Monday Blues and Foundation Routine

Hello, world. Yes, I am one of those lucky SOB’s that had the day off. God it has been so great. You all must think I am quite lazy since I always seem to be looking for that NEXT day off. Perhaps it is my “work hard play hard” mentality that keeps me yearning for a day to myself! Either way I enjoyed having this extra day so I could literally fit in everything I wanted to this weekend – family, boyfriend, roommate, shopping, workout and food!

I hope everyone enjoyed their own rendition of Valentine’s Day. Even though I do have a boyfriend, I would still celebrate it…it’s about LOVE. Also, it is my mom’s favorite holiday. She sent me a homemade card, polka-dot pink socks and these adorable fingerless gloves…despite her recent health scare (she may have to have a hysterectomy) she still never misses a beat with this sort of stuff. Mom’s are so unbelievable. I am a very very lucky girl. I am fortunate to say that if I am half the woman my mother is I can die happy.

My boyfriend came up to see me and he bought me pink roses…and they were BRIGHT pink. Perfectly planned – I had on a bright pink cashmere sweater and he was so happy that we coordinated. It’s the little things. Also, his card to me was just the friggen sweetest. I cried. I didn’t even cry at my birthday card but I did when I opened this one. The card was so personalized. The illustration, the saying on the inside and then of course Nate’s handwritten note tugged at my heart a little bit. I felt fortunate in that moment!

Also, I got my nails done, got my brows done (long overdue) and my roommate and I went to MAC to take a peek at some of the new releases in the Pink Flamingo collection….maybe I bought a thing or two ;). OBVIOUSLY I did. I will feature a little mini haul this week.

Here are some pictures. I ate a lot and drank a lot but it was with people that I ADORE and that makes it all so worth it to me. Also, our apartment has been quite the botanical garden and I am really enjoying it! Below, I will have my current foundation routine for you all as well.

Thank you for reading

Hill XO


Hanger steak and eggs… sex 


My detox drink of choice! 


My favorite shop in South Boston – Neatly Nested. They had a floral bar and prosecco for Valentine’s weekend. Just so adorable. 


The love table. Roses and card. 

As I told you all last week, I have been really into sponges for blending my face makeup and I wanted to update all of you on what I have currently been doing because I think it has been a little while. In the winter my skin is so fickle lately due to the weather It was -3 here yesterday. Same days things are hanging in there and then there are days where I have these purple patches on my cheeks that take forever to subside from the wind and cold…Finding a perfectly balance is hard!


So first, I use the pink Beauty Blender to apply my face makeup. I have been mixing this L’Oreal Liquid to Powder foundation which I love! I almost finished with it and because it is in my winter color, I would like to use this up completely. I have been mixing this in with my Becca Acqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation. I have the color medium and I use this to mix because it’s gives me color and is very hydrating and keeps everything looking healthy. I can’t wait to use this in the summertime…it is going to look so good with a tan.

Next, I use my Urban Decay concealer and blend that in with my Sephora Collection sponge. It has a smooth, flat side that fits perfectly in my under eye area so blending is seamless. I like to use the bottom side for blending highlighter. It just puts the product right where it needs to go.

Other than what is shown – I hardly use powder because it is the winter and I need that extra boost so this is truly what I have been using the past month or so. I do set my concealer under my eyes a couple of times a week if my eye cream hasn’t sunk in all the way by the time I apply make up for work.


Fresh Purchases

Happy Wednesday to everyone. We are half way there.

You know that wishlist that I put together? Well I did a little bit of damage. I bought a few things – a couple were on the wishlist and one was not. After I put my wants and desires into the universe via my blog post, things happened and I handed over my debit card and just…yea…

First up! Sunday Riley’s Blue Moon Cleansing Balm. I gushed over this last week and had purchased it after using you sample just for two days. The instructions mention that you can even use it as a hydrating mask, which I did do and it was a great decision. This stuff has got awesome skincare goodies like cocoa butter, chamomile and vanilla to help you get ready for bed. What i like about this is that it is thick but is easy to move around on the skin and just rinses so easily. Nothing is left behind.



I’m just a little excited!!! 

Next! Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation

I saw this on the Sephora website and was into right away. Then I went to the Becca section of Sephora’s website and looked at a tutorial and further explanation of the product. What drew me in was that is so glowy and you can go up a shade without it looking bad. I have been mixing Medium with my lighter colored foundations for some warmth. This lasts all day and is just so pretty. I can’t wait to use this even in the summer for nights out. I have enjoyed using this stuff with a lot of highlighter and bronzer. I just love the sun bum look.


It looks a little dark but is so perfect! Sheers right out


It was a good skincare day for me when I used this foundation. In love. 

YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizers in Green

Neutralizers have come on the scene lately as a step to help cancel out imperfections on our faces. For me – my issue is redness in the winter time. My cheeks, chin and nose seem to get quite flushed. I bought this on a whim and so far am enjoying it. What I like is that it doesn’t cancel everything out…it just helps dial it down. I think for someone who doesn’t like foundation or even BB cream you could use this with some moisturizer and keep it light and natural. I probably would not have been as interested in this product if I wasn’t an avid Touche Eclat fan. I love my little wonder pen. I go between 2.5 and 3 which are so peachy and great for the under eye. I would love to get one of these for my gym bag! They blend like a dream and are just so good for on the go.


Very green and very intimidating but was just so light and made everything look much more even.


My skin nice and evened out after I used the green pen. This is before foundation and after primer. 

So there you go! Hopefully some of you have either tried these products or are looking into trying them. I normally don’t purchase things that are overly trendy because I like for things to die down and let the cream rise to the top but I must say these are all three awesome purchases.

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO

Current Wishlist

Good morning,

I have a wishlist. I need to share it. There are a lot of things out there right now that are calling my name and I think I need to share them with all of you not because this is a safe place to communicate wants and desires but because I need some feedback.

Some of these things I have tried and will be purchasing, but others I need help on…


NOW, I recently received samples of the Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm and I am obsessed. I used it once and I just know it is my favorite cleansing balm of all time. That is high up on the priorities of my wishlist. It smells like  Lipsmacker and is so hydrating.

The other thing I have tried is the Laura Mercier Candeglow Soft Luminous Foundation…I had a really hard time finding my color match. In Sephora I picked up Ecru which seemed to work for my paler winter skin however online it said that it was for light skins with cool undertones? HUH? I am a little bit cool but I have quite olivey skin. Has anyone tried this? I loved the formulation but am wondering if I could go a shade or two darker…I am a little afraid of my local Sephora lady so I have confided in you all.

Jaclyn Hill recently discussed this new Becca foundation. I feel like it is literally the foundation form of the Backlight primer. This looks like it will give a really dewy finish and help glow everything up. I am highly interested in this and would probably purchase this over the LM if it is better. I want both but know that life does not work that way, or does it?

Moving on with this Makeup For Ever Ultra HD concealer. NOW, since I turned 25 I swear I all of a sudden see these fine lines under my eyes and my skin is just crap right now. I look ruddy, feel ruddy and flat. I currently have an outbreak of milia on the tops of my cheekbones that look GOD AWFUL when I have highlighter on. I know these are first world problems here but WHAT-EVER. Every time I use my under eye concealer my circles look more pronounced. I know this can be because my concealer is too light…so I am sort of looking into this MUFE one. They have this concealer in correcting shades and concealing shades and I am most interested in the correcting ones. This is $27 vs. the Bobbi Brown Correctors which are $40. Does anyone have both and have an opinion? I use a super hydrating eye cream and think I just need a better concealer…any thoughts or insight would be helpful.

Lastly – LuLuLemon sports tops. I will preface this that my cannons are a humble size of 32F. Yes. You best believe when I work out I go all in with back and shoulder exercises to keep my posture looking like Lisa Kudrow from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion (come on the magnet scene is so hilarious but oh so mean). So, my question is – do you girls find that these tops are supportive? I do have other LuLu tops that have a built in bra but I always wear another sorts bra under them. Do you think that if I wore another sports bra under this it would just become a bulge-y, back fat issue? HELP! I’m desperate for something hip and airy. I am leaning more towards the one on the left because I think there could be more natural support…however, I think my additional sports bra on the right could look less out of place. Just to preface this for you all – I am 5ft tall, I weight 13o lbs and I wear a size 4 in the tops and the pants.



Current Winter Skin Saviors

Happy Friday to all of you! I hope you all are staying warm and have some cozy plans like watching Making a Murderer he deff did it and cuddling up with your animals or your loved ones.  The passed couple of weeks the weather has really become quite bone chilling in the Northeast – especially in Boston. One minute you are walking down the street and just feel cold, but then the next minute you duck through a few large buildings where you don’t feel the sun and then its friggen freezing! I have been trying to take good care of  my skin (like I always do), but despite some decent efforts to amp up the hydration, I have been striking out… The passed couple of days I have had to go into overdrive with keeping my skin plump and resistant to the cold. I have had to start curtailing my hyper pigmentation serums and cleansers in order to add in more hydrating layers. I have rounded up a handful of items that I have been calling on to help me out! If anyone has ANY further suggestions – I WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN ARMS.

FullSizeRender (6)

Lierac – Huile Sensorielle

I know I frequently talk about how happy I am that La Roche Posay, Vichy and Lierac have made their ways to CVS shelves. I picked this up when it first came into my local CVS and always have one in my stash. Its $40…and you don’t get a whole lot, however, I swear by this. It’s very comforting and smells quite herbal without a big flower bouquet. There is something very comforting about this oil. I love waking up in the morning in a big comfy sweater and smelling this left over on my skin. I use it all year round. I even put it in my face and hair if I am really in for a pamper. I am almost out! I think this weekend I am going to pick up another one.

Dr. Hauschka – Eye Balm

I discovered this last winter which was the winter from hell. I started to get these little eczema patches underneath my eyes and they were so raw. I had to really try to relax when they would start to itch. The thing about the under eye area is that it is so delicate and I also have quite dark circles already so when these patches arise, it really stresses me out. ANYWAYS, I bought this balm because of how thick it is. If I use this I try to use no eye shadow and only waterproof mascara. It helps provide some hydration and soothes but also protects. It’s a yellow balm that sort of sits on top of the skin but does blend well with an equally thick concealer. The only thing is you just need to wash your brushes more frequently when blending this. Your brushes can become quite oily.

Caudalie – Moisturizing Toner

Holy Grail. So nice. So gentle. Does exactly what it says. When my skin needs that extra hit of something soft and soothing I always grab this. I remember I had a bacterial infection on my face about three years ago and this stuff was just so great. It’s not stripping whatsoever.

La Roche Posay – Toleraine Ultra

What is so fabulous about this is that it is for face and eyes. Last winter I used this in conjunction with my Dr. Hauschka. I just love this. I think I am pre-disposed to rosacea. Ever since I was a little kid my face was always BRIGHT red after being outside or working out. I blush very easily and get hives on my chest even if I feel that I am talking to somebody for too long or if I have a glass of wine on an empty stomach. It’s very weird because I get so dark in the summertime and am SO Italian so this is a very odd thing that I have tried to tackle my whole life. This cream calms everything down and  is a great base for makeup. It’s a little bit thick but sinks in quite quickly and is fragrance free. This is great for everyone – I think even oily skin.

Weleda – Skin Food

This is a pretty new purchase for me. For $8.99 how the hell was I going to walk away from this? It is very like my eye balm. Very thick, smells very woody and herbal. I put this right on the high points of my cheeks and the perimeter of my face because for some reason that is where you can see the majority of my pores? WTF? I even rub this on my elbows and cuticles before bed. It’s great for your purse and bedside table.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Moonstone

I have had this since I graduated college – 3 years ago. When I finish this it will be a very very sad day, but she is still going strong. This for me just helps add some life to my face. In the winter I will mix this in with my foundation and my day oil for a friggen glow. This helps bring me from drab to fab. YOU NEED LITERALLY A QUARTER OF A PUMP. NO MORE.


Of course. I put this on my feet and put on my thickest socks. I know there is the whole paraben/mineral oil/synthetic debate out there and how this shit is just all bad and blah blah blah. I get it. However, there is no product that will ever touch Vaseline. When all else fails, I go in with this. My feet are always a mess from Spin and all the walking I do living in the city…Vaseline always makes a difference. I love putting this stuff on mixed with some cream or oil after I exfoliate. Plus its scentless and just so cheap.

I Love Thursdays! (also a primer you need)

Good morning everyone!

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and I reset it for 7:00 instead. I hardly ever do that, but today I did and no f*%#$ were even  considered. You know those days you just love the warmth of your bed and can’t let it go like a first born? …that was me. After I got up I didn’t bother to rush to get ready and I even went to Starbucks. I just needed the slower morning today!

Anyways the purpose of this post is to discuss a ground breaking primer by Becca….The Backlight Primer. Holy cow. AMAZING. I went to Sephora in pursuit for a foundation and walked out with this bad boy instead and just a sample of a foundation. The sample of the foundation I had was by Becca and it was their matte and poreless foundation which I thought was going to so not work for me but I actually do like it ESPECIALLY under the primer.


If you have any kind of skin type, I think you will enjoy this option. It blurred out my redness a little bit and made the tops of my cheekbones look glowy – even without a highlighter application. It did not do much for my acne bits but then again by acne is a lifelong saga that I will save for another time, so I let this criterion slide.

Backlight in total is great for a radiation boost. It is lighter than my Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and is a bit more subtle but MORE hydrating. The gel/serum like consistency could work well for summer or winter. If you can get yourselves a sample somewhere, please do…you will end buying a full size. I guarantee it. I think if you were to mix it in with a foundation that is usually your summer color, you can achieve a perfect shade (just an idea).


The price of $38 I know is steep, however, compared to other high end brands, this is right in the middle of the price range.  The bottle is this translucent glass that does not make it great for travel, but looks pretty on my makeup table (aka my desk that has morphed into a makeup haven).


Thank you for reading everyone

Hill xo