Charlotte Tilbury Haul

Since I went to NYC in October and visited Bergdorf Goodman I have been obsessing over buying myself some Tilbury makeup bits. Last week I just caved and made quite the order on Keep reading for the full review…

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I’ll start with the mascara. Her Full Fat Lashes has interested me for quite some time. Whenever she uses it in her makeup tutorials I always gush at how the model’s lashes look. Plus CT is quite the marketing guru for her products. The tag line for this is that it does five things in one tube – separate, define, volumize, curl and drama. Because I’m always on the hunt for the next best mascara for my straight and pointy lashes, I ordered this with joy….however…I am returning it. NOT ENOUGH VOLUME OR CURL OR DRAMA FOR ME. I think I am definitely in the minority of people who would return this, but it just didn’t do it for me. For $27 bucks I could take my money and head to CVS and get L’Oreal Million Lashes or Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara. Kind of a bummer.

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Moving on – Charlotte Tilbury’s Rock N Kohl Eyeliner Barbarella Brown. From reading the reviews online and sitting in front of the computer for hours on end watching her signature cat-eye, feline flick looks I couldn’t help but order the Barbarella Brown eyeliner. When she creates that super-tight winged look on blue eyes, I instantly want to order fake-blue contacts and lock myself in my room perfecting my skills. I will say – I was deceived again with this product. When I wore it the other night on my lower lash line, it was too much for me…It is a very deep, dark brown that is still a few notches away from black but did not even hold a candle to my MAC Costa Riche eyeliner. Yea this CT offering applies easily but blending it is a total BIOTCH and the color just didn’t sing to me. I will say the lasting power was 100% there but I couldn’t get passed the un-blendability. I will ALSO be returning this.

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In NYC I bought one of her cream eyeshadows in Bette which is a super rich, gold that stays put all day. The pigment is untouched by other brands and looks good on everyone. I decided for this haul to try her Color Chameleon stick in Champagne Diamonds. I have worn it the past three days and it is definitely more of a night feature. There is shimmer in it…and I mean glitter as well…Like flecks of glitter. The color payoff is there but the glitter for me is just TOO MUCH. Also, if you blend too hard with your fingers, the product slips around and creases so you need a very light touch or blend it with another color to go over the top. I think if you have big eyes and work in an environment where this sort of glittery/flirty look is acceptable…then go for it. I would honestly rather stick with my By Terry Ombre Blackstars or my Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. Unfortunately – this will be returned as well.

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At the bottom of this swipe here, you can see more of the silver flecks stand out.

Now on to the stuff I LOVED right away. I bought the blush and the lipstick in a two-piece set. These were hands down the best products of the haul. I had small expectations for the blush. Because my collection is quite large, I was honestly ready to return it but it wow’d me. CT’s slogan “Swish and Pop” is so clever. On the perimeter you have a pretty, dusty pink/mauve with a darker shade in the middle. Mixed together the color is beautiful and I can honestly say I don’t have a blush color like this in my collection. It isn’t too chalky and has a little bit of shimmer running through it. I love the name as well – First Love.

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The blush came with the lipstick Nude Kate which I have been coveting for quite some time. I own Penelope Pink which is such a great nude but the Nude Kate color is a little bit more peachy and just glides on. They smell just like MAC lipsticks but are more durable and have better color payoff. Nude Kate with the First Love blush – God that was such a brilliant pairing! If you are new CT and don’t know what to get – indulge in this set. You will not regret it!!!

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My takeaways: I think part of the reason for my dissatisfaction with some of these products is that there are no Charlotte Tilbury counters anywhere besides Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. You have to purchase everything online which is so ridiculous. Her products would do so well in department stores across the country since they are not too expensive but are very Hollywood glamour. Her branding is SO unique and she is quite brilliant so it is frustrating to not see her products in the flesh. I think if I was at a CT counter I would have been able to try the products I am now returning!

If you don’t know where to start with her range, get a lipstick! You’ll fall in love. Also her cream eyeshadows are just UNTOUCHED and last forever. If you visit her website you can watch videos of her making up models with her “iconic looks”. There is something for everyone!

I hope some of you found this helpful and I could help steer you in the right direction!

Hill XO



Monday Blues


I know I was MIA last week. It was just a killer for me….I had almost no time for myself and was struggling to keep my head afloat. Work was busy and I taught a lot of spin. I went to Portland, Maine for the weekend with Nate and we had such a great time. The timing of the trip could not have been any more perfect – After my tough week, I definitely needed some time with my counterpart.

I think my pictures will make up for the lack of blogging from last week including some make-up pics and lots of shots of food! I hope everyone enjoys my little captions. I enjoyed doing my hair every day and putting on some nice makeup for sightseeing and just being out and about…ain’t no rest for the wicked!


Adorable “kitchen shelf” in one of the hotel’s restaurants. So rustic and organic but home-y. I was in love.


The hotel we stayed at was called “Press” and it used to be an old newspaper factory that was converted into this Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. It was all decorated with words and tons of printing paraphernalia. It was quite the gem. 


Our  first drink at the hotel before dinner reservations. This photo was taken at their Inkwell bar. 


IThe kitchen of the most amazing restaurant called Fore Street. It was the first restaurant of its kind  with a focus on “farm to table” offerings. It was outrageously expensive but worth ever single penny. If you are ever in the area – this is an absolute must. We saw one of Nate’s cousin’s and his family and they said that Fore Street put Porland on the map for culinary excellence. It was one of the best meals of my life.  The picture does not do it justice.


My Maine oyster selection. Those meaty ones on the left were very bright with a lot of brine. I don’t even use the mignonette…just a little lemon and get to slurpin’


Even though we were stuffed we took chocolates to go. DUH.


Lemon curd french toast with little blueberries and a honey mead mimosa. Don’t be fooled – I had a full eggs dish along with all of this.


Enjoying our last meal before heading home


Our last meal was at DuckFat – holy shit. The heaviest dishes in the world. Everything is “infused” with truffle or something decadent. These fries were called “Poutine” which are fries with cheese, scallions all sitting above a layer of liquid duck fat. So decadent! French fries are my passion and these checked off all of my fries expectations.


I didn’t even know I was taking this good of a picture of him. I could barely see because the sun was in my eyes and he is just so statuesque. Love him.


This was my make up look for the weekend…. warm brown eyes and blush in the color “Stubborn” by MAC. A must have for us blush fanatics. My hair looks TERRIBLE in this shot. I have been really liking not wearing eye liner but keeping everything smudged. 

A Word on Milani Blushes…

Does anyone remember these?
Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows
If you do, they were my introduction to Milani. They had these Runway Eyes in pinks and grays as well.  I used these LONG before UD ever came ever with their Naked palettes. In college these palettes were my go-to!!!! After purchasing a couple I started to really enjoy Milani and what the brand had to offer. Their lip glosses smell divine and are pretty pigmented, plus very easy to store in your pocket for a night on the town….you know those nights when you don’t even want to bring a clutch and just want to be a free bitch and not have to worry about “LIKE OMG WHERE DID I PUT MY CLUTCH?! I think I left it in bathroom…Oh shet, maybe I left it at like the bar”. We all know it has happened. But anyways, this post is about their blush. I think we all know that drugstore blush can be difficult. If you are someone like me who LOVES BLUSH I tend to take my ass to a Sephora or friggen MAC where my favorite formulas and colors thrive, however these two from Milani are high up there on my favorites.
So the great thing about these two blushes is that they are great for day or night and what I love most is that they are fabulous for those days when you want to wear a bold lip. I think it is really important to have an arsenal of blushes that look well with your more statement lipsticks because no one wants to see a girl that looks like a Madame Alexander doll and also its sort of a skill to find THAT right blush to go with THAT bold lippy.
Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso
So versatile. Puts that radiance right back into your face piece. I not only wear this in the summer time on top of bronzer but in the wintertime. Because it has a great amount of sparkle and pizzazz I think it is a great light reflection option. It gives a healthy oomph to the face in the winter time but does not make you look like a disco ball in the summer. It deposits just the perfect amount of peachyness and does not get ruddy so you can use this quite generously. I have a lipstick called Sangria by Milani that is a matte, dark grape color and this pairing is awesome. Sometimes if I just gotta get out the door, I use this and sculpt my cheek bones with it. I apply it to my apples and then sweep up back towards my hair for that subtle but healthy look.
image3 (1)
Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose
This blush is one of their newest additions to their collection and I must admit I am a sucker for the rose shape. My roommate and I would go into a CVS and gawk over how cute they were. One day, I came home and she had bought one for herself and one for me. ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO DA ROOMIE. She chose Coral Cove and mine is Tea Rose. Tea Rose has got a hint of mauve and applies so smoothly. The color is a mix of things. It’s a little peachy and a little pink but gives the most beautiful warmth to the face. It is matte which I love and there is a lot of blush in that pan! I use it maybe once or twice a week and that rose design has yet to breakdown. You can build it up if you wish, or just do a light dusting if you are a little blush timid.
image4 (1)
I highly recommend either of these colors and/or the range. They are priced perfectly and are great for everyday and can transition nicely for a night time look. They don’t feel chalky and are so light on the skin PLUS easy to blend. Milani I think is the hidden gem of drugstore brands so I am so giddy to share this post!
image2 (1) 
Thanks for reading!