The Bieber vs. Rihanna Spin Playlist

So I know that people are literally OBSESSED with Bieber’s new album and Bieber in general. I’ll give it to him…he’s cute but like MEH. I like his music, but don’t LOVE it. Of course I get down to ‘Boyfriend’ but ‘Baby’ I could really do without. I have never seen so many Instagram posts with album snapshots as I have for Purpose. Snowballing on that – I have never received so many requests for a Bieber playlist or a mashup in general! Since I aim to please with my spin tracks, I figured I would do Purpose and then add in some Rihanna. I alternated songs between each artist and used all of Rihanna’s albums as opposed to just one of Bieber’s. I was going to do Beyonce but I just couldn’t get motivated enough to pick her. Her last album with Drunk In Love – there just weren’t enough bangers (of course I love XO & Partition) and yea I could have found some awesome remixes, but I just did not have the energy to hunt and prepare too much. Plus some her Destiny’s Child stuff is just. too. slow. for. spin. With my classes being  comprised of 20 somethings who love BPM and Fetty – I just had to let go of the fantasy of doing choreography to ‘Bugaboo’. That was why I picked Ri Ri. In college she was everything and still is. Her voice is not my favorite but her music is just so motivating and has a plethora of criteria that is perfect for spin. ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ just makes me not even want to spin but rather get off the bike and literally and twerk the hardest I can.

I used the playlist in two of my classes this week and my favorite part was making the announcement that this was the trend for the evening and of course doing a standing climb with accelerations to ‘Children’. In my Monday night class there is this one girl who is very quiet who works her butt off and  just comes and goes. I don’t even know her name.But when I said that we had a mashup ride, I saw the corners of her mouth crack into a small smile and that was SO WORTH IT FOR ME. She was so down for the ride and that made me even more excited to switch things up!

The ride was not the hardest but definitely not easy. We did two sprinting songs as well as two heavy ass climbs with one isolation song, and couple of jumps with tap backs. Hills and speed are my favorite things but require a lot of effort and guts to move through lead legs!


Thanks for reading,

Hill xo




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