Monday Blues

Monday? Is that you? Again? OYEEEEEE

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was low key and sort of busy. On Friday night I went home to RI to see my family for dinner and stayed on Saturday as well. Sunday morning I got on the road back to Boston at 6:30AM for a Spin workshop at Boston Sports Club which was about class design, heart rate and cadence. It was super informative but the master instructor’s music WAS GOD AWFUL. I’m sorry  but i Just cannot get motivated by Sarah McLachlan’s “Adia” set to a wicked techno beat. I almost started laughing. Am I immature…probably…but I don’t care. We even did jumps to “Field of Gold” by Sting…I am pretty sure my ears were still bleeding when I left.

Anyways…..I did get my haircut. The sides of my hair just don’t grow like they used to and it’s like my hair is totally different in the back than in the front. In the back there is more weight and just looks healthier while my sides just always look dead. I use It’s a Ten which is such a miracle product and I also use some oil for my ends to keep things coated. I will say my hair makes me feel very self conscious. Every female in my family has thin hair and for me, I love being blonde and having a great blowout but the health of my hair is completely sacrificed. Having short hair is much easier to style and it looks great with some bed head curls! About two years ago I started washing my hair about two days a week which I think has helped its health tremendously. I also think that the water in Boston is just not that great? IDK.

I have minimal photos for all of you today since I spent a lot of my time relaxing with family or doing homework for my finance class! I didn’t even watch the awards last night!


The new hurrrrr


Burger by B Good – amazing, all natural heaven.

I hope everyone has a great week and I will be back!

Hill XO


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