LORAC Nude Necessities

This weekend I made a trip to Ulta to see my long lost brand – Lorac. Since Lorac is not in Sephora anymore I always feel the need to make a Lorac purchase when I go to Ulta. I have a Lorac palette which is the Unzipped offering and I am borderline obsessed, so when I saw this sexy, sleek Nude Necessities, I just had to have it. I love light browns because they are great for everything. I also liked how a lot of these were quite cool toned. I would say they are not as pigmented as my unzipped palette but the array of choices does not displease. These are great for day time and look lovely layered over a cream eyeshadow. Even though some are described as matte online, they all really do have this dimensional look to them. My favorite: The lower left hand corner…it’s got some shimmer and dimension. I have really been enjoying wearing it during the day.

The one thing I do loathe about this palette is that the names of the colors stink! Nothing sexy like “Foxy Brown”. The packaging doesn’t even include names, you have to go to the Ulta website to see them so I didn’t even bother including them but I swatched each row from left to right on my arms. I also included a couple of lighting options to see the colors in.

If you are in the market for some nice browns without breaking the bank ($30) look no further than right here!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO



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