Coupla TWO TREE New Things

I know you loved my Boston accent right there. Glad I got your attention.

In one of my very first posts I made on this blog I featured a post about my quest for the perfect eye make-up remover. I also included a history as to why this step in my skincare process is so important to me. I hate having raw eyes from rubbing too hard or using a product that just blows. I like make up removal to be something I look forward to everyday by using effective and quality products. I recently purchased two removers. One is already a holy grail remover for me and the other I am just trying out because it finally came to the states.  I am including one other product that is a toner, just for the sake of showing you all what is new!!!!!

FullSizeRender (5)

First things first. This Vichy micellar water is great for everything. I bought this in the summer and had to have it again. It is perfect for waterproof mascara days and cuts through oily lipstick like no ones business. With it being colder outside, I have been taking this all over the face and then using my cleansing balm to stay hydrated. I will say – you do not get a lot of product, but you do not need a lot. I LOVE the packaging of this. I really trust Vichy products.

SECONDLY – WELCOME GARNIER MICELLAR WATER!!!! Every time I would see a UK blogger talk about this I get so mad! I am so so so happy to have this here. I have been alternating between this and the Vichy. I think that this one is a little bit more oily or thicker…something about it is not as refined as Vichy, but I kind of like it. This has been compared to Bioderma and it being even better than Bioderma…AGREED. Plus Bioderma is a bitch to get over here. You can only order it off Amazon and the price is always jacked up. Anyways, can I just say that I love Garnier? Their BB creams were one of the first drugstore BB’s to hit the market, their face gel-creams are amazing and their cleansing oil is such a hidden gem.

Lastly – I picked up this Clarifying toner by Dr. Hauschka. I  had a Dr. Hauschka facial once and I remember this was used. I was in the market for a new toner but did not know what to get. Since I trust the brand and I thought it was a plentiful offering… I went with it. I decided on a clarifying option vs. something else, because a couple of times a week I like to go in with something sort of ‘harsh’ and clear out those pores. I can’t say I love this, but I don’t hate it…has anyone tried this and have a strong view on it?


2 thoughts on “Coupla TWO TREE New Things

  1. Hi there! The products look lovely! I did use the Dr. Hauschka toner a while ago (the regular one, not the clarifying toner) and actually, I quite liked it. (Just today I thought I might pick it up again.) I liked that it sprayed the product evenly on the face and I found it so refreshing. But you’re probably right, it is too gentle to really have a noticeable effect on your skin. Definitely not on the harsh side.


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