On Being a Nudist…

I wish I was one of those girls who reached for a bright lipstick more often than for a nude option. Of course I have a handful of bright lipstick options, but maybe 1 out of 5 times I actually wear it. I am a nude girl to the core. When nude toned pieces came more into a fashion a  few years ago, it was an instant love affair. I love nude nail polish (Holla atcha girl if you love Adore-a-Ball by Essie) and I am an absolute sucker for a tan, v-neck, long sleeved sweater. Partner the nail polish, the sweater and jean shorts with a nude lip and I feel like a flesh-toned fantasy. Needless to say, I have narrowed down three of my favorite nude lip colors to share with you all. They are all so different (remember when Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada laughed at the belts being ‘so different’ during the run through? Then she got that verbal beating from Miranda Priestly? CLASSIC). Don’t laugh people, these lip colors are in fact unique and different.  


Chanel Rouge CoCo Shine – Boy

There are not enough words for this one. I keep this with me at all times. I tend to have at least three lip colors in my purse but if I ever need something a little more moisturizing I grab this. Of the three lipsticks, this one is the most sheer and is my perfect ‘your lips but better’ color. It has little bit of sheen to it and feels so light on the lips. This is my go to lip after the gym and if I need go run errands, meet a friend, etc. (left on the moving hand)

MAC Lustre Lipstick – High Tea

The most gilded options of the three. A little more on the gold side than Boy. It’s great for a night out and can complete any peachy makeup look. I tend to use this when I use MAC’s Woodwinked or All That Glitters with a little cat eye to complete the gold, shimmery effect. It is a little bit thicker than Boy but is not long lasting, but very easy to apply. Plus MAC lipsticks all smell like heaven so I don’t ever mind reapplying this. (middle)

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter  – Creme Brulee

When these came out, I went and purchased almost every shade. The other shade of this that I used to wear like it was going out of style was Creamsicle. However, I do prefer Creme Brulee. This formula is the thickest of the three and has little more of a brown-y feel. It is great at coating the lips, giving a nice high-shine look and feels a little more substantial. Like the previous two, this one is convenient as well. Revlon hit it out of the park with this range, so if this color doesn’t interest you, I guarantee another one would. (right)

Here are a few photos for you all to compare the descriptions too. Since I am quite olive toned, these may not work for everyone so these are not universal options here, but in all of the product lines from which these products come from, I can assure you there is something for everyone.