Monday Blues

WHAT UP. 2016 is off to a great friggen start but I still HATE MONDAYS!!! :):):):)

Hopefully all of you had a great long weekend. I pretty much drank and ate my way through Friday to yesterday. I had a ton of fun going to A LOT of bars and just being social. Usually I feel very guilty but I was like you know – I am sharing some strong cocktails with people I love and cherish…THERE AIN’T NOTHING BETTER. However, I have decided to stop drinking for five weeks after today. That’s right. I decided to just go for it. I am not a heavy drinker and barely make it through two glasses of wine at dinner during the weekend, but I just want to see how my body reacts. I do not drink during the week nor do I crave it, so I feel that this could be either a great idea or one that just seems lame. This holiday season I do feel that I indulged a lot. My birthday week, I went out Wednesday through Sunday…so I think the timing of this little detox is perfect.

I do have a few resolutions. None of this “New Year, New Me” but more like tangible improvements that require some work but not TOO much. If you care…continue.


Life is stressful. I sometimes feel like multiple days attack me at once. I stress out if my room is not clean or even if there are dirty dishes in the sink. I need to work through these small things and know that they will all be dealt with and are not necessarily conducive to the big picture. Another aspect of stress that I would like to gain better control over is not worrying about other people’s behavior. If people are not happy around me and I feel they are not enjoying themselves, I get stressed out. THAT NEEDS TO STOP. PERIOD. This is at the top of the list for me to deal with.


My closet at my apartment is so lame and I split space between the one in my room and the storage closet on the first floor. I need to revamp it so that I do not need to head downstairs for a sweater. I am thinking of a plan and hope to execute it soon.


This is a very large umbrella for me. First things first is I need to make a budget and prioritize wants vs. needs. Living in Boston is not easy but I do feel that I can further control certain aspects of my spending and hopefully start actually saving money.


I consider myself to be healthy. I eat my veggies and my fruit and do have some willpower with making the right decisions but I would like to further focus on that. I think I have done pretty well and did fall off a bit during the holidays but I am ready for my salads and strengthening my “good choices muscle”.

Here are also some pics of the weekend. CHEERS TO 2016… drinks Smartwater and wishes it was a martini.


I’m wearing a skirt my mom bought me for Christmas. So warm and cozy.


My NYE run. I loved closing 2015 out with this one!


I had a nice and relaxing NYE. Chinese food and champagne by the fire. Of course I did some yoga too


My stepdad and I on New Year’s Day about to crush some oysters and martinis


The new favorite tea right here. I have had this AWFUL cough and this calms things down right away.


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