2015 Makeup Faves

I’m back as promised for this year’s edition of makeup favorites. I finalized my list while I was on a run on New Year’s Eve. The faves I have selected are ones that I consistently grab whether its for day or night and even when I travel. I hope you guys enjoy the compilation and hopefully some of you have similar favorites! I will do a little bit of a review on each, just like my skincare favorites.

Thank you everyone for reading!

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Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer

This was one of my most coveted makeup products of 2015. I had been aggressively trying to use up my bronzers so I could purchase this one with minimal guilt. This stuff is like a dream. It is quite warm but very versatile. The four bronze shades can all be swirled together, you can use the lighter ones for days you want something more subtle and I love using the lighter shades in my eye crease for definition. Because this is matte, I use this with either a big fluffy brush for all over bronze or just in the hollows of my cheeks for a contour. Due to the amount of options you have with the product, that makes it a winner for me.

Covergirl Ultrasmooth Hair Smoothing Foundation

I did not buy this because it was hair smoothing. It comes with like a plastic buffer thingy which absolutely blew and detracted from the actual quality of this stuff. I was drawn to it because it aimed to help cool down blemishes and help uneven skin. It did just that. When I use this stuff my skin looks so good! It feels substantial but is not thick or too runny. I would put this over my Becca Backlighting Primer and the combo of the two was so amazing. I also adore this because I don’t have to mix two foundations to find my perfect color. I think if you have yellow-y skin and are not warm but not cool, you could find a great option in this shade range.

Benefit Fake Up Concealer

I have used this off and on all year. When I use other concealers and then come back to this one I always ask myself “why did I stop using this”. It is fabulous all year round. Unfortunately it only comes in three shades, but I honestly don’t feel the need to use something lighter or darker depending on the season. The talking point with this product is that the concealer is surrounded by a hydrating balm…GENIUS. The color is just a touch peachy so you get that brightening + concealing effect! This product does not receive enough credit!

MAC Extended Play in Gigablack

The best ever. Waterproof. Great price. Does not move. Great for bottom lashes. THAT IS ALL!

Buxom Big and Healthy Lip Cream in White Russian

I mean I had been trying to get my hands on this stuff forever. My roommate gave it to me as an early Christmas present and I have used it every day. I put it on before bed…before the gym…after the gym. The color is so nude and so pink and if I could marry it I would. Plus who doesn’t like a lipgloss with a breath freshener. I love the soft tingle. These make such great gifts. I need to pick up more colors.

Becca ChampagnePop Highlighter

Funny story about this stuff…my roommate ordered it from Sephora and they accidentally packaged up two of them so I actually own this because it was an extra. This is hands down the best highlighter. I know Jaclyn Hill designed it with ALL skintones in mind and wanted to do something that was unique that everyone can use. She did just that. Some people don’t like this during the day but I say bring it the hell on. I hope highlighter never goes out of fashion. This is so creamy and just catches the light so perfectly! What a genius product. HOLY GRAIL STATUS.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus

I bought this over a year ago and use it every day and feel like I haven’t even put a dent in it. I love this for setting my under eye concealer because it does not move everything around and doesn’t crease. This adds just a hint more coverage but nothing jarring. I do take this all over my face on a duo fiber brush because I’m a fearless biatch like that and I never feel that I look too matte. I  am always cautious with powders and this one does not disappoint!

Anastasia Brow Wiz

DUH. This is an no brainer. I alternate which colors I purchase just to shake things up. The only thing I hate is that every time I purchase one, it breaks. My current Wiz has a spooley missing which is quite annoying but of course this still made it into the favorites. It is so long lasting and I feel like I can amplify my brows a bit while maintaining a natural look and a “your brows but better” feel. Plus with my eyebrows especially they are so dark and I hate when eyebrow pencils look too red. That is never an issue with this color range. The formula is so so so easy to blend so if are heavy handed, this may be a great option for you.

Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshaodw in Bette

 I have such a good memory associated with this product. I bought it in NYC at Bergdorf Goodman. I could have died and gone to heaven. These are so moussey and easy to blend. The color is fantastic and looks so great on its own or with some liner. I cannot wait to purchase these in other colors. CT is so amazing and truly believes in her products. Her youtube channel is so engaging and she is just so feminine and passionate.

Bite Beauty Frozen Berries Matte Cream Lipstick in Plum

When this collection launched I had to have one. I wanted something a little purpley with a strong blue undertone that would stand out in a sea of reds. BOOM. The other colors like Elderberry are just so enchanting as well. These are so comfortable and have a great lasting power. Plus they are packed with reservatrol and are actually good for your lips by hitting them with antioxidants. The color Plum I feel like is a middle road purple color since it is not as dark as something like Heroine from MAC but not too light where it could be questioned as a red lipstick.

MAC Cremesheen in Japanese Maple

I carry this with me everywhere. First off the smell of MAC’s lipsticks are so awesome and secondly their nudes are just the best. This ranks high for me in my nudes collection and it is just so perfect with a gold eye or a bronzed look. I wear this with no make up and still look sort of done up. UGH! If you need a new nude- just grab this, you will not be disappointed.

Too Faced Hangover RX Primer

This was a real impulse buy for me and I am so glad I bought it. This coconut primer is great if you need a little more hydration but something that is smoothing and nourishing for foundation to lay on top of. The scent is so pleasant and really helps my foundation not only last but just look pretty. When I use this, everything looks plumped and healthy. It is so light and will not make you shiny which is always a plus.

MAC’s Powder Blush in Margin

Because I have a tendency to gravitate towards quite peachy looks I obviously adore this blush. It’s not shimmery but is so brightening and just gives that great J. Lo “My Love Don’t Cost a Thang” look. I love using with ChampagnePop and some bronzer. It’s great for day with a nude lip and then perfect for night with a red lip. This goes on well with any sort of brush and is just an easy choice for me to have in my favorites.

MAC’s Prep and Prime Fix + in Yuzu

WHY DID THEY NOT MAKE THESE LIMITED EDITIONS PERMANENT? I’m obssessed with this. My make up looks so friggen good every damn time I spray this. I use this even in the winter time. I put it on my Beauty Blender before I apply my foundation, I use it midday, I will USE IT WHENEVER. This just makes everything look so pretty and plump. My cheeks look  amazing after I spray this. It makes everything look well blended and like it took minimal effort to achieve the look. I am so partial to this spray and I hope the limited editions sets return this summer.

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Margin, ChampagnePop, Guerlain Bronzer


I forgot this in the picture with ALL the products so I thought I would include it here!




Plum, Japanese Maple and White Russian


Hill xo


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