The Affordable Cushion Foundation

This is the foundation for you if you…

A. Have a small obsession with the normal L’Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation

B. Are super trendy and want a cushion compact foundation that is very a la Korean skincare

Cushion compacts are very in style at the moment thanks to Korean skincare habits and products flooding the market. This product I believe (that I have seen anyway) is the first brand to bring a cushion compact into drugstores and allow consumers to be a part of this movement. Brands such as Laneige, Shisheido, AmorePacific, May Coop and  Dr. Jart all helped launch this movement with promises to help improve sallow skin, buff out imperfections and give that healthy glow backed by hydration and other skincare goodies.

I will preface this post by saying that I love all things L’Oreal. If L’Oreal came out with poop smelling nail polish, I would buy it…probably not BUT you catch my drift. In my eyes they can honestly do no wrong, hence why I rushed to the shelves of my local CVS to grab this. I was so happy to see a high end trend land itself in a more affordable environment as well as see L’Oreal meet the demands of these trends.

I selected W3 which I think is perfect for someone that has a mix of yellow and red undertones who isn’t necessarily pale but is more towards the light – medium range. In the summer time I would probably go up a number or two but for winter this choice gives me a little bit of color without giving my neck and face a disjointed look. The color ranges are separated into  Warm tones – W, Cool tones – C and Neutral tones – N with numbers after each letter to correspond with the shade. When I initially purchased the bottled form I chose one from the neutral set and it was too pink so that was how I figured out that I was better suited for the W range.

The finish is a touch different than the bottle form however, the blendability is 100% the same. I find that the compact is more buildable because the cushion helps dole out just enough to even out and give a glow. I even used to use this when I had my cystic acne because it used to give me a hydrated look and then I would go in and powder it to lock in. No matter how dry I am, this never highlights those patches which I know some foundations do.

For application, I have been using my Beautyblender or my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and both work well, however if you are looking for something SUPER natural, then the Beautyblender should be your pick. The one method I have not tried yet is my fingers which I probably should have done before writing this post, considering that is how most people would think to apply it. The foundation doesn’t slip or slide around which definitely helps cut down on blending time and if you didn’t want to powder it – no harm, no foul.

Lastly, the packaging is UNREAL for travel and carrying in your purse. You can do quick touch ups anywhere without making an absolute mess. At the end of the day – I would recommend this to everyone. It’s a budget offering with a superb range of colors and tones. Even if you feel like you can’t find the perfect shade, these are priced well enough that you can pick up two without breaking the bank.

Here are a few pictures!!

Thanks everyone for reading,

Hill XO


Inside the compact 



Just the base here – no concealer, blush or bronzer. 


The final look in bathroom lighting – the worst lighting there is


Final look in natural lighting.