Fitness Fridays

Hello everyone!

I apologize for being slightly MIA this week. I really hit the ground running…I taught spin A LOT and have just been dead! My cold (really just my cough) has been driving me insane. Mucinex is a godsend but kind of is not great for my tummy. 😦  Hopefully you all can forgive me.

So now that January 2016 is in full swing I know that our group exercise classes are probably overflowing and your usual treadmill has been occupied all week by some newbie who just texts the whole time and is walking at a semi-glacial place. I do have a few tips and tricks to work around this small issue!

TIP #1: Try going at a different time. SHAKE THINGS UP.

I know this sounds crazy…us gym people are creatures of habit! Why should we have to go at a different time in order to work around the Resolutioners? Sometimes its good to try a different time. Who knows – you might actually like it. Perhaps a small change could be made. If you normally hit the gym at 5:45PM…maybe head there an hour later. You can maybe catch up on some work or go home and clean those damn dishes AND then burn those calories. This week I opted for an AM session vs. a PM workout. It was great because after work I just went home to relax. Of course it was a total BIATCH to get up but after breaking a sweat I didn’t want to stop.

TIP #2: So what if that new person took your spot or your bike. GROW UP.

Seriously. We are not children. I remember at the first gym I ever taught at the women that were in their 40’s – 50’s were BRUTAL about their bikes. Hey – you snooze, you lose. Bikes (at the gyms I have taught at anyways) are first come, first served. If your name (or towel, water bottle) ain’t on it…IT AIN’T YOURS. I think we need to remember that we are not children and it is good to move around the room – get a new perspective. The ride is about you…I get it…every bike is different so your settings may vary, but who knows maybe you will sit next to a super motivational person or maybe the music is a bit louder so you feel like you’re one with the beat.

TIP #3: Harder spurts to get in and get out

Ok. You get to the gym and all of a sudden you sense there are WAY more people there than when you walked in and started your work out. People are starting to have loud conversations, the mirrors are fogging up – you feel distracted but you still have 20 minutes left on the elliptical…ahhh what do you do? Start some intervals. Crank up the resistance or the speed. Bring that heart rate up and push, push, push and then give yourself double the time for rest. You can do whatever time intervals work for you. I am personally a huge fan of 30 seconds on and 60 seconds off. You’ll burn more calories, possibly have a cardiovascular breakthrough, get that metabolism revved and you’ll be out the door.

It is important during these times to find the positive and obviously to make things work for you!


Thanks for reading

Hill XO


One thought on “Fitness Fridays

  1. Yep taught 4 times this week (my normal schedule) on top of my 9 to 5 after racing over new years…crazy week but I loved every energy packed minute! Love the excitement of the New Year at the gym as an instructor. Cheers to you and rocking those classes!!
    Have a great weekend!

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