Current Winter Skin Saviors

Happy Friday to all of you! I hope you all are staying warm and have some cozy plans like watching Making a Murderer he deff did it and cuddling up with your animals or your loved ones.  The passed couple of weeks the weather has really become quite bone chilling in the Northeast – especially in Boston. One minute you are walking down the street and just feel cold, but then the next minute you duck through a few large buildings where you don’t feel the sun and then its friggen freezing! I have been trying to take good care of  my skin (like I always do), but despite some decent efforts to amp up the hydration, I have been striking out… The passed couple of days I have had to go into overdrive with keeping my skin plump and resistant to the cold. I have had to start curtailing my hyper pigmentation serums and cleansers in order to add in more hydrating layers. I have rounded up a handful of items that I have been calling on to help me out! If anyone has ANY further suggestions – I WELCOME THEM WITH OPEN ARMS.

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Lierac – Huile Sensorielle

I know I frequently talk about how happy I am that La Roche Posay, Vichy and Lierac have made their ways to CVS shelves. I picked this up when it first came into my local CVS and always have one in my stash. Its $40…and you don’t get a whole lot, however, I swear by this. It’s very comforting and smells quite herbal without a big flower bouquet. There is something very comforting about this oil. I love waking up in the morning in a big comfy sweater and smelling this left over on my skin. I use it all year round. I even put it in my face and hair if I am really in for a pamper. I am almost out! I think this weekend I am going to pick up another one.

Dr. Hauschka – Eye Balm

I discovered this last winter which was the winter from hell. I started to get these little eczema patches underneath my eyes and they were so raw. I had to really try to relax when they would start to itch. The thing about the under eye area is that it is so delicate and I also have quite dark circles already so when these patches arise, it really stresses me out. ANYWAYS, I bought this balm because of how thick it is. If I use this I try to use no eye shadow and only waterproof mascara. It helps provide some hydration and soothes but also protects. It’s a yellow balm that sort of sits on top of the skin but does blend well with an equally thick concealer. The only thing is you just need to wash your brushes more frequently when blending this. Your brushes can become quite oily.

Caudalie – Moisturizing Toner

Holy Grail. So nice. So gentle. Does exactly what it says. When my skin needs that extra hit of something soft and soothing I always grab this. I remember I had a bacterial infection on my face about three years ago and this stuff was just so great. It’s not stripping whatsoever.

La Roche Posay – Toleraine Ultra

What is so fabulous about this is that it is for face and eyes. Last winter I used this in conjunction with my Dr. Hauschka. I just love this. I think I am pre-disposed to rosacea. Ever since I was a little kid my face was always BRIGHT red after being outside or working out. I blush very easily and get hives on my chest even if I feel that I am talking to somebody for too long or if I have a glass of wine on an empty stomach. It’s very weird because I get so dark in the summertime and am SO Italian so this is a very odd thing that I have tried to tackle my whole life. This cream calms everything down and  is a great base for makeup. It’s a little bit thick but sinks in quite quickly and is fragrance free. This is great for everyone – I think even oily skin.

Weleda – Skin Food

This is a pretty new purchase for me. For $8.99 how the hell was I going to walk away from this? It is very like my eye balm. Very thick, smells very woody and herbal. I put this right on the high points of my cheeks and the perimeter of my face because for some reason that is where you can see the majority of my pores? WTF? I even rub this on my elbows and cuticles before bed. It’s great for your purse and bedside table.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – Moonstone

I have had this since I graduated college – 3 years ago. When I finish this it will be a very very sad day, but she is still going strong. This for me just helps add some life to my face. In the winter I will mix this in with my foundation and my day oil for a friggen glow. This helps bring me from drab to fab. YOU NEED LITERALLY A QUARTER OF A PUMP. NO MORE.


Of course. I put this on my feet and put on my thickest socks. I know there is the whole paraben/mineral oil/synthetic debate out there and how this shit is just all bad and blah blah blah. I get it. However, there is no product that will ever touch Vaseline. When all else fails, I go in with this. My feet are always a mess from Spin and all the walking I do living in the city…Vaseline always makes a difference. I love putting this stuff on mixed with some cream or oil after I exfoliate. Plus its scentless and just so cheap.


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