Drugstore Primers I’m In Love With


Let’s get to business (to defeat the Huns…awful joke…Mulan? Anyone? Bueller?)

I am here to report to you all about two primers that I have found at Target that I’m in love with. I’ll admit that when I first bought these that they just were sittin’ pretty on my desk but over the last month or so I have been alternating the between the two and can’t be bothered with anything else.

First up is Pixi’s Glow Mist. When I bought this I didn’t even know if I would ever use it but I was intrigued. One day after using my prescription retinol cream the nigh before, my chin and forehead were all flaky. My skin is super sensitive to retinol so I generally us the smallest amount and still see results but with the flakes. I sort of freaked out and so I quickly exfoliated to get rid of all the dead skin and I grabbed this Glow Mist to give me a boost. It did wonders. Since argan oil is a little bit thicker in its consistency, I thought it gave me a nice dewy look without putting on drops of oil. I think this provided a great canvas for me to work in foundation and other products as well as combat against potential dryness. Also, since we are well into spring here in the Northeast and the humidity is already starting up, I have been liking this mist instead of a hydrating serum. It does just enough to hit me with moisture without┬átaking a long time to settle in. If you have oily skin that tends to be dehydrated but you air on the side of caution with moisture serums, give this a whirl! I can’t put it down. I have been even spritzing my face during the day if I feel dry.

The second primer in rotation is NYX’s Honey Dew Me Up. Ok. This stuff packs some serious longevity into my regimen. It’s a little sticky at first but sinks right in and smooths everything over. My blush looks so good all day long and I get this lovely glowing effect in areas like my forehead and fatty parts of my cheeks that give me that fully rested look. One of my favorite things about it is that when I rub it in, it’s very cooling so I think it also depuffs a little bit. The honey is antimicrobial and helps nourish at the same time. This is super gentle on my skin and I am slightly obsessed. The packaging is so cute and I just love the name of it – very Tarte and TooFaced-esque. The past few times that I have gone home to RI this goes into my Kate Spade travel bag.

Thanks you guys for reading! These budget friendly options are sure to not disappoint. If you are in the market for priming, I would give these two options a go. I think if you are a make up fanatic you should definitely spring for both since they are different!

Hill XO