The Triple Threat Eyeshadow

Good morning everybody. This week I have flocked to the same three items for eyeshadow. I tend to favor the number 3 with my make-up now that I think about it. I always use three mascaras, three cheek products (bronzer, highlight and blush) and now three eyeshadows. Even my soccer jersey was number 3. ANYWAYS – this is all super irrelevant since no one probably cares.


My thought process behind the trinity of products is that I like a cream as a base, a powder on top to set and another powder for dimension.


IMG_0719 (1)

From left to right: African Violets, Saint Taupe and Vintage Selection.

Cream as a base…

I use MAC’s Paint Pot in Vintage Selection. This color is everything. It’s silver, purple, shimmery, with pretty flecks and almost metallic. For any color eyes you cannot go wrong with this product. I know MAC’s Paint Pots are totally hit or miss but I think for the spring Vintage Selection is just perfect. It creates some intrigue to the eyes and is perfect for day. On my brown eyes it comes up a bit purple but changes in different lighting. I smudge this all over my lid  and a little over my crease and take it under the eye with a smudger brush. This alone is very pretty.

Powder on top to enhance and set…

Satin Taupe is perfect to lay over this shade. When I first purchased Satin Taupe I asked the MAC girl to suggest a good cream shadow for underneath. She marched right over and grabbed Vintage Selection. I never wear one without the other. I take Satin Taupe on a dense, flat brush and push it over the top of the cream and also take the same smudger brush and run it along the lower lash line. Having the powder on top gives it almost a mermaid feel – super pigmented and jaw dropping from every angle.

A deeper powder to top it off…

Laura Mercier’s African Violets is the most beautiful deep purple that I place right in the center of my lid and on the outskirts of my lower lashline. This helps pick up the purple hues in the other two products and creates this super saturated smokey eye. You can leave African Violets out, but I do love how this amps the look up a little bit. I think its so pretty on the bottom eyelid and is refreshing compared to a heavy brown or black.

These colors make me so happy and I love shopping my stash. I haven’t worn these in awhile and since I started wearing them on Monday, I haven’t been able to stop. I also haven’t worn eyeliner and have used this trifecta instead to create smoke and definition. I have been wearing my more purple blushes like Outpsoken by Marc Jacobs and Well Dressed by MAC with a lot of pink highlighter and nude gloss. What I also love about this eye look is that it transitions beautifully to night without much upkeep or need for enhancing!

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great weekend,

Hill XO


The Perfect Eyeshadow for Christmas

I know all of you are sorting through your personal collections for that perfect red for the holiday whether it be on your nails or your lips. Finding that perfect red lipstick can take a bit of trial and error since a multitude of criteria are taken into consideration such as the finish, the texture, and saturation. However, after we find that perfect color – what about our eyes? Should we do a winged liner or should we do just a swipe of color or just mascara? I CAN ANSWER THIS FOR YOU.

This passed weekend was my birthday and  I wanted to do a red lip (MAC’s Russian Red is my GO TO) but wanted at least some color on the lids…I pulled together the perfect cocktail of colors to give just a hint of color while feeling festive without going overboard.

I just sort of stumbled upon this look. I was in a rush and did not feel like rummaging through my palettes to find the perfect colors so I literally used whatever was right in front of me. I only applied these colors to my upper lid, vetoed against doing any sort of crease work and just loaded up on my mascara!

I started with Rubenesque by MAC, one of their notorious paint pots. The glory of these is that they are not as saturated as they are in the pot and go on smoothly without too much effort. I applied this up to my crease with my fingers and then just continued to blend out the edges. The color is so great even in the summer with a nude lip. It is a peachy gold and stays put all day! Cream eyeshadows and I get along like Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.

Next, I wanted a little more saturation and to set the cream. I grabbed my Hourglass highlighting palette and used a MAC 239 to pat the gold highlighter over the top of Rubenesque. BEST DECISION EVER. This passed week I have worn this combo almost everyday and it is so subtle but so beautiful. Plus, this Hourglass palette is handy for setting, highlighting and bronzing. The formula is top-notch and the powders are so smooth and decadent. The gold color looks amazing in all different sorts of lighting.

Lastly, I wanted a little bit of a cool tone on my lids so I went in with MAC’s ‘Naked’ loose pigment.  Now, it does not look very shimmery or interesting in this small tube, but trust me, its perfect for just brightening up the inner eyes. It is not as gold as the other two, but pairs well. This gives a small ombre effect to the lids and is just a finishing touch. You need a very small amount and you can either use your ring finger to place it or get a small, dense, tapered brush.



Top: Rubenesque Paint Pot by MAC, Middle: MAC’s Pigment in Naked, Bottom: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette in Radiant Light 

I hope this was helpful for some of you who just need an idea for a subtle but adorable eye look to go with your red lips! I hope everyone has a FABULOUS holiday!!!!

Hill XO