Monday Blues

Good morning, everyone!

This is the first post after Christmas but one of the last of 2015. I always enjoy the week after Christmas. Things slow down. People take time off to be with their families and work seems to be a little less stressful. I actually feel sort of relaxed while writing this. I don’t feel the need to finish quickly so I can get moving on other pending items.

Hopefully all of you had a great holiday. I have very few photos since I spent the last week with a cold…probably a 6.5 on a 1 – 10 scale. I had minimal body aches and could sleep well, but lethargy and a sore throat just made me feel like luggage. I actually did not dress up at all for Christmas. I wore my cheetah-print pajamas all day…even when guests arrived. I just did not have it in me.

On Christmas day, my dog leapt off the couch in pursuit for a chocolate treat I was eating and dislocated his hip. My stepdad, my boyfriend and I all made a lovely trip to the vet around 8pm. HE IS OK however he did have to be put under and have his hip clicked back into place and he now has his two legs tied together to prevent him from splaying out. POOR LITTLE GUY. I was in hysterics for about five minutes and then a crazy motherly side of me kicked in and I found a 24/7 vet, rounded up the troops, grabbed my keys, and was out the door.

I am sure most of you had a healthier and quieter holiday than we did over here in RI but it was one for the books! We will always remember it as the Christmas that “Henry dislocated his hip” 🙂

Thank you everyone for reading!

Hill XO


Does anyone else have a small obsession with the RHONJ? I’m glad the bitch is back. I guarantee you the next season will feature Tre’s homecoming. I honestly do not think she is as stupid as everyone thinks she is. DO NOT JUDGE ME. 


My boyfriend and I decided not to exchange gifts this year and instead do a nice dinner and a weekend trip. The weekend trip is in the works, but we went to dinner at La Masseria and ordered a bottle of wine. The label read sideways so you had to turn the bottle. It was quite spicy and went well with our apps and pasta dishes! 

FullSizeRender (4)

It honestly hurts to see this cutie at the vet. We were able to say goodnight but it was heartbreaking. 


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