Spin Playlist and Choreography

Hello everyone. Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to do a quick post about my current Spin routine and what is going on in my Spin-head and my Spin-world. I will say that I have had a little bit of difficulty with making my playlists the past couple of weeks. While I love my regulars and they love me right back, I sometimes get nervous compiling playlists and deviating away from what we ‘normally do’. I make a new playlist for EVERY SINGLE CLASS. There is just so much music in the world and I think life is too short to play the same playlist over and over again.  Because of a typical song’s structure, I love interval rides. A verse builds up to the chorus and I like my choreography to mimic that. I like having the rest during the verse and push during the chorus. It’s a tangible idea for indoor riders.

So of course this past week I of course did an interval ride but I chose songs without a lot of fast transitions. Of course we did our jumps but we didn’t do tap backs. I did isolations which I love (hips, knees, low back and ankle health permitting for many) as well. The jumps were a solid, slower 4 count and our standing climbs were really built up. It was such a challenging class and the format was a little bit different but people loved it. We did a lot of moderate resistance (medium hills) before we did one killer of a hill which integrated maximum resistance with a standing climb and ended with sprints. I just love mixing in some speed with medium tension because when those sprints come at the tail end, you are so ready. Your legs have been heavy a lot of the time. Your body is craving a transition to something quicker.

I loved also coaching this ride. Because I wasn’t counting too much and transitions were easy I took a different angle with my cueing. Instead of counting down a lot I took some of the counting out of it and would give more colorful descriptions of when we needed to add resistance or pick up the pace. It’s a lot to change your intuitive coaching behavior but it can resonate more with some people and appreciate a different side to your style.

Here is the playlist below.


Thanks for reading everyone

Hill XO


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