Monday Blues

HEYYYYYY GUYSS!! Here we are. Another Monday. I don’t know about you all but I NEEDED that long break. I slept SO MUCH…as well as ate TOO MUCH but I am just so happy to feel finally caught up with the shut eye! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I went to my boyfriend’s mother’s family’s house for dinner on the actual holiday, then went to my bf’s dad’s house on Friday for dinner and then we went out with MY dad on Saturday. THREE HUGE FRIGGEN MEALS. I feel bad for my mom because it was my first holiday away from her but we did spend some QT together.

Due to the exorbitant amount of food I ate this weekend, I am going to try to eat clean this week and do a little detoxing with teas, fruits and veggies. I really want to shed a couple of pounds and just feel better! I know I am not the only one to feel this way.

Yesterday when I came back to my apartment in Boston, my roommate and I went on one of our little “adventures” which included a drive to Newbury street and then Harvard Yard. We went to MAC on Newbury, but only after we realized the LUSH is out of business… WAH! So after MAC we headed to Harvard Square to the LUSH! It was a cold night but was great to see the lights all strung and see some of Black Friday deals and gift sets…LUSH is awesome for gifts may I add…cheap, all natural and its all just so happy.

Here are some pics of my long weekend! Have a great week everyone!

Hill XO


On my way home to RI, I stopped in at Providence Place Mall. There is a KIKO in there…I was a good girl and did not enter. BUT, I will be back for sure!


I did get some good time outside. Fresh air just makes me feel so alive…I AM SO CORNY…I am well aware.


A little LUSH purchase. I had to! It is supposed to be very hydrating so I wanted to try the smallest bottle first.


I just had to. After my spin classes this stuff will feel so good on my legs. The hint of menthol is so AWESOME


This is inside the ChrisTingle…I love anything blue. I didn’t stick to my budget that I gave myself over this weekend – $50 bucks…ughh I tried!

IMG_0203 (1)

The impressive steak and eggs breakfast that I ate the day after Thanksgiving. I slept the WHOLE way home after and pretty much licked the plate.


Me and my boo on Saturday night.


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