Release Your Inner Fleek

I am aware that last month was dedicated to eyebrows and I am even more aware that there is a major brow obsession going on. I want to say that I do participate in the whole #eyebrowsonfleek movement but NOT to the extent that some do, however, I will say that I am happy it exists. Eyebrows frame our face and it is sort of crazy what  little bit of a light brown powder eyeshadow can do for their shape and the rest of your mug. I remember for my junior prom my mom said, “Oh you need to fill in your brows”. I was thinking to myself. “Is this girl CRAZY…I am not trying to look like Frida Khalo… it ain’t Halloween”…but I trusted her because she’s my mom and always has the best products. I let her fill them in with her light taupe colored eyebrow pencil. I started getting them done when I was a junior high school and I have  been going to the same woman ever since. I choose threading as my vehicle to better brows because I have harvested this relationship with this woman who always has an abundance of chai, a great lesson about life and who genuinely LOVES DOING BROWS. I sometimes go to threading places here in Boston but my girl Monica back at home always says, “No they are trying too hard to make this arch work”! I love her comments when other people do my brows because she gets so mad but she does understand my desperation sometimes if I cannot get to her. She is really big on no plucking in between sessions and I have always obeyed her!

So, this past weekend I had went home just on Saturday so Monica could do my brows (and the ladystache…cause I’m Italian). I took a couple of b&a just so you can see how badly my brows needed some shaping. I hadn’t gone since August. I was kind of just letting them do their thing…I was on a serious hiatus and that saga has now ended. I have learned that eyebrows are not twins…they are sisters and we need to seriously embrace that. I found this awesome brow chart form Intothegloss (my favorite). Which brows do you have?!??!

I am fully aware at how ROUGH I look….just keep your eyes on da brows!

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0073

Thanks for reading!!!

XO Hill


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