Monday Blues


I hope everyone in the Northeast enjoyed another beautiful winter weekend…cold and sunshine. I just love it! 35 degrees for me just makes me feel so alive and it is just SUCH great sleeping weather. I actually have had some difficulty staying asleep lately and the colder than normal temps I think help me. I am shamefully a nude sleeper because I just GET TOO HOT. I would like to think this is because I am in good shape but it could “just be me”. I also always have to pee in the middle of night which is definitely attributed to the 5-6 liters of water I drink a day!

But anyways! This week I have a couple of good posts planned for you all that I think you all will enjoy! 🙂

Before I start my new job I am going to try to spend a little extra time on myself (and probably some money) so I will hopefully be getting some more substantial posts to slip into your feeds! I have only a couple of things for you all to nosh on today.

I found this one very interesting article from I have really taken a liking to this website because it really covers everything in fun, original articles. Anyone of any age, fitness level or fitness interest can find something here that can speak to them. The link I included is so interesting and speaks about how fat loss can be linked to the quality and quantity of your sleep, how more cardio does not mean more weight loss and ultimately how your food cravings can be impacted by your workout routine. I clicked on this because I will be honest – I am trying to lose weight but I STRUGGLE. I have no more than 6 drinks a week (that’s even a stretch), I teach spin three nights a week and I eat MOSTLY healthy…but that back fat and pooch still hang around. I do think that my amount of spinning plays a role because its such a calorie burner but then I am starving – like so friggen hungry after class. I wish I could lift more, but finding the time is SO difficult when you work 40 hours a week, are in grad school, are balancing family and a long distance relationship and are already at the gym for 45 minutes sweating your ass off… I need to revamp my schedule and find out how to get in more strength and make it to actual yoga classes without doing them at my home! I am determined to cut some of the bloat and look good this summer!


A much needed dirty martini after work on Friday 


My eyeshadow look all weekend…. gold shimmer and liner! Easy and stays put 

Thank you everyone for reading!

Have a great week


One thought on “Monday Blues

  1. It’s all about the choices you make in the kitchen and has nothing to do with exercise…in my opinion!! Diet really makes a huge difference in fighting the bulge! I am with you on the water…I’ve got my big pink jug sipping on it now 🙂 🙂


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