Monday Blues

This Monday is more painful than any other Monday. I’m exhausted. I feel like I have been living out of a bag and in my car for the past couple of weeks. I NEED A BREAK. With Thanksgiving being about four days away, I am sad to say that this hobo lifestyle will continue for another week or so. I went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend in NY and that pretty much consisted of drinking dirty martinis, penne with pink vodka sauce, and dancing to a whole lot of Donna Summer.  My body has been punishing me since yesterday due to my outpour of gluttony. My skin is breaking out, I can BARELY keep my eyes open – I feel like a snake because I have seriously drifted off WITH my eyes open, my stomach seems to be accumulating that lovely extra layer and my hips are begging for pigeon pose.

Until Thanksgiving, I am going to try and curtail the salty foods (burgers and fries), kick ass in spin, get some extra air and try to take a little more ‘me’ time. I hate the monotony of routines, however, when the holidays come around I feel very off and sometimes just want to hide under my covers until it’s all over…I know I am a little bah-humbug right now, but I know it will pass. So, in order to get through this next week of booze, turkey sandwiches, almost too much family time and the urge to online shop for SHIT I DON’T NEED, I have compiled some cardinal rules to make it through like a champ…


If you’re not going to go to the gym – do yoga ~ I have been trying to integrate more stretching and yoga into my routine as of late. Since I have added one spin class to my weekly schedule, I have been trying to take about 20 minutes after I have eaten and showered to just slow things down and give my body a little bit more love. So that will be my first rule during this holiday week…If I don’t want to work out because I am too tired, possibly hungover or I don’t have the time, I am going to practice some deep breathing, focus on some areas that need opening and also hit some poses that detox the body. I love doing twists!

I cannot wait to do this

This is one of my favorite poses – detox but strengthening

Do not (try not) to eat out of boredom, stress or anxiety ~ Because I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my bofyriend’s family this year I know there will be new faces as well as familiar ones and I am sure there will be a few awkward silences. I tend to ALWAYS just keep shoving food in my mouth before the main meal because I sometimes get stressed out while mingling and trying to remember who everyone is. Now since I know this will not be obliterated in one blow, my rule is going to be – eat veggies and fruit, not pigs in a blanket. Of course I will indulge in the processed meats (I’m drooling just thinking about prosciutto on a stoned wheat cracker with some jelly) but if I sense that I am getting anxious, I am going to head straight for the healthy stuff and it can be bottomless.

I found this on Pinterest and think this is a great guide – nothing restrictive but influences us to be mindful with our choices

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE – WATER – REPEAT ~ This will probably be the easiest rule for me. SHOCKER. As I have gotten older, I LOATHE the way I feel when I drink too much. The rings on my fingers feel tighter, my face is all puffy, I have the world’s worst headache and I just am an all around fun-sucker. I also detest how red my cheeks get when I have had a few – dead give away….I am not even a slur-er, my face is just a warhead. So, my rule for this is – have a couple but drink at least 8oz. of water between each one. I am going to try to keep my ratio of water to alcohol higher than the inverse. I also am going to try to stick with the same kind of alcohol and not mix. Kettle One martinis tend to call my name but I am going to try to go for an option with less sodium.

Black Friday deals and steals should be for others and not for you~  Because my birthday is in December and I love winter fashion – I tend to overbuy. I need to know that when I receive an email with 40% off, it is still money that I do not need to spend.  If I do indulge, I am going to try to make sure it’s for someone else’s Christmas present. I am giving myself a budget of $40…that is all I can spend on myself.

Get outside~ Since the weather has not felt too winter-y just yet, I am going to try to get outside more this week. I tend to do very well with outdoor workouts or just being outside in general during this time of year despite my allergies and asthma. With dry indoors (I need to get a new humidifier, nose bleeds anyone?) I want to make more of an effort to go on a brisk walk with my dog or my boyfriend, head to my local beach and see the sunset. Nothing feels better than crisp air after being in a hot building.

Take a walk! From reducing stress to encouraging creativity, walking has so many benefits!:

Grab a friend, relative, or spouse and get outside! Enjoy the sights and sounds.

And there you have it – 5 ways for me to make it through this week without feeling like a sloth…PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share yours. Even though it’s a joyful time of year, it can still be quite stressful and any other tips and tricks that work for others will be awesome to read.

Thanks for reading,

Hill XO


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