmel Santa Rose…looks like nothing but gives the perfect hint of something.

IMG_6262 IMG_6261 IMG_6257

Thanks for reading you guys!

Hill XO

The Updated Face Routine

Happy Friggen Friday!

I have an updated base routine to share with you all. With fall swooping in sort of quickly this year I have already started to change up my routine a little bit. Below is my current regimen/chat/review of products.


Don’t mind my glass desk….Sorry it looks like my bronzer has a plug coming out of it…

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I first was introduced to this brand while gallivanting the isles of Target about a year ago. I had never seen so many products in a brand dedicated to hydration. The first product I picked up by Laniege was their Balancing Emulsion, which is amazing. It is lightweight, does not make me shiny and does just the trick to top off my skincare routine. Not to mention, the value is unreal. I am still making my way through the bottle. So, when I started to see the bottom of the pot of my Fresh Rose Mask (so overrated, I cannot believe I spent that much money on that product and cannot believe they are repackaging it  for its 15th anniversary) I remembered I saw this ‘sleeping mask’ and zoomed over in my VW Golf (it’s a diesel….the travesty…I know…When I eventually trade it in, its literally going to be worth $5) to pick it up at my local Target. Let’s just say….this product is a holy grail. It’s a gel like formula that is very nourishing, fast absorbing and of course hydrating. I have  been using it every 2 or 3 nights and it just sets me up for my base the next day so well. It is 23 bucks…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go claim yours!!!


Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer

I have had this for a few months and picked it up randomly. I did not go to Sephora on the prowl for it. I saw it…liked it…put it in my basket and it stayed there until check out. After seeing it, I knew I needed to have it. It’s nourishing, hydrating, and smoothes everything out. I love this stuff and will absolutely repurchase.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Ok. I know I am kind of late to the party with this. Makeupbytiffanyd and Viviannadoesmakeup have raved about this CC Cream and I just caved. I’ve had it for about a month and just adore it. What I like about it is I do not have to really put concealer on and it applies better with fingers than a brush. It smells of lemons and is very blendable….almost velvety. The color rang is minimal but this stuff is so good that I would still use it in the wintertime mixed with something lighter. I wear the color Tan and it suits me perfectly right now. It helps enhance my post summer glow and still lets my skin show through. The pump action is perfect for travel and the tube will last awhile.


Here is the before and after with just the CC Cream. I love this stuff. I gotta work on my resting bitch face/deer in headlights. No laughing.

IMG_6220 IMG_6221

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer

Need I say more? I have been using this as a contour. I have been applying it in the hollows of my cheeks, forehead and jaw to get a little subtle definition. It’s so natural looking so working with a slightly heavier hand won’t hurt you. I have been going straight in with this bronzer after my CC Cream and have not needed to powder prior, which I love. Everyone’s skin is different, which I totally get, but with this bronzer being so high quality, I doubt people will have a tough time!

MAC Blush Whole Lotta Love

My favorite blush. It looks a little intimidating but gives me a bright peachy, pink look. It brightens my whole face. I don’t care if people think when they see me, “Oh she has blush on” I just don’t want people to think, “Damn, CHILL Raggedy Anne”. If I was on a deserted island I would bring blush and lip gloss…Forget bronzer, blush is what is going to make you look alive and well. Anyways, this blush has lasted me forever and is so pigmented. I use a very light hand with this and sweep it on the apples of my cheeks and try to focus it there so it doesn’t interfere with the contouring. I use this blush in the winter and in the summer. In the winter time it gives me a more flushed look and in the summer it looks like a touch of sunburn in the most glamorous and adorable way possible.


MAC Prep and Prime Fix + Yuzu

Ugh. Love this setting spray. I only use it after I apply my makeup  to help everything set in. I am still in love with this stuff. If you do not have a setting spray, go get one… and if you do have one PICK THIS UP. It just takes that edge off…I know I wrote in a previous post about this, so keep scrolling to find it!

And here was the final look. I of course did some brow work and did my eyes but this post was strictly to talk about DA FACE. Base is something I am so passionate about since I have suffered from cystic acne the past few years after college and I finally feel like I am getting back into a glow-y groove here. I am loving that I can lighten up on the concealer and head out with just a BB, CC or light foundation. BTW – I definitely should have did my hair for the day and THEN took this photo! Yikes. Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks for reading. I will be back next week

Hill XO

New Mascara Faves

Everyone’s eyelashes are unique and beautiful in their own way. Of course we all seem to covet the type in which we have the total opposite of, however I am a firm believer in working with what you got and get yourself on a mascara ‘regimen’…meaning, don’t use just one! If you are someone like me who doesn’t particularly like applying mascara but loves the effect of a solid routine of two to three mascaras, then I know you will feel me on this post. I tend to use three mascaras every day. I start with volume, then move in with something lengthening and then finish things off with something a bit defining and/or waterproof. I very rarely switch up my mascaras. Major shoutout to L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes and MAC’s Extended Play. These two are usually the openers and closers to my little regimen I have. These new additions below are specific to that second step!

Maybelline’s Colossal Chaotic

One thing that I love about Maybelline’s mascaras is that they always come out with bigger and better versions of themselves. This one is a prime example. I have used Maybelline’s Colossal as a first step and while its not my favorite, it still is pretty damn good. It never flaked out on me and the brush is big and fluffy. This mutation of the Colossal is INSANE. TIMID LASH GIRLS BEWARE. As mentioned previously, I have the straightest, and darkest eyelashes. This stuff brings it to another level. After I use my volumizing mascara, I go right in with this sucker to sort of mess things up. I can get down with the ‘Twiggy’ look but nothing too obscene. The brush on this one is interesting. It is slightly crooked. The tip comes to a bend and its on the more dense side. I have had this for almost two months and do not notice any sign of drying just yet. This type of brush and formulation can be troublesome when it starts to dry out. With a name like “Chaotic”, I slightly cringe when I imagine it drying out. I would give this a whirl if you want something a little different and want a more of an intense look!

IMG_5989 IMG_5990

Covergirl The Super Sizer

I’ll say it first… I am very loyal to L’Oreal mascaras. This is one of the very few mascaras from Covergirl I have tried. THEY NAILED IT with this. What lured me was the brush. I love the brushes that have small bristles and look sort of uninteresting. MAC’s Extended Play is similar and so is Maybelline’s Lash Discovery. I have been using this after I let my first coat of voluminizing mascara dry a bit…no more than two minutes I would say. This is so great because you can still keep your look subtle but you can build it. There are a couple of paths you can take with this which is why I really enjoy it. The other component that really draws me is that I can really get under and pull up from the roots of my lashes to get a nice coating of product. It makes my eyes look a little wider, which works great because I have quite hooded lids. I highly recommend this as a mascara that can wear many hats.

IMG_5991 IMG_5992 

Thanks everyone for reading



Le Summer Glow

Many of you I’m sure go through phases with your face makeup. Depending on the season, your lady cycle and factors like how many extra minutes of sleep can you squeeze in by minimizing your routine all come in to play. Because it’s the summer, I have opted for lighter coverage and lighter feeling bases (how unoriginal). In general, I typically go for the BB Cream or a sheer foundation and then go in with a heavier concealer to pick up where the base left off. For this post I will inform you all of what my routine has been. I have been sticking to this for about two weeks now. It’s simple, effective and is long lasting.

Hydration – Indeed Lab’s Hydraluron

After I wash my face I put a sizable amount of this all over, including my T-zone and chin. It has no scent, is a little thick (not gloopy) and I think it really helps counteract my drying acne treatments – salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. During the day I tend to choose lighter moisturizers and this just is really giving it to me this month. I know Hydraluron was all the rage about a year ago in the UK but I recently found it in an Ulta (I picked up Hyrdraluron and Pepta Bright) and let out a high pitched screech because I was so happy about the price tag. People do say it takes too long to sink in, but I would have to disagree! Love this!

Primer – Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer

Holy grail product. Great sleek packaging that is perfect for traveling. Awesome value and formula. If you don’t have this, go get it. It lasts forever. So, I start with this as a primer and apply with fingers and long strokes. I use maybe only a pinky nail’s worth and work it into my skin with a light hand. The effect is a lovely, light catching effect. Next purchase for me  from LM will be the Bronze Radiance…same product but with more of a tint. I think when the cooler months start I will convince myself that I will need it.

Base – Maybelline’s Dream Bronze BB

Ok….I saw this and thought, hmmmm…..I picked it up….I put it down and then went back to pick up before I left.. My thoughts were that I liked that it bronzed my skin and looked natrual. I had heard good things about Maybelline’s BB Cream and thought, this product would tickle my fancy. The one thing I kept going back and forth on was the color (hence the decision to put it in my Ulta tote and then leave it somewhere only to pick it up later in the hair brush section…we are all guilty of this. Don’t play). There were only two options, so I opted for the darker one. I find this to always be an issue for me. I am not really light/fair and I can be medium so with products that only have one to three options for colors, I usually end up going too dark…but I don’t know…that’s why we have blending brushes right?  Anyways…It is a great option for those days you need to get out the door but you need a little oomph. Its not a ton of coverage but gives that sun kissed effect and glistens up the skin perfectly. It is in no way glittery and helps soften some of my acne scars.

To Seal the Deal – MAC’s Prep and Prime Fix+ Yuzu (Limited Edition)

Alrighty so this product easily is my favorite in the lineup. I know that there is a little bit of a sprtiz fritz going on in the makeup sector. I’m aware L’Oreal makes an awesome setting spray as well as Urban Decay. My roommate made a MAC trip with without me and she picked up this key lime colored stuff. She let me try hers and wow…game changer.  SHOUT OUT TO DA ROOMIE!!!! It made my skin look so dewy and just took that edge off my base. The smell was fabulous and obviously very refreshing. True story: I bought one of these, broke it, and re-ordered it a day later. HOWEVER, act fast this product is limited edition. Other ‘flavors’ (I  guess you could say) include coconut, cucumber, rose and lavender. They do have the regular Fix+ always available but this SAINTPEHTSWAHYUZU is off the chain (What even is Yuzu…how did MAC decide to make this a scent). Without this final step I do not feel like my routine is complete. Every time I spray it on and look in the mirror about five minutes later I literally am just like…


Anyways! Here are the products below. The order in which I wrote about them is the same in photo!


Thank you for reading!