Monday Blues


I apologize I have been SOMEWHAT MIA. I had a tough week last week. I ended my week with a lovely virus in the form of muscle myalgia/flu thing. I had some gnarly muscle aches in my low back, love handles, hamstrings and trcieps and thought “oh I just overdid it with spin” BUT OH NO…it was a full blown virus. I had a slight stomach ache and took probably 10 baths/showers over a 48 hour period. HELL ON EARTH. I am proud to report though that by Saturday night I felt good. Eating was back to normal. I renewed my CPR/AED certification, went to a Paint Bar and taught my first barre class on Sunday.

I thought when I was sick that I would never feel normal again – that’s how awful it was. Today as I type this I truly realized that when you are sick, you have to always perfect your system to be well. I tried to eat as healthy as could when I was feeling  crappy and I think it helped. Instead of grabbing Soup Secrets with literally 1,000,000 grams of sodium, I opted for blueberries and hot lemon water.

Here are a few snippets from my weekend!

Thanks everyone for reading!

Hill XO


I’m more of a Picasso than a Van Gogh. This is my rough draft of my painting from Paint Bar – Wine and a blank canvas…who would have thought! I had a blast with my friends. 


True story: Stop N Shop in South Boston has the best flowers ever. These roses are stunning in real life. I just chucked flowers that I bought on 12/19/15… AMAZING


I have been really working on my headstands. When you are upside down – you can really just figure shit out. 


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