Monday Blues

Happy Monday to all of you. I woke up to lots of snow this AM here in Boston and the commute was quite treacherous! This week I am back to my normal schedule…Now that I am in the third week of my job, my spin classes will start back up again and I feel a little more regimented.

I had a great weekend. I went out for dinner with my boyfriend on Saturday night and also saw my family this weekend.I love having time to play and then quality family time. I was also made such a happy girl because my dog seems to have finally healed from his hip displacement that happened on Christmas. We finally have him out of the cage and he seems to not limp around as much and just seems SO much more joyful. When I went to see him I got a lot of licks and he received a lot of tummy scratches.

Here are a few pics for all of you! I think I am going to upload a current wishlist this week. There is so much out there right now that I want to try and replenish! I hope everyone has a great week.

Thanks for reading.

XO Hill

FullSizeRender (1)

My current flowers. Not the prettiest or most plentiful but they are cheerful 


My little Henry! So cute. 


I reorganized my desk this weekend. It desperately needed some love! 


It was the most bizarre weather yesterday. Snow – rain  sun – wind. I kind of loved it! 


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