Liquid Liner Comparison – Drugstore

Ok. I have a small obsession with liquid eyeliner. I consider myself to be constantly on the hunt for the perfect one and to narrow things down – drugstore brands are where its at. During Sephora’s VIB Rouge event, I bought Estee Lauder’s ‘Little Black Liner’ which was a dual ended pen. CAN I TELL YOU HOW AWFUL IT WAS? By the time I made it to work the wing was OFF and it transferred….I HAPPILY returned it and wrote a review on Sephora about it!

Anyways, I have for you today two liners… Maybelline and NYX. They both are pens, dry as black mattes (love it) BUT are totally different in regards to application and  the look of the felt tip.


First up – Maybelline Master Precise Liner. I like this. I would probably prefer the Kat Von D liner but its still good…I bought this because I wanted to try something different. The tip is long and tapered and would be perfect for those dipping their toes in the liquid liner pool. Because of its very cone like nib it drags very nicely and is not for those that prefer to fly without wings. Since I have hooded eyes, this works well  by flicking out the corners. THE CATCH: It is very dry when applying. I think I prefer something a bit more wet that then dries down to a matte finish. So, if you need to double back on your work and further saturate the color, it can be tumultuous. A word on staying power – EXCELLENT.


The liner closest to my knuckles is NYX and the one further down is Maybelline. You can see how the Maybelline one has that natural, gradual thickness effect.

Second is the NYX Super Skinny Marker. This was a total impulse buy. I wanted to try something from NYX besides their lipglosses and blush. As you can see the tip is VERY VERY SHORT. It’s not stubby by any means but is petite and I think would work better for those that don’t need as much guidance with shape. It is the perfect option for concentrating on the outer corners of your eyes. It makes it easy to transition from outer corner to the center of the eye without bringing the liner to the inner corners. This could be better suited for those with close set eyes that crave a little more width to their face or who would like to just fill in their lash line. It dries just like the Maybelline does and stays on forever. I went to bed with this on this past Saturday (oopssss) and it still looked AMAZING the next day!

In the photo below, I am wearing the NYX liner!

FullSizeRender (4).jpg

Thanks for reading,

Hill XO


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