I Love Thursdays! (also a primer you need)

Good morning everyone!

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and I reset it for 7:00 instead. I hardly ever do that, but today I did and no f*%#$ were even  considered. You know those days you just love the warmth of your bed and can’t let it go like a first born? …that was me. After I got up I didn’t bother to rush to get ready and I even went to Starbucks. I just needed the slower morning today!

Anyways the purpose of this post is to discuss a ground breaking primer by Becca….The Backlight Primer. Holy cow. AMAZING. I went to Sephora in pursuit for a foundation and walked out with this bad boy instead and just a sample of a foundation. The sample of the foundation I had was by Becca and it was their matte and poreless foundation which I thought was going to so not work for me but I actually do like it ESPECIALLY under the primer.


If you have any kind of skin type, I think you will enjoy this option. It blurred out my redness a little bit and made the tops of my cheekbones look glowy – even without a highlighter application. It did not do much for my acne bits but then again by acne is a lifelong saga that I will save for another time, so I let this criterion slide.

Backlight in total is great for a radiation boost. It is lighter than my Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and is a bit more subtle but MORE hydrating. The gel/serum like consistency could work well for summer or winter. If you can get yourselves a sample somewhere, please do…you will end buying a full size. I guarantee it. I think if you were to mix it in with a foundation that is usually your summer color, you can achieve a perfect shade (just an idea).


The price of $38 I know is steep, however, compared to other high end brands, this is right in the middle of the price range.  The bottle is this translucent glass that does not make it great for travel, but looks pretty on my makeup table (aka my desk that has morphed into a makeup haven).


Thank you for reading everyone

Hill xo


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