Monday Blues


I know I was MIA last week. It was just a killer for me….I had almost no time for myself and was struggling to keep my head afloat. Work was busy and I taught a lot of spin. I went to Portland, Maine for the weekend with Nate and we had such a great time. The timing of the trip could not have been any more perfect – After my tough week, I definitely needed some time with my counterpart.

I think my pictures will make up for the lack of blogging from last week including some make-up pics and lots of shots of food! I hope everyone enjoys my little captions. I enjoyed doing my hair every day and putting on some nice makeup for sightseeing and just being out and about…ain’t no rest for the wicked!


Adorable “kitchen shelf” in one of the hotel’s restaurants. So rustic and organic but home-y. I was in love.


The hotel we stayed at was called “Press” and it used to be an old newspaper factory that was converted into this Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. It was all decorated with words and tons of printing paraphernalia. It was quite the gem. 


Our  first drink at the hotel before dinner reservations. This photo was taken at their Inkwell bar. 


IThe kitchen of the most amazing restaurant called Fore Street. It was the first restaurant of its kind  with a focus on “farm to table” offerings. It was outrageously expensive but worth ever single penny. If you are ever in the area – this is an absolute must. We saw one of Nate’s cousin’s and his family and they said that Fore Street put Porland on the map for culinary excellence. It was one of the best meals of my life.  The picture does not do it justice.


My Maine oyster selection. Those meaty ones on the left were very bright with a lot of brine. I don’t even use the mignonette…just a little lemon and get to slurpin’


Even though we were stuffed we took chocolates to go. DUH.


Lemon curd french toast with little blueberries and a honey mead mimosa. Don’t be fooled – I had a full eggs dish along with all of this.


Enjoying our last meal before heading home


Our last meal was at DuckFat – holy shit. The heaviest dishes in the world. Everything is “infused” with truffle or something decadent. These fries were called “Poutine” which are fries with cheese, scallions all sitting above a layer of liquid duck fat. So decadent! French fries are my passion and these checked off all of my fries expectations.


I didn’t even know I was taking this good of a picture of him. I could barely see because the sun was in my eyes and he is just so statuesque. Love him.


This was my make up look for the weekend…. warm brown eyes and blush in the color “Stubborn” by MAC. A must have for us blush fanatics. My hair looks TERRIBLE in this shot. I have been really liking not wearing eye liner but keeping everything smudged. 


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