Monday Blues

Monday? Is that you? Again? OYEEEEEE

How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was low key and sort of busy. On Friday night I went home to RI to see my family for dinner and stayed on Saturday as well. Sunday morning I got on the road back to Boston at 6:30AM for a Spin workshop at Boston Sports Club which was about class design, heart rate and cadence. It was super informative but the master instructor’s music WAS GOD AWFUL. I’m sorry  but i Just cannot get motivated by Sarah McLachlan’s “Adia” set to a wicked techno beat. I almost started laughing. Am I immature…probably…but I don’t care. We even did jumps to “Field of Gold” by Sting…I am pretty sure my ears were still bleeding when I left.

Anyways…..I did get my haircut. The sides of my hair just don’t grow like they used to and it’s like my hair is totally different in the back than in the front. In the back there is more weight and just looks healthier while my sides just always look dead. I use It’s a Ten which is such a miracle product and I also use some oil for my ends to keep things coated. I will say my hair makes me feel very self conscious. Every female in my family has thin hair and for me, I love being blonde and having a great blowout but the health of my hair is completely sacrificed. Having short hair is much easier to style and it looks great with some bed head curls! About two years ago I started washing my hair about two days a week which I think has helped its health tremendously. I also think that the water in Boston is just not that great? IDK.

I have minimal photos for all of you today since I spent a lot of my time relaxing with family or doing homework for my finance class! I didn’t even watch the awards last night!


The new hurrrrr


Burger by B Good – amazing, all natural heaven.

I hope everyone has a great week and I will be back!

Hill XO

Friday’s Fitness Faves

Good afternoon, everybody. Thank the Lord it is Friday. I got my nails done at lunch and have a whole new perspective on life afterwards…funny how that happens after a little pamper session at the end of the week. I figured I would share with all of you some fitness favorites and send you all off with maybe a couple of inspiring moves, tunes and ideas!

Thanks for reading!!

Hill XO

Forearm Stand

I have been working on getting myself into a forearm handstand for quite some time. It is frustrating that every time I get up I get into the pose for less than half a second, I fall. However, yoga is about exploring that fall and welcoming it. I recently came upon this article by Pop Sugar with great poses to help you get ready for a forearm stand. I plan on working on this this weekend a little bit. Here is the article if anyone is interested. I love being upside down and I do enjoy working for it.

Early Morning Workouts 

I go through phases with early morning workouts…There are stretches of months where I can’t even fathom getting out of bed before the scheduled time and then there are weeks where getting up 1-2 days a week to work out is no problem. The past two weeks I have gotten up early either on Thursday or Friday to do my own workout – no spin. I find that sometimes when I am at work I get too excited to work out and rush off as soon as the clock strikes 5 and I sort of enjoy the quietness in the morning. In the morning I do feel slightly rushed but then I make sure that I really push it or cut down on the rest time. I am trying to work on going before work because I would like to run a 10 mile road race this summer and getting over and complete in the AM is my preference since getting a glass of wine after work on a hot day is a TOP priority for me!

Favorite Workout Move/s

When I was in Portland I woke up and went to the gym on Saturday morning. The hotel had a pretty decent workout room and so I thought I would sneak in a workout since I knew we were going to be eating all day long. There was a TRX  there which was PERFECT because I have been hitting that shit up for abs! GIRLLLLL, I am always so sore afterwards. My lower abs in particular always feel like they got a good ass whoopin’. These exercises ramp up your typical plank and put some STANK AWN ON IT. I found this little cheat sheet on Pinterest for just some ideas!


Current Favorite Song 

Alex Midi – In the Air Tonight (f. Delacey) Since this is a modern day remake of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” I just automatically loved this. I love the original for a heavy climb and this as well for the same choreography but with a little more beat. I also love the female vocalist. It may not suit everyone but it most certainly gets my blood pumpin’

Favorite Lippy For The Gym

Does anyone remember Revlon’s Colorbursts? Well…when they came out I bought them in almost every single color. The color I have on in this photo is Pink Lemonade. Talk about the most perfect peach/light pink. I have been grabbing this after my spin classes just for some hydration and color. I tend to look very washed out and dead with no makeup on so this light lip adds a little bit of vibrance to my face. Today in the car I found it in my jacket instead of my gym bag and I applied it right away.I was at a stop light and just had to get a selfie in real quick with this color!  I love this stuff!

FullSizeRender (3)

The Full Size Mascara That I Will Buy

For most of you makeup junkies, I’m sure you’re all aware that Marc Jacob’s Film Noir Mascara was offered as a 100 Point Perk this past month. I tend to hoard my points but lunged at this mascara because I am always on the hunt for the bigger, better option. With my lashes my issue is volume. My lashes are pretty spiky but are thick at the roots. Also, they are pin straight. However, I never really look for curling mascaras for some reason. When I picked this up I had no expectations but was BLOWN away. The brush is very thick and has a dip in the middle. I can’t think of a brush that is comparable to but I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by how well it lifted and further volumized my lashes. What I love most is that minimal ‘strokeage’ (if you will) is needed to get a pretty effect. My lashes look a little more flirty and full with a little bit of clump but just the right amount.

I will be picking this up in a full tube. It was worth every use. I thought I should share this with all of you since I know some of us are dedicated to drugstore options or have that perfect mascara routine.

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO

FullSizeRender (1)

Lots of fluff here in them lashes! 

FullSizeRender (2)

Sort of obsessed with the lift! 

Monday Blues


I know I was MIA last week. It was just a killer for me….I had almost no time for myself and was struggling to keep my head afloat. Work was busy and I taught a lot of spin. I went to Portland, Maine for the weekend with Nate and we had such a great time. The timing of the trip could not have been any more perfect – After my tough week, I definitely needed some time with my counterpart.

I think my pictures will make up for the lack of blogging from last week including some make-up pics and lots of shots of food! I hope everyone enjoys my little captions. I enjoyed doing my hair every day and putting on some nice makeup for sightseeing and just being out and about…ain’t no rest for the wicked!


Adorable “kitchen shelf” in one of the hotel’s restaurants. So rustic and organic but home-y. I was in love.


The hotel we stayed at was called “Press” and it used to be an old newspaper factory that was converted into this Marriott Autograph Collection hotel. It was all decorated with words and tons of printing paraphernalia. It was quite the gem. 


Our  first drink at the hotel before dinner reservations. This photo was taken at their Inkwell bar. 


IThe kitchen of the most amazing restaurant called Fore Street. It was the first restaurant of its kind  with a focus on “farm to table” offerings. It was outrageously expensive but worth ever single penny. If you are ever in the area – this is an absolute must. We saw one of Nate’s cousin’s and his family and they said that Fore Street put Porland on the map for culinary excellence. It was one of the best meals of my life.  The picture does not do it justice.


My Maine oyster selection. Those meaty ones on the left were very bright with a lot of brine. I don’t even use the mignonette…just a little lemon and get to slurpin’


Even though we were stuffed we took chocolates to go. DUH.


Lemon curd french toast with little blueberries and a honey mead mimosa. Don’t be fooled – I had a full eggs dish along with all of this.


Enjoying our last meal before heading home


Our last meal was at DuckFat – holy shit. The heaviest dishes in the world. Everything is “infused” with truffle or something decadent. These fries were called “Poutine” which are fries with cheese, scallions all sitting above a layer of liquid duck fat. So decadent! French fries are my passion and these checked off all of my fries expectations.


I didn’t even know I was taking this good of a picture of him. I could barely see because the sun was in my eyes and he is just so statuesque. Love him.


This was my make up look for the weekend…. warm brown eyes and blush in the color “Stubborn” by MAC. A must have for us blush fanatics. My hair looks TERRIBLE in this shot. I have been really liking not wearing eye liner but keeping everything smudged. 

Monday Blues and Foundation Routine

Hello, world. Yes, I am one of those lucky SOB’s that had the day off. God it has been so great. You all must think I am quite lazy since I always seem to be looking for that NEXT day off. Perhaps it is my “work hard play hard” mentality that keeps me yearning for a day to myself! Either way I enjoyed having this extra day so I could literally fit in everything I wanted to this weekend – family, boyfriend, roommate, shopping, workout and food!

I hope everyone enjoyed their own rendition of Valentine’s Day. Even though I do have a boyfriend, I would still celebrate it…it’s about LOVE. Also, it is my mom’s favorite holiday. She sent me a homemade card, polka-dot pink socks and these adorable fingerless gloves…despite her recent health scare (she may have to have a hysterectomy) she still never misses a beat with this sort of stuff. Mom’s are so unbelievable. I am a very very lucky girl. I am fortunate to say that if I am half the woman my mother is I can die happy.

My boyfriend came up to see me and he bought me pink roses…and they were BRIGHT pink. Perfectly planned – I had on a bright pink cashmere sweater and he was so happy that we coordinated. It’s the little things. Also, his card to me was just the friggen sweetest. I cried. I didn’t even cry at my birthday card but I did when I opened this one. The card was so personalized. The illustration, the saying on the inside and then of course Nate’s handwritten note tugged at my heart a little bit. I felt fortunate in that moment!

Also, I got my nails done, got my brows done (long overdue) and my roommate and I went to MAC to take a peek at some of the new releases in the Pink Flamingo collection….maybe I bought a thing or two ;). OBVIOUSLY I did. I will feature a little mini haul this week.

Here are some pictures. I ate a lot and drank a lot but it was with people that I ADORE and that makes it all so worth it to me. Also, our apartment has been quite the botanical garden and I am really enjoying it! Below, I will have my current foundation routine for you all as well.

Thank you for reading

Hill XO


Hanger steak and eggs… sex 


My detox drink of choice! 


My favorite shop in South Boston – Neatly Nested. They had a floral bar and prosecco for Valentine’s weekend. Just so adorable. 


The love table. Roses and card. 

As I told you all last week, I have been really into sponges for blending my face makeup and I wanted to update all of you on what I have currently been doing because I think it has been a little while. In the winter my skin is so fickle lately due to the weather It was -3 here yesterday. Same days things are hanging in there and then there are days where I have these purple patches on my cheeks that take forever to subside from the wind and cold…Finding a perfectly balance is hard!


So first, I use the pink Beauty Blender to apply my face makeup. I have been mixing this L’Oreal Liquid to Powder foundation which I love! I almost finished with it and because it is in my winter color, I would like to use this up completely. I have been mixing this in with my Becca Acqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation. I have the color medium and I use this to mix because it’s gives me color and is very hydrating and keeps everything looking healthy. I can’t wait to use this in the summertime…it is going to look so good with a tan.

Next, I use my Urban Decay concealer and blend that in with my Sephora Collection sponge. It has a smooth, flat side that fits perfectly in my under eye area so blending is seamless. I like to use the bottom side for blending highlighter. It just puts the product right where it needs to go.

Other than what is shown – I hardly use powder because it is the winter and I need that extra boost so this is truly what I have been using the past month or so. I do set my concealer under my eyes a couple of times a week if my eye cream hasn’t sunk in all the way by the time I apply make up for work.

An Ode to the Beauty Blender

I was pretty late to the party with the Beauty Blender trend. I always just thought ‘yea, yea a pink sponge…who cares’. NO. I bought my first one about 4 months and just grab it before any other brush when applying face makeup. I typically use it for foundation and concealer but recently I purchased another sponge with a flat edge and a rounded bottom. I have been using this blue sponge from Sephora Collection for blending concealer and applying highlighter. I prefer to use these wet and everyday is a good skin day when I grab these. The Sephora Collection sponge feels the same to the touch as the Beauty Blender and I actually thought it was from the BB range. Sephora Collection has a few of these sponges that I would love to sort of collect – if you will. I have been gravitating towards sponges because it is just such a thin, beautiful layer of product and if you want more – you can absolutely build. I think my next purchase will be the Real Techniques sponge because I have heard these are very good dupes and are a fraction of the price!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thank you for reading and I’ll be back next week!

Hill XO FullSizeRender

LORAC Nude Necessities

This weekend I made a trip to Ulta to see my long lost brand – Lorac. Since Lorac is not in Sephora anymore I always feel the need to make a Lorac purchase when I go to Ulta. I have a Lorac palette which is the Unzipped offering and I am borderline obsessed, so when I saw this sexy, sleek Nude Necessities, I just had to have it. I love light browns because they are great for everything. I also liked how a lot of these were quite cool toned. I would say they are not as pigmented as my unzipped palette but the array of choices does not displease. These are great for day time and look lovely layered over a cream eyeshadow. Even though some are described as matte online, they all really do have this dimensional look to them. My favorite: The lower left hand corner…it’s got some shimmer and dimension. I have really been enjoying wearing it during the day.

The one thing I do loathe about this palette is that the names of the colors stink! Nothing sexy like “Foxy Brown”. The packaging doesn’t even include names, you have to go to the Ulta website to see them so I didn’t even bother including them but I swatched each row from left to right on my arms. I also included a couple of lighting options to see the colors in.

If you are in the market for some nice browns without breaking the bank ($30) look no further than right here!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO


Monday Blues

I’m a happy girl….we have a snow day today!!!!!!!

Ugh I am so happy. I didn’t realize how much I needed to get done. I did some homework for my grad class, did some laundry, went grocery shopping and plan on doing a little bit of yoga.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. For a winter weekend, the weather was perfection. It was freezing here but so sunny and all the trees look so pretty with snow covering the branches. I walked a lot and ate a lot!

I cannot wait to check in with you guys this week to show you some purchases ;). Sephora in the Prudential Center in Boston just re-opened and it is literally a mecca! It is HUGEEEE and I spent quite a bit of money there and at Ulta this weekend.

Here are some pictures for everyone.

Thanks for reading

Hill Xo


A hazelnut latte with this beautiful design just in time for Valentine’s Day at the Thinking Cup in the North End. My roommate and I walked all the way from Southie to ingest this stuff. CRACK


The boo came up on Sunday just for brunch and some snuggles. Love him


I just love cold sunny days! The view from my favorite place… mahhhh beddd


Bloody Mary’s and Patatas Bravas from Toro. Ughhh so delicious. Flavor profile heaven.


Goat cheese with honey and roasted sesame seeds from Toro. What a treat!

FullSizeRender (8)

Sephora’s fine line liquid liner and busy brows. A sneak peek at what I bought this weekend.

FullSizeRender (7)

Obsessed with this makeup look at the moment 😉

FullSizeRender (6)

These adorable spray roses I just picked up from Whole Foods for my room. These make me so happy.

Spin Playlist and Choreography

Hello everyone. Happy Thursday!

Today I wanted to do a quick post about my current Spin routine and what is going on in my Spin-head and my Spin-world. I will say that I have had a little bit of difficulty with making my playlists the past couple of weeks. While I love my regulars and they love me right back, I sometimes get nervous compiling playlists and deviating away from what we ‘normally do’. I make a new playlist for EVERY SINGLE CLASS. There is just so much music in the world and I think life is too short to play the same playlist over and over again.  Because of a typical song’s structure, I love interval rides. A verse builds up to the chorus and I like my choreography to mimic that. I like having the rest during the verse and push during the chorus. It’s a tangible idea for indoor riders.

So of course this past week I of course did an interval ride but I chose songs without a lot of fast transitions. Of course we did our jumps but we didn’t do tap backs. I did isolations which I love (hips, knees, low back and ankle health permitting for many) as well. The jumps were a solid, slower 4 count and our standing climbs were really built up. It was such a challenging class and the format was a little bit different but people loved it. We did a lot of moderate resistance (medium hills) before we did one killer of a hill which integrated maximum resistance with a standing climb and ended with sprints. I just love mixing in some speed with medium tension because when those sprints come at the tail end, you are so ready. Your legs have been heavy a lot of the time. Your body is craving a transition to something quicker.

I loved also coaching this ride. Because I wasn’t counting too much and transitions were easy I took a different angle with my cueing. Instead of counting down a lot I took some of the counting out of it and would give more colorful descriptions of when we needed to add resistance or pick up the pace. It’s a lot to change your intuitive coaching behavior but it can resonate more with some people and appreciate a different side to your style.

Here is the playlist below.


Thanks for reading everyone

Hill XO

Monday Blues

Happy Monday everyone! This Monday I am writing this blog post from RI in my childhood bed. Yesterday I was about to drive back up to Boston and I accidentally filled my gas tank up with regular gas instead of diesel. YEA. Awesome. So – luckily I didn’t start the car and I only needed half a tank but it is still a $450 job to repair the fuel pump (or whatever it’s called). Even though I am greatly enjoying my lazy Monday (which I definitely think I needed) I feel very bad about missing work. I hate mssing work even when I am sick. I just always feel so guilty.

Either way, I did have a great weekend and I made a few purchases as well. Most of them are repurchases – like the stickies and the epsom salts, but there were a couple of new things that I bought. I will post a picture below, but I won’t be doing an in depth review. However I will say that the L’Oreal Lumi Compact Foundation is PRETTY AWESOME. So happy I made that purchase. Also, I will mention the Aura Cacia Shower Tablets in Eucalyptus. I love the way Eucalyptus smells and these tablets truly make the shower a spa like experience. I highly recommend using them!

FullSizeRender (5).jpg


A to die for lobster roll from my favorite place – The Matunuck Oyster Bar


My curly haired look for date night


Brunch with a view! 

Thank you everyone for reading and I will be back this week!

Hill XO