NYC Koreatown Haul – The Face Shop and Tony Moly

I finally have gotten around to writing my skincare haul from Koreatown in NYC. I feel as if this shopping experience was meant to happen. Our hotel was on Madison and East 31st.  and I was so fortunate that The Face Shop and Tony Moly were so close. The shops were about a street away from my hotel and little further west. On Saturday when my family and I arrived to NYC we got settled in the hotel, had some pizza (duh) and then headed straight to downtown. After we had decided to head back to the hotel and relax before dinner…I took a quick nap…ditched my mom (I had kind of figured she wasn’t going to be that interested in this little endeavor I had planned) and then headed out. I had looked online to find some hidden Asian skincare stores in NYC and Face Shop had come highly recommended. I also went to Tony Moly which was on the same street and had no idea it was even over there so I of course popped in! The stores in Koreatown are just stacked one on top of the other. You look up a building and you see all different stores on such high floors. Also, some of the smells were just amazing. LOTS of awesome sushi places and I wish I could have gone into all of them!

I will say, I was very proud of myself for discovering these gems, executing the walk over there (without getting lost) and just enjoying something that was for ME only! I think that is part of the traveling spirit I have. I sometimes want to be alone and see what I want to see instead of people being like “OH LOOK OVER THERE!! THAT LOOKS COOL”…no…I want to look up, look down, stop and window shop on my own small excursion. Maybe some of you are the same and maybe some of you are like “Damn, this girl is FREAKING CRAZY”…but it’s those little moments that you lead yourself to experience that you treasure the most.

But! Here is a pic of everything I bought.


The Face Shop Chia Seed Water ~ I squirted this on the back of my hand and it was over. It is an essence and is used after your toner as a hit of hydration. It is quite liquidy for an essence but I love the effect. The smell is natural, and quite dull but I think it is a good edition. Maybe not for every morning, but at night I think taking more time for your skincare is essential…ITS SELF CARE PEOPLE.


The Face Shop Blan Clouding White Moisture Serum ~ I needed a new hydrating serum and this one was relatively cheap, light and since I was in NYC I was all about making this purchase. I have to say – I love it. It is not greasy, does not irritate my skin and works so well under my other creams and makeup! I am so happy I found this!


The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream ~ The only thing that I can think of is that this reminds me of Pond’s. It’s cooling, soft and does not irritate my skin. This stuff was $8 and they had a ton of different options for these creams. I don’t think this is a holy-grail cleansing cream and it is not a good option for removing eye make-up but after a long day, getting something that is refreshing on the face feels all kinds of right.


Tony Moly Gold 24k Mask ~ Gold. Face mask. Done. I saw it. Had to have it. Put it in the basket. Wham bam thank you m’am. I used this right as soon as I returned to the hotel for a bit of radiance boosting. It is supposed to tone and give you a bright eyed effect and supposedly does have some gold in it…? I have to use this a little bit more to see if I like what it does, but for starters – no irritation.


Tony Moly Timeless Placenta Hydrogel Mask ~ I should have bought multiple of these because now I am waiting for that right time to use this…do I do it before an event…do I do it on a Friday night pamper session…AHHH!!!!!! Look at that packaging. I love hydrating masks and am always on the quest to find the perfect one. Maybe this will be it! For $6 I had to buy it.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask ~ This was a shoein…teehee. My feet have been just God awful.giphy

I think that after my next pedicure that I will use this to keep my heels smooth and maybe cut down on my blisters from refilling up with fluid…I’M SORRY. BUT WHEN YOU WALK HOME DRUNK ONCE AND THEN GET BLOOD BLISTERS THEY ARE REALLY HARD TO GET RID OF WHEN YOU ARE ATHLETIC AND STILL GRAB YOUR SEXY SHOES FOR WORK. OK? Ok. Anyways! I wish I had bought two of these as well. I promise you I will report back on this one. We gotta make serious love to our feet…they support our weight and do a lot!


So there is my Asian skincare roundup when I was in NYC. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. A little humor…a little self exploration…and a whole lot of dough spent on stuff we rub on our bodies to feel good. Can I get a hell yea??!?!?!

Thanks for reading!

XO Hill


Monday Blues


Hey people. I hate Mondays…still. I had a pretty decent weekend but still have not felt 100% cured from my cold…Still very phlegmy. I  started my weekend off with a killer workout on Friday night. My roommate and I did a mix of HIIT like start jumps, mountain climbers and burpees and then did some good core work and weights for the arms. On Saturday we walked from our apartment to Beacon Hill. It’s a little bit of a trek but it was a nice, cold day with nothing planned until later. We ended up at Sephora and I can’t say I wasn’t a naughty girl! UGHHHHH. ZERO WILLPOWER. On Saturday night my roommate and I went out to Brahmin for a birthday party which was quite fun and luckily since we were with an event we had to only wait in the small line. For those of you that live in Boston that ever go to Brahmin, you literally have to start your pregame at 3:00pm in order to get there without a huge ass line! It’s one of those places that always has a line and it takes like 2 hours to get through it. Yesterday was nice and relaxing! My roommate and I headed over to her mom’s place in the Seaport and she made us food all day long as the Pats played. We mostly napped and ate and moved from the bed to the couch…lol so sad

Here are some pics below! Everyone have a great week!


The nachos my roommate’s mother made us!!!

FullSizeRender (10)

Le Purchases…squeal



Monday Blues

Another beginning of the week. I hope everyone has been enjoying the start of this autumn weather… I know I am. I have worn booties once and I currently am writing this to you all bundled up in my favorite black scarf. This weekend for me was pretty good. I feel like I might be getting sick, so I tried to relax as much as I could (so I obviously got a pedi and paid for the extra massage and callus remover…oh yea and I got my hair did). I taught spin four times last week and I went for a 4 mile run yesterday and surprisingly I felt quite loose…no tightness in my hips, no sensations in my IT band, which is great. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a bar for the latter half of the Pats game and went in on some nachos and wings. I drove to work this AM from Rhode Island, and it was a brutal commute with the traffic but thankfully and unthankfully, I have spin tonight so I can get right into my workout groove. Even though I am still tired today and want to just cuddle up under my cube and take a nap, I know that after a good sweat sesh tonight I will feel like my week has officially started!  I hope everyone had a little fun and got to relax! I’ll be back later this week. Here are a few pics for ya!

This is my childhood bed. I still love coming home and laying in it.

This is my childhood bed. I still love coming home and laying in it.

image2 (5)

I swear by Kombucha. The chia seeds are great for your GI tract and this stuff is packed with antioxidants. Plus it serves a nice post-breakfast snack.

image3 (5)

I randomly picked up this gloss by Rimmel… In love. I bought it in the shade Blushing Belgraves.

Andddd I caved and bought these from Banana. The peep toe, the bootie, the buckle…I just couldn’t help myself.

Thanks for reading everyone! Talk soon!

Hill XO

The Updated Face Routine

Happy Friggen Friday!

I have an updated base routine to share with you all. With fall swooping in sort of quickly this year I have already started to change up my routine a little bit. Below is my current regimen/chat/review of products.


Don’t mind my glass desk….Sorry it looks like my bronzer has a plug coming out of it…

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I first was introduced to this brand while gallivanting the isles of Target about a year ago. I had never seen so many products in a brand dedicated to hydration. The first product I picked up by Laniege was their Balancing Emulsion, which is amazing. It is lightweight, does not make me shiny and does just the trick to top off my skincare routine. Not to mention, the value is unreal. I am still making my way through the bottle. So, when I started to see the bottom of the pot of my Fresh Rose Mask (so overrated, I cannot believe I spent that much money on that product and cannot believe they are repackaging it  for its 15th anniversary) I remembered I saw this ‘sleeping mask’ and zoomed over in my VW Golf (it’s a diesel….the travesty…I know…When I eventually trade it in, its literally going to be worth $5) to pick it up at my local Target. Let’s just say….this product is a holy grail. It’s a gel like formula that is very nourishing, fast absorbing and of course hydrating. I have  been using it every 2 or 3 nights and it just sets me up for my base the next day so well. It is 23 bucks…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go claim yours!!!


Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer

I have had this for a few months and picked it up randomly. I did not go to Sephora on the prowl for it. I saw it…liked it…put it in my basket and it stayed there until check out. After seeing it, I knew I needed to have it. It’s nourishing, hydrating, and smoothes everything out. I love this stuff and will absolutely repurchase.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Ok. I know I am kind of late to the party with this. Makeupbytiffanyd and Viviannadoesmakeup have raved about this CC Cream and I just caved. I’ve had it for about a month and just adore it. What I like about it is I do not have to really put concealer on and it applies better with fingers than a brush. It smells of lemons and is very blendable….almost velvety. The color rang is minimal but this stuff is so good that I would still use it in the wintertime mixed with something lighter. I wear the color Tan and it suits me perfectly right now. It helps enhance my post summer glow and still lets my skin show through. The pump action is perfect for travel and the tube will last awhile.


Here is the before and after with just the CC Cream. I love this stuff. I gotta work on my resting bitch face/deer in headlights. No laughing.

IMG_6220 IMG_6221

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer

Need I say more? I have been using this as a contour. I have been applying it in the hollows of my cheeks, forehead and jaw to get a little subtle definition. It’s so natural looking so working with a slightly heavier hand won’t hurt you. I have been going straight in with this bronzer after my CC Cream and have not needed to powder prior, which I love. Everyone’s skin is different, which I totally get, but with this bronzer being so high quality, I doubt people will have a tough time!

MAC Blush Whole Lotta Love

My favorite blush. It looks a little intimidating but gives me a bright peachy, pink look. It brightens my whole face. I don’t care if people think when they see me, “Oh she has blush on” I just don’t want people to think, “Damn, CHILL Raggedy Anne”. If I was on a deserted island I would bring blush and lip gloss…Forget bronzer, blush is what is going to make you look alive and well. Anyways, this blush has lasted me forever and is so pigmented. I use a very light hand with this and sweep it on the apples of my cheeks and try to focus it there so it doesn’t interfere with the contouring. I use this blush in the winter and in the summer. In the winter time it gives me a more flushed look and in the summer it looks like a touch of sunburn in the most glamorous and adorable way possible.


MAC Prep and Prime Fix + Yuzu

Ugh. Love this setting spray. I only use it after I apply my makeup  to help everything set in. I am still in love with this stuff. If you do not have a setting spray, go get one… and if you do have one PICK THIS UP. It just takes that edge off…I know I wrote in a previous post about this, so keep scrolling to find it!

And here was the final look. I of course did some brow work and did my eyes but this post was strictly to talk about DA FACE. Base is something I am so passionate about since I have suffered from cystic acne the past few years after college and I finally feel like I am getting back into a glow-y groove here. I am loving that I can lighten up on the concealer and head out with just a BB, CC or light foundation. BTW – I definitely should have did my hair for the day and THEN took this photo! Yikes. Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks for reading. I will be back next week

Hill XO

The Underestimated L’Oreal Liner

Featured image

I started wearing eye liner on my upper lids probably in 9th grade but made it sort of my signature look in college. In high school, I would curl the crud out of my lashes and use only waterproof mascara and go sans liner. By the time I was in college, I grew tired of the pressure I was putting on my eye balls to fully cleanse my eyes and started only curling the tips of my lashes and ditching the waterproof routine. Because I was eliminating that big wide eyed effect by not curling like a maniac, I felt that liquid upper eyeliner was a great addition to my regimen. I must say that mastering that winged look was not very hard for me. I thoroughly enjoyed (and still do) trying out different brands. Of course I had those days where my flick literally touched the tail of my eyebrow and the liner pretty much covered my whole lid, but sometimes we just have those days. I know you all feel me.. See pic below…

Now, I will admit I did jump on the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner bandwagon, but I will NOT repurchase. I truly believe that drugstore liners are just as good and I am talking about L’Oreal specifically, however I will admit that, I do want to purchase the Estee Lauder Little Black Liner since its double ended (such a sucker for shit like that). But anyways, the liner I want to inform you all about is the L’Oreal Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner. I bought it in a pinch. The nib is quite thick and I thought before I used it “Great…Hillary why didn’t you just buy an eyeliner you had purchased before? Of course you picked up the liner with the thick ass point. This is going to go from classy to crack whore in about three seconds”. I’m glad I told my a$$hole inner thoughts to be quiet because this stuff rocks. The thick point made it quite easy to get close to my lashes. I was able to really use the point to keep things smooth and even.

image4 (5)image3 (3)

image5 (5)

Because the formula is a little bit drier and dries matte, I felt that I had more control over the product. The flick which is where I tend to have issues, was almost effortless to make. I used the tip to map out my angle and then rolled it onto its side to help make that sort of swoosh to join up the tail and lid. It lasts all day. I went to a spin class after work and it STAYED PUT. 10 points for Hufflepuff on that one.  Here are some early AM selfies of the look I did with it. Do not judge my lifeless face…I needed another cup of coffee and a cheese omelet.  It’s about the eyes, OK?

image1 (4)


WELL that is it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thanks for reading