Monday Blues

Happy Monday everyone! This Monday I am writing this blog post from RI in my childhood bed. Yesterday I was about to drive back up to Boston and I accidentally filled my gas tank up with regular gas instead of diesel. YEA. Awesome. So – luckily I didn’t start the car and I only needed half a tank but it is still a $450 job to repair the fuel pump (or whatever it’s called). Even though I am greatly enjoying my lazy Monday (which I definitely think I needed) I feel very bad about missing work. I hate mssing work even when I am sick. I just always feel so guilty.

Either way, I did have a great weekend and I made a few purchases as well. Most of them are repurchases – like the stickies and the epsom salts, but there were a couple of new things that I bought. I will post a picture below, but I won’t be doing an in depth review. However I will say that the L’Oreal Lumi Compact Foundation is PRETTY AWESOME. So happy I made that purchase. Also, I will mention the Aura Cacia Shower Tablets in Eucalyptus. I love the way Eucalyptus smells and these tablets truly make the shower a spa like experience. I highly recommend using them!

FullSizeRender (5).jpg


A to die for lobster roll from my favorite place – The Matunuck Oyster Bar


My curly haired look for date night


Brunch with a view! 

Thank you everyone for reading and I will be back this week!

Hill XO


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