THE Cream Highlighting Brush

Finding the perfect brush to apply cream highlighter has been quite the quest for me. Flat foundation brushes tend to not morph to my facial curves and feel like I am just ‘painting’ my face which will then require me to diffuse with fingers or a beauty blender. When I apply highlighter I want it to be a quick and effective step to my makeup process. Of course fingers are always a great option because they can be cleaner than brushes (granted you wash your hands before you apply your makeup) and the heat of your tips can help blend but I prefer a brush that is directional and distributes the right amount of product to the areas I wish.

Well – after many applications and trials with different cream formulas I can say that I have found THE perfect brush. Real Technique’s Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush is perfect for this task. While it is marked as a foundation brush it can most certainly be used for different things. The triangular shape makes it easy for me to hit not only the tops of my cheek bones but my brow bone as well. Because of its pointy edge it can work its way into those small areas that benefit from some light – even the inner corners of  the eyes.

It is VERY dense and feels heavier than a normal brush but is so good for this cream highlighter task. I would not categorize the actual brush portion as stout but it is on the stockier side, which I think is the perfect partner for how dense it is. I have never had an issue with streaks, even when I use it with my Becca highlighter which we all know is on the thicker side and can go from subtle glow to disco ball quite quickly. With a few flicks of the wrist you can use the different planes of the brush to either blend, add more or fine tune certain areas.

THE ONLY DOWNSIDE: it is a long ass brush. If you bring this on vacation or something, it’s length does make you question bringing it aboard, but on the flip side, I can always identify it in my holder. All I can say to all of you readers and makeup enthusiasts is YOU’RE WELCOME. This brush is truly unique (and a cheap-er option) and is just such an asset to my brush arsenal!

**lol the Turkish towel for the background is quite comical.**

FullSizeRender (14) FullSizeRender (15)  FullSizeRender (13)

Have a great weekend everyone!

XO Hill


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