Monday Blues

Happy Monday to all of you. Christmas is so close and I really am getting into the spirit. I also am very happy that this means work will be quite quiet and I can make sure everything is buttoned up nicely for the break. I am really looking forward to spending time with my family and relaxing!

I hope all of you had a great weekend. It was so cold here in the Northeast but it felt good to cozy up with a nice cup of tea and walk around the city without sweating. Boston is just so beautiful at this time of year. Commonwealth Avenue is one of my favorite places to stroll through and see all the lights. I have a small obsession with peering through people’s windows and just seeing a quick snippet of someone else’s life that you don’t know WHATSOEVER. It’s not like I put my hands up on the windowsill and peek in but I enjoy slowing my walk down and jut taking an extended peek.

Yesterday was my birthday so I enjoyed copious amounts of food and drink. As I get older I care less abut the birthday and just enjoy being with my family and friends. Yesterday my family came up to Boston and we went out for an early dinner. My roommate threw me a party Saturday night and it was even more special because my boyfriend stayed the whole weekend. I love having my birthday around Christmas and the 20th is the day before the Winter Solstice which is such a powerful time of year.

Here are some pics from the weekend!

 Thanks for reading

Hill XO

FullSizeRender (2)

The girls and I  getting quite silly prior to going out.

FullSizeRender (3)

I just adore him and this photo. 


Spaghetti Carbonara. So egg-y and so delicious


A hazelnut hot chocolate with whipped cream…also my birthday desert. It was heaven. 


Birthday selfie. I loved this make up look. I am wearing Russian Red by MAC here.


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