The Affordable Cushion Foundation

This is the foundation for you if you…

A. Have a small obsession with the normal L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

B. Are super trendy and want a cushion compact foundation that is very a la Korean skincare

Cushion compacts are very in style at the moment thanks to Korean skincare habits and products flooding the market. This product I believe (that I have seen anyway) is the first brand to bring a cushion compact into drugstores and allow consumers to be a part of this movement. Brands such as Laneige, Shisheido, AmorePacific, May Coop and  Dr. Jart all helped launch this movement with promises to help improve sallow skin, buff out imperfections and give that healthy glow backed by hydration and other skincare goodies.

I will preface this post by saying that I love all things L’Oreal. If L’Oreal came out with poop smelling nail polish, I would buy it…probably not BUT you catch my drift. In my eyes they can honestly do no wrong, hence why I rushed to the shelves of my local CVS to grab this. I was so happy to see a high end trend land itself in a more affordable environment as well as see L’Oreal meet the demands of these trends.

I selected W3 which I think is perfect for someone that has a mix of yellow and red undertones who isn’t necessarily pale but is more towards the light – medium range. In the summer time I would probably go up a number or two but for winter this choice gives me a little bit of color without giving my neck and face a disjointed look. The color ranges are separated into  Warm tones – W, Cool tones – C and Neutral tones – N with numbers after each letter to correspond with the shade. When I initially purchased the bottled form I chose one from the neutral set and it was too pink so that was how I figured out that I was better suited for the W range.

The finish is a touch different than the bottle form however, the blendability is 100% the same. I find that the compact is more buildable because the cushion helps dole out just enough to even out and give a glow. I even used to use this when I had my cystic acne because it used to give me a hydrated look and then I would go in and powder it to lock in. No matter how dry I am, this never highlights those patches which I know some foundations do.

For application, I have been using my Beautyblender or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and both work well, however if you are looking for something SUPER natural, then the Beautyblender should be your pick. The one method I have not tried yet is my fingers which I probably should have done before writing this post, considering that is how most people would think to apply it. The foundation doesn’t slip or slide around which definitely helps cut down on blending time and if you didn’t want to powder it – no harm, no foul.

Lastly, the packaging is UNREAL for travel and carrying in your purse. You can do quick touch ups anywhere without making an absolute mess. At the end of the day – I would recommend this to everyone. It’s a budget offering with a superb range of colors and tones. Even if you feel like you can’t find the perfect shade, these are priced well enough that you can pick up two without breaking the bank.

Here are a few pictures!!

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Inside the compact 



Just the base here – no concealer, blush or bronzer. 


The final look in bathroom lighting – the worst lighting there is


Final look in natural lighting. 


Monday Blues and Foundation Routine

Hello, world. Yes, I am one of those lucky SOB’s that had the day off. God it has been so great. You all must think I am quite lazy since I always seem to be looking for that NEXT day off. Perhaps it is my “work hard play hard” mentality that keeps me yearning for a day to myself! Either way I enjoyed having this extra day so I could literally fit in everything I wanted to this weekend – family, boyfriend, roommate, shopping, workout and food!

I hope everyone enjoyed their own rendition of Valentine’s Day. Even though I do have a boyfriend, I would still celebrate it…it’s about LOVE. Also, it is my mom’s favorite holiday. She sent me a homemade card, polka-dot pink socks and these adorable fingerless gloves…despite her recent health scare (she may have to have a hysterectomy) she still never misses a beat with this sort of stuff. Mom’s are so unbelievable. I am a very very lucky girl. I am fortunate to say that if I am half the woman my mother is I can die happy.

My boyfriend came up to see me and he bought me pink roses…and they were BRIGHT pink. Perfectly planned – I had on a bright pink cashmere sweater and he was so happy that we coordinated. It’s the little things. Also, his card to me was just the friggen sweetest. I cried. I didn’t even cry at my birthday card but I did when I opened this one. The card was so personalized. The illustration, the saying on the inside and then of course Nate’s handwritten note tugged at my heart a little bit. I felt fortunate in that moment!

Also, I got my nails done, got my brows done (long overdue) and my roommate and I went to MAC to take a peek at some of the new releases in the Pink Flamingo collection….maybe I bought a thing or two ;). OBVIOUSLY I did. I will feature a little mini haul this week.

Here are some pictures. I ate a lot and drank a lot but it was with people that I ADORE and that makes it all so worth it to me. Also, our apartment has been quite the botanical garden and I am really enjoying it! Below, I will have my current foundation routine for you all as well.

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Hill XO


Hanger steak and eggs… sex 


My detox drink of choice! 


My favorite shop in South Boston – Neatly Nested. They had a floral bar and prosecco for Valentine’s weekend. Just so adorable. 


The love table. Roses and card. 

As I told you all last week, I have been really into sponges for blending my face makeup and I wanted to update all of you on what I have currently been doing because I think it has been a little while. In the winter my skin is so fickle lately due to the weather It was -3 here yesterday. Same days things are hanging in there and then there are days where I have these purple patches on my cheeks that take forever to subside from the wind and cold…Finding a perfectly balance is hard!


So first, I use the pink Beauty Blender to apply my face makeup. I have been mixing this L’Oreal Liquid to Powder foundation which I love! I almost finished with it and because it is in my winter color, I would like to use this up completely. I have been mixing this in with my Becca Acqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation. I have the color medium and I use this to mix because it’s gives me color and is very hydrating and keeps everything looking healthy. I can’t wait to use this in the summertime…it is going to look so good with a tan.

Next, I use my Urban Decay concealer and blend that in with my Sephora Collection sponge. It has a smooth, flat side that fits perfectly in my under eye area so blending is seamless. I like to use the bottom side for blending highlighter. It just puts the product right where it needs to go.

Other than what is shown – I hardly use powder because it is the winter and I need that extra boost so this is truly what I have been using the past month or so. I do set my concealer under my eyes a couple of times a week if my eye cream hasn’t sunk in all the way by the time I apply make up for work.

The Underestimated L’Oreal Liner

Featured image

I started wearing eye liner on my upper lids probably in 9th grade but made it sort of my signature look in college. In high school, I would curl the crud out of my lashes and use only waterproof mascara and go sans liner. By the time I was in college, I grew tired of the pressure I was putting on my eye balls to fully cleanse my eyes and started only curling the tips of my lashes and ditching the waterproof routine. Because I was eliminating that big wide eyed effect by not curling like a maniac, I felt that liquid upper eyeliner was a great addition to my regimen. I must say that mastering that winged look was not very hard for me. I thoroughly enjoyed (and still do) trying out different brands. Of course I had those days where my flick literally touched the tail of my eyebrow and the liner pretty much covered my whole lid, but sometimes we just have those days. I know you all feel me.. See pic below…

Now, I will admit I did jump on the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner bandwagon, but I will NOT repurchase. I truly believe that drugstore liners are just as good and I am talking about L’Oreal specifically, however I will admit that, I do want to purchase the Estee Lauder Little Black Liner since its double ended (such a sucker for shit like that). But anyways, the liner I want to inform you all about is the L’Oreal Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner. I bought it in a pinch. The nib is quite thick and I thought before I used it “Great…Hillary why didn’t you just buy an eyeliner you had purchased before? Of course you picked up the liner with the thick ass point. This is going to go from classy to crack whore in about three seconds”. I’m glad I told my a$$hole inner thoughts to be quiet because this stuff rocks. The thick point made it quite easy to get close to my lashes. I was able to really use the point to keep things smooth and even.

image4 (5)image3 (3)

image5 (5)

Because the formula is a little bit drier and dries matte, I felt that I had more control over the product. The flick which is where I tend to have issues, was almost effortless to make. I used the tip to map out my angle and then rolled it onto its side to help make that sort of swoosh to join up the tail and lid. It lasts all day. I went to a spin class after work and it STAYED PUT. 10 points for Hufflepuff on that one.  Here are some early AM selfies of the look I did with it. Do not judge my lifeless face…I needed another cup of coffee and a cheese omelet.  It’s about the eyes, OK?

image1 (4)


WELL that is it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks for reading


New Mascara Faves

Everyone’s eyelashes are unique and beautiful in their own way. Of course we all seem to covet the type in which we have the total opposite of, however I am a firm believer in working with what you got and get yourself on a mascara ‘regimen’…meaning, don’t use just one! If you are someone like me who doesn’t particularly like applying mascara but loves the effect of a solid routine of two to three mascaras, then I know you will feel me on this post. I tend to use three mascaras every day. I start with volume, then move in with something lengthening and then finish things off with something a bit defining and/or waterproof. I very rarely switch up my mascaras. Major shoutout to L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes and MAC’s Extended Play. These two are usually the openers and closers to my little regimen I have. These new additions below are specific to that second step!

Maybelline’s Colossal Chaotic

One thing that I love about Maybelline’s mascaras is that they always come out with bigger and better versions of themselves. This one is a prime example. I have used Maybelline’s Colossal as a first step and while its not my favorite, it still is pretty damn good. It never flaked out on me and the brush is big and fluffy. This mutation of the Colossal is INSANE. TIMID LASH GIRLS BEWARE. As mentioned previously, I have the straightest, and darkest eyelashes. This stuff brings it to another level. After I use my volumizing mascara, I go right in with this sucker to sort of mess things up. I can get down with the ‘Twiggy’ look but nothing too obscene. The brush on this one is interesting. It is slightly crooked. The tip comes to a bend and its on the more dense side. I have had this for almost two months and do not notice any sign of drying just yet. This type of brush and formulation can be troublesome when it starts to dry out. With a name like “Chaotic”, I slightly cringe when I imagine it drying out. I would give this a whirl if you want something a little different and want a more of an intense look!

IMG_5989 IMG_5990

Covergirl The Super Sizer

I’ll say it first… I am very loyal to L’Oreal mascaras. This is one of the very few mascaras from Covergirl I have tried. THEY NAILED IT with this. What lured me was the brush. I love the brushes that have small bristles and look sort of uninteresting. MAC’s Extended Play is similar and so is Maybelline’s Lash Discovery. I have been using this after I let my first coat of voluminizing mascara dry a bit…no more than two minutes I would say. This is so great because you can still keep your look subtle but you can build it. There are a couple of paths you can take with this which is why I really enjoy it. The other component that really draws me is that I can really get under and pull up from the roots of my lashes to get a nice coating of product. It makes my eyes look a little wider, which works great because I have quite hooded lids. I highly recommend this as a mascara that can wear many hats.

IMG_5991 IMG_5992 

Thanks everyone for reading