Monday Blues

Hello everyone! Here we are…another Monday. I am happy to report that I slept quite well last night after a few nights of inconsistent sleep due to the fact that my roommate and I are babysitting a cat right now and let’s just say she’s always a bit hungry! Luckily she did not sleep with me last night, so I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to her kneading my chest or meowing in my face for food. She is adorable I will say and is quite suave but at night this little princess loves attention.

This weekend I went to my boyfriend’s mother’s house for dinner with my mom and stepdad and it was a blast. We played a WHOLE deck of Cards Against Humanity. It was a very informative session for the three baby boomers that were there…HOWEVER, I did not realize how sick my mom and my boyfriend’s mother were. They won the game? One card that I always try to get is the one that says “Rush Limbaugh’s soft, shitty body”. I don’t know why I find that one to be absolutely hilarious but I do!

I received my Barre Conditioning certification through Boston Sports Club this weekend which was SO HARD. We started off with the master class which was 55 minutes. After we had learned various aspects of the format we were all supposed to do a private assessment with the teacher but instead he decided that we all had to do the 45 minute format instead…I was kind of happy since I did not really want to do a private assessment but I also was not happy to go through another 45 minutes of work but the second time we did it was a good eye-opener for other ways to teach. His cues were hilarious! He would say things like, “Crack those nuts ladies” when we were pulsing with the small balls between our legs. He also said “Boobs to Jesus” when we were doing some arm work. He was so entertaining to say the least but had no reservations when  correcting our  form. Of course I struggled to tuck my tail which was a sign of my tight hips (shocker). These types of certifications are so fun because everyone wants to be there and they are so challenging not only physically but mentally. One thing that I do loathe is the feeling of being OVERWHELMED with information. You sort of second guess yourself and think “Ok… do I really want to do this”? It is all sort of thrown at you and I think the best thing to do is just let it marinate…that’s just my two cents. When I was certified in Spin, I remember being quite stressed about bike setup, being safe, heart rate zones, etc… but sometimes you have to just let your own personality and format let all of those things unfold in your own special way.

I don’t really have a ton of pics from this weekend but here are a couple below! I will be back soon!!!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO

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This is myself, my roommate and my roommate’s sister doing sheet masks on a Thursday night. We had a blast. We had dinner and then slapped these babies on for a nice little pamper.


This is a cute table that we have positioned at the bottom of our stairs of our apartment. It looked so cute the other night when I walked by it.


The newest addition to my shoes. I saw these and they screamed NYE, I love the pump, the color, the strap and they are so comfortable. I am going to wear them in a couple of weeks for a wedding!


Just snyped these puppies from Athleta. I liked the tasteful mesh. And has anyone seen LuLuLemon’s prices lately? YEA! RIDICULOUS. I bought these on sale and cannot wait to wear them.