Monday Blues

HEYYYYYY GUYSS!! Here we are. Another Monday. I don’t know about you all but I NEEDED that long break. I slept SO MUCH…as well as ate TOO MUCH but I am just so happy to feel finally caught up with the shut eye! I hope everyone had a great holiday. I went to my boyfriend’s mother’s family’s house for dinner on the actual holiday, then went to my bf’s dad’s house on Friday for dinner and then we went out with MY dad on Saturday. THREE HUGE FRIGGEN MEALS. I feel bad for my mom because it was my first holiday away from her but we did spend some QT together.

Due to the exorbitant amount of food I ate this weekend, I am going to try to eat clean this week and do a little detoxing with teas, fruits and veggies. I really want to shed a couple of pounds and just feel better! I know I am not the only one to feel this way.

Yesterday when I came back to my apartment in Boston, my roommate and I went on one of our little “adventures” which included a drive to Newbury street and then Harvard Yard. We went to MAC on Newbury, but only after we realized the LUSH is out of business… WAH! So after MAC we headed to Harvard Square to the LUSH! It was a cold night but was great to see the lights all strung and see some of Black Friday deals and gift sets…LUSH is awesome for gifts may I add…cheap, all natural and its all just so happy.

Here are some pics of my long weekend! Have a great week everyone!

Hill XO


On my way home to RI, I stopped in at Providence Place Mall. There is a KIKO in there…I was a good girl and did not enter. BUT, I will be back for sure!


I did get some good time outside. Fresh air just makes me feel so alive…I AM SO CORNY…I am well aware.


A little LUSH purchase. I had to! It is supposed to be very hydrating so I wanted to try the smallest bottle first.


I just had to. After my spin classes this stuff will feel so good on my legs. The hint of menthol is so AWESOME


This is inside the ChrisTingle…I love anything blue. I didn’t stick to my budget that I gave myself over this weekend – $50 bucks…ughh I tried!

IMG_0203 (1)

The impressive steak and eggs breakfast that I ate the day after Thanksgiving. I slept the WHOLE way home after and pretty much licked the plate.


Me and my boo on Saturday night.


Thanksgiving Makeup Must Haves

Holidays are the most perfect time to be a little daring and on trend with your makeup. Fall invites us try our deep red lipsticks and go for fuller coverage foundations. For me personally, I have been loving having a hydrated base with some smudgy liner and a touch of sculpting. Below are some items from my stash that I will be wearing on Thanksgiving and during this weekend. I hope you enjoy reading!

FullSizeRender (1)

Too Faced Hangover RX primer ~ Love this stuff. I randomly bought this during the summer and just picked it up off the shelf. I am so glad that I did. With the cold weather this gives me just a little bit more hydration and smoothes everything out. It is a light cream that dries pretty quickly and I love the pump and it’s great for travel.

Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer mixed with Maybelline’s Bronze BB Cream ~ I have been feeling a little pale so I have been mixing this Bronze BB Cream with my lighter colored foundations for some glow. These two together make a great pairing. I received LM’s tinted moisturizer as a 100 point gift at Sephora and I have been loving it for travel! Application is a dream and it is a great option for the gym and running errands afterwards. It has some good SPF in it and just mutes my redness around my face.


Kevin Aucoin’s Sculpting Powder  ~ YAASSS. I bought these during the Sephora VIB Rouge event and mmmhmmm I am happy with it. $44 bucks for a tiny, eye-shadow sized powder, but I lurv it. It blends seamlessly. i don’t think I can use this when I am really tan but I think for right now, it gives me some damn good cheekbones without looking dirty…ya know? It is quite pricey, but it was worth the splurge. AND again, it’s a small value but superb for travel!!!


MAC’s Kohl Eyeliner in Costa Riche ~ If you have brown eyes just do yourself the favor and pick this up. It’s like a milk, rich chocolate. The color is so unique and is just an all around awesome product to have. I sometimes use this after I apply my primer and put it all over the lid and then smoke it out with a fluffy brush…the effect? Smoldering, sexy, rock and roll. If you have hooded eyes like myself, your intrigue levels rise exponentially! FullSizeRender (2)

By Terry Color Fix Cream Eyeshadow in Frozen Quartz ~ I know that Bronze Moon and Misty Rock are the two shades that have had women from all over the world not give a what about dropping $43.50 for a freaking cream eyeshadow, however, I was privvy to Frozen Quartz. This pink is so beautiful. In certain lights it looks a little bronze-y, looks more mauve than pink…pretty much its like Sybil and has multiple personalities. For this holiday weekend, I will be applying it all over my top lids and underneath, then buffing out the edges. Then, I will go in Costa Riche to tightline and create some drama – then smoke that out and use Frozen Quartz again to further soften the Costa Riche and sort of highlight.


Monday Blues

This Monday is more painful than any other Monday. I’m exhausted. I feel like I have been living out of a bag and in my car for the past couple of weeks. I NEED A BREAK. With Thanksgiving being about four days away, I am sad to say that this hobo lifestyle will continue for another week or so. I went to my cousin’s wedding this weekend in NY and that pretty much consisted of drinking dirty martinis, penne with pink vodka sauce, and dancing to a whole lot of Donna Summer.  My body has been punishing me since yesterday due to my outpour of gluttony. My skin is breaking out, I can BARELY keep my eyes open – I feel like a snake because I have seriously drifted off WITH my eyes open, my stomach seems to be accumulating that lovely extra layer and my hips are begging for pigeon pose.

Until Thanksgiving, I am going to try and curtail the salty foods (burgers and fries), kick ass in spin, get some extra air and try to take a little more ‘me’ time. I hate the monotony of routines, however, when the holidays come around I feel very off and sometimes just want to hide under my covers until it’s all over…I know I am a little bah-humbug right now, but I know it will pass. So, in order to get through this next week of booze, turkey sandwiches, almost too much family time and the urge to online shop for SHIT I DON’T NEED, I have compiled some cardinal rules to make it through like a champ…


If you’re not going to go to the gym – do yoga ~ I have been trying to integrate more stretching and yoga into my routine as of late. Since I have added one spin class to my weekly schedule, I have been trying to take about 20 minutes after I have eaten and showered to just slow things down and give my body a little bit more love. So that will be my first rule during this holiday week…If I don’t want to work out because I am too tired, possibly hungover or I don’t have the time, I am going to practice some deep breathing, focus on some areas that need opening and also hit some poses that detox the body. I love doing twists!

I cannot wait to do this

This is one of my favorite poses – detox but strengthening

Do not (try not) to eat out of boredom, stress or anxiety ~ Because I will be celebrating Thanksgiving with my bofyriend’s family this year I know there will be new faces as well as familiar ones and I am sure there will be a few awkward silences. I tend to ALWAYS just keep shoving food in my mouth before the main meal because I sometimes get stressed out while mingling and trying to remember who everyone is. Now since I know this will not be obliterated in one blow, my rule is going to be – eat veggies and fruit, not pigs in a blanket. Of course I will indulge in the processed meats (I’m drooling just thinking about prosciutto on a stoned wheat cracker with some jelly) but if I sense that I am getting anxious, I am going to head straight for the healthy stuff and it can be bottomless.

I found this on Pinterest and think this is a great guide – nothing restrictive but influences us to be mindful with our choices

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE – WATER – REPEAT ~ This will probably be the easiest rule for me. SHOCKER. As I have gotten older, I LOATHE the way I feel when I drink too much. The rings on my fingers feel tighter, my face is all puffy, I have the world’s worst headache and I just am an all around fun-sucker. I also detest how red my cheeks get when I have had a few – dead give away….I am not even a slur-er, my face is just a warhead. So, my rule for this is – have a couple but drink at least 8oz. of water between each one. I am going to try to keep my ratio of water to alcohol higher than the inverse. I also am going to try to stick with the same kind of alcohol and not mix. Kettle One martinis tend to call my name but I am going to try to go for an option with less sodium.

Black Friday deals and steals should be for others and not for you~  Because my birthday is in December and I love winter fashion – I tend to overbuy. I need to know that when I receive an email with 40% off, it is still money that I do not need to spend.  If I do indulge, I am going to try to make sure it’s for someone else’s Christmas present. I am giving myself a budget of $40…that is all I can spend on myself.

Get outside~ Since the weather has not felt too winter-y just yet, I am going to try to get outside more this week. I tend to do very well with outdoor workouts or just being outside in general during this time of year despite my allergies and asthma. With dry indoors (I need to get a new humidifier, nose bleeds anyone?) I want to make more of an effort to go on a brisk walk with my dog or my boyfriend, head to my local beach and see the sunset. Nothing feels better than crisp air after being in a hot building.

Take a walk! From reducing stress to encouraging creativity, walking has so many benefits!:

Grab a friend, relative, or spouse and get outside! Enjoy the sights and sounds.

And there you have it – 5 ways for me to make it through this week without feeling like a sloth…PLEASE PLEASE feel free to share yours. Even though it’s a joyful time of year, it can still be quite stressful and any other tips and tricks that work for others will be awesome to read.

Thanks for reading,

Hill XO

The Bieber vs. Rihanna Spin Playlist

So I know that people are literally OBSESSED with Bieber’s new album and Bieber in general. I’ll give it to him…he’s cute but like MEH. I like his music, but don’t LOVE it. Of course I get down to ‘Boyfriend’ but ‘Baby’ I could really do without. I have never seen so many Instagram posts with album snapshots as I have for Purpose. Snowballing on that – I have never received so many requests for a Bieber playlist or a mashup in general! Since I aim to please with my spin tracks, I figured I would do Purpose and then add in some Rihanna. I alternated songs between each artist and used all of Rihanna’s albums as opposed to just one of Bieber’s. I was going to do Beyonce but I just couldn’t get motivated enough to pick her. Her last album with Drunk In Love – there just weren’t enough bangers (of course I love XO & Partition) and yea I could have found some awesome remixes, but I just did not have the energy to hunt and prepare too much. Plus some her Destiny’s Child stuff is just. too. slow. for. spin. With my classes being  comprised of 20 somethings who love BPM and Fetty – I just had to let go of the fantasy of doing choreography to ‘Bugaboo’. That was why I picked Ri Ri. In college she was everything and still is. Her voice is not my favorite but her music is just so motivating and has a plethora of criteria that is perfect for spin. ‘Don’t Stop the Music’ just makes me not even want to spin but rather get off the bike and literally and twerk the hardest I can.

I used the playlist in two of my classes this week and my favorite part was making the announcement that this was the trend for the evening and of course doing a standing climb with accelerations to ‘Children’. In my Monday night class there is this one girl who is very quiet who works her butt off and  just comes and goes. I don’t even know her name.But when I said that we had a mashup ride, I saw the corners of her mouth crack into a small smile and that was SO WORTH IT FOR ME. She was so down for the ride and that made me even more excited to switch things up!

The ride was not the hardest but definitely not easy. We did two sprinting songs as well as two heavy ass climbs with one isolation song, and couple of jumps with tap backs. Hills and speed are my favorite things but require a lot of effort and guts to move through lead legs!


Thanks for reading,

Hill xo



Monday Blues

Hello everyone! We meet again, Monday. Today is one of the less painful Mondays because I finally got some good sleep this weekend. I went home for the weekend and it was so great to see my family. My mom and I went to breakfast on Saturday and cuddled later on at night (you know…adult cuddling like laying in the same bed watching a show and reading mags) and then on Sunday my brother and I went to one of our favorite spots for brunch. I also spent some really nice time with my boyfriend. We watched a new Netflix original series – Master of None with Aziz Ansari which is absolutely hilarious (and stupid) and we just caught up…I always love our conversations about what’s been going on in our lives. I sometimes feel so guilty that I live in Boston and he lives in RI but I think we both know the importance of establishing ourselves in our careers, being a little independent and unfortunately for awhile we have to be apart but I know that when we start our lives together it will be such a sweet experience.

I hope everyone has a great week!!

After breakfast my bro an I went down to our town beach - Narragansett to look at the water. It's always SO calming. The water was still and almost this teal color  and the sun was just beaming. I could have sat there all day.

After breakfast my bro an I went down to our town beach – Narragansett to look at the water. It’s always SO calming. The water was still and almost this teal color and the sun was just beaming. I could have sat there all day.

FullSizeRender (17)

The ceiling of our brunch place – Crazy Burger

My holiday mantle. I went to Marshall's and bought a few things for to make this feel a little more festive. I want to get another one of those deep candle holders (middle). The one I bought says "Noel" but I would love the buy the ones that say "Peace and "Hope".

My holiday mantle. I went to Marshall’s and bought a few things for to make this feel a little more festive. I want to get another one of those deep candle holders (middle). The one I bought says “Noel” but I would love the buy the ones that say “Peace and “Hope”.

My breakfast on Sunday. I ordered the Loco Burger which they put through the panini press. Inside the wrap is avocado...delish. Home made sweet potato fries and cucumbers. HEAVEN

My breakfast on Sunday. I ordered the Loco Burger which they put through the panini press. Inside the wrap is avocado…delish. Home made sweet potato fries and cucumbers. HEAVEN

That’s it for right now! Hope everyone has a great week!

Hill XO

THE Cream Highlighting Brush

Finding the perfect brush to apply cream highlighter has been quite the quest for me. Flat foundation brushes tend to not morph to my facial curves and feel like I am just ‘painting’ my face which will then require me to diffuse with fingers or a beauty blender. When I apply highlighter I want it to be a quick and effective step to my makeup process. Of course fingers are always a great option because they can be cleaner than brushes (granted you wash your hands before you apply your makeup) and the heat of your tips can help blend but I prefer a brush that is directional and distributes the right amount of product to the areas I wish.

Well – after many applications and trials with different cream formulas I can say that I have found THE perfect brush. Real Technique’s Bold Metals Triangle Foundation Brush is perfect for this task. While it is marked as a foundation brush it can most certainly be used for different things. The triangular shape makes it easy for me to hit not only the tops of my cheek bones but my brow bone as well. Because of its pointy edge it can work its way into those small areas that benefit from some light – even the inner corners of  the eyes.

It is VERY dense and feels heavier than a normal brush but is so good for this cream highlighter task. I would not categorize the actual brush portion as stout but it is on the stockier side, which I think is the perfect partner for how dense it is. I have never had an issue with streaks, even when I use it with my Becca highlighter which we all know is on the thicker side and can go from subtle glow to disco ball quite quickly. With a few flicks of the wrist you can use the different planes of the brush to either blend, add more or fine tune certain areas.

THE ONLY DOWNSIDE: it is a long ass brush. If you bring this on vacation or something, it’s length does make you question bringing it aboard, but on the flip side, I can always identify it in my holder. All I can say to all of you readers and makeup enthusiasts is YOU’RE WELCOME. This brush is truly unique (and a cheap-er option) and is just such an asset to my brush arsenal!

**lol the Turkish towel for the background is quite comical.**

FullSizeRender (14) FullSizeRender (15)  FullSizeRender (13)

Have a great weekend everyone!

XO Hill

Rosy Cheeks

Hello! With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show coming to a HD TV to you at some point in December I feel that I need to show you this interview and tutorial that I found. Now, this tutorial is from the 2014 VSFS however, it is still very relevant and the look is gorgeous. During my daily visit to the (one of my favorite blogs…ever) there was an awesome interview with Dick Page who was the mastermind behind the angels’ looks. After I read the article I had to watch the video where he does this super fast and beautiful look on one of the models. Here is a link to the interview and the tutorial here 

Because of the simplicity of the look, the next morning I confidently sauntered over to my desk to start my make-up and wanted to re-create (or at least ATTEMPT) the process on myself. I have done this a couple of times and I have to say, it is so easy, quite brightening and perfect for fall. I love a reddish cheek. It brings a lot of life to the face. I must say that my cheeks are pretty rosy on their own but I am not afraid to add more. I think if you have rosacea and have pigmentation on your cheeks, it may be best to conceal the redness and then go in with the red blush just to even things out. You could even mix some cream blush with concealer and kill two birds with one stone! What I do like about this look is that my imperfections still show but my skin looks fresh. It’s a good option for day time.

First things first…I applied my blush just like Sir Page did. I did not bother concealing or anything. I applied the Bobbi Brown cream blush with a stippling brush and then softened with my fingers. Next, I used my YSL Touche Eclat to get rid of my dark circles and brighten up my under eyes, forehead and chin. I blended it all in with my Beauty Blender which was such a great tool for this look. On my lids, I did put on my Burberry cream eyeshadow in Heathered Pink for just a hint of color and then followed with mascara. I added a little bit of MAC’s Cream Color Base in Shell on the tops of my cheek bones for some luminosity. I finished the look by sweeping my MAC blush in Stubborn on my cheeks to seal the cream blush into place. I had to use my MAC setting spray to give myself a little bit more of a dewy look and then I was out the door!!

Here are a few photos and pics of some of the key products!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO

IMG_0100 IMG_0104

IMG_0096 IMG_0097 IMG_0098

Monday Blues

Hello everyone! Here we are…another Monday. I am happy to report that I slept quite well last night after a few nights of inconsistent sleep due to the fact that my roommate and I are babysitting a cat right now and let’s just say she’s always a bit hungry! Luckily she did not sleep with me last night, so I did not have to wake up in the middle of the night to her kneading my chest or meowing in my face for food. She is adorable I will say and is quite suave but at night this little princess loves attention.

This weekend I went to my boyfriend’s mother’s house for dinner with my mom and stepdad and it was a blast. We played a WHOLE deck of Cards Against Humanity. It was a very informative session for the three baby boomers that were there…HOWEVER, I did not realize how sick my mom and my boyfriend’s mother were. They won the game? One card that I always try to get is the one that says “Rush Limbaugh’s soft, shitty body”. I don’t know why I find that one to be absolutely hilarious but I do!

I received my Barre Conditioning certification through Boston Sports Club this weekend which was SO HARD. We started off with the master class which was 55 minutes. After we had learned various aspects of the format we were all supposed to do a private assessment with the teacher but instead he decided that we all had to do the 45 minute format instead…I was kind of happy since I did not really want to do a private assessment but I also was not happy to go through another 45 minutes of work but the second time we did it was a good eye-opener for other ways to teach. His cues were hilarious! He would say things like, “Crack those nuts ladies” when we were pulsing with the small balls between our legs. He also said “Boobs to Jesus” when we were doing some arm work. He was so entertaining to say the least but had no reservations when  correcting our  form. Of course I struggled to tuck my tail which was a sign of my tight hips (shocker). These types of certifications are so fun because everyone wants to be there and they are so challenging not only physically but mentally. One thing that I do loathe is the feeling of being OVERWHELMED with information. You sort of second guess yourself and think “Ok… do I really want to do this”? It is all sort of thrown at you and I think the best thing to do is just let it marinate…that’s just my two cents. When I was certified in Spin, I remember being quite stressed about bike setup, being safe, heart rate zones, etc… but sometimes you have to just let your own personality and format let all of those things unfold in your own special way.

I don’t really have a ton of pics from this weekend but here are a couple below! I will be back soon!!!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO

FullSizeRender (12)

This is myself, my roommate and my roommate’s sister doing sheet masks on a Thursday night. We had a blast. We had dinner and then slapped these babies on for a nice little pamper.


This is a cute table that we have positioned at the bottom of our stairs of our apartment. It looked so cute the other night when I walked by it.


The newest addition to my shoes. I saw these and they screamed NYE, I love the pump, the color, the strap and they are so comfortable. I am going to wear them in a couple of weeks for a wedding!


Just snyped these puppies from Athleta. I liked the tasteful mesh. And has anyone seen LuLuLemon’s prices lately? YEA! RIDICULOUS. I bought these on sale and cannot wait to wear them.

Friggen Friday!

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! The weather this week has been very unpredictable here in the Northeast and I am happy to say that I am excited to not have to pick out an outfit for work these next couple of days. How am I supposed to look “fallish” when its summer temps and even has some of its humidity? It has been in the 70’s and only in the 50’s at night. Sleeping has been slightly uncomfortable since we are on the top floors of our building and I hate sweating when I am getting ready for work. SO YES! Bring on the weekend!

I am planning on grabbing myself a new pair of spin shoes and also getting certified in Barre Conditioning through Boston Sports Club. This certification is only from 9-3 and is FREE but the certification only really means something within the company. If I wanted to teach at any of its locations I could but I couldn’t walk into a boutique barre studio and say I am certified because in truth, barre certifications take weeks of teachings just like yoga and pilates, but I figured that since it was free and just one day that it would be fun to learn some new moves!

As some of you know – Sephora is doing its Beauty Insider discounts from Nov.6th  – Nov. 9th. I love when they do this every year because as well know, discounts from Sephora are VERY rare. Below I have included a couple of things that I am coveting…not much…suprisingly! What are some things you all are coveting during this event?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I’ll be back on Monday!!

Thanks for reading,

Hill XO

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder’s Little Black Liner…anything double ended I am so into. This is the equivalent of a makeup fiend’s light saber.

Tocca Candle

I received one of their candles as a gift and it lasted forever. It burned evenly and has such lovely scents. These make great gifts too may I add.


A cleansing balm…with gold? INTRIGUED! Peter Thomas Roth is so well priced as well!

Release Your Inner Fleek

I am aware that last month was dedicated to eyebrows and I am even more aware that there is a major brow obsession going on. I want to say that I do participate in the whole #eyebrowsonfleek movement but NOT to the extent that some do, however, I will say that I am happy it exists. Eyebrows frame our face and it is sort of crazy what  little bit of a light brown powder eyeshadow can do for their shape and the rest of your mug. I remember for my junior prom my mom said, “Oh you need to fill in your brows”. I was thinking to myself. “Is this girl CRAZY…I am not trying to look like Frida Khalo… it ain’t Halloween”…but I trusted her because she’s my mom and always has the best products. I let her fill them in with her light taupe colored eyebrow pencil. I started getting them done when I was a junior high school and I have  been going to the same woman ever since. I choose threading as my vehicle to better brows because I have harvested this relationship with this woman who always has an abundance of chai, a great lesson about life and who genuinely LOVES DOING BROWS. I sometimes go to threading places here in Boston but my girl Monica back at home always says, “No they are trying too hard to make this arch work”! I love her comments when other people do my brows because she gets so mad but she does understand my desperation sometimes if I cannot get to her. She is really big on no plucking in between sessions and I have always obeyed her!

So, this past weekend I had went home just on Saturday so Monica could do my brows (and the ladystache…cause I’m Italian). I took a couple of b&a just so you can see how badly my brows needed some shaping. I hadn’t gone since August. I was kind of just letting them do their thing…I was on a serious hiatus and that saga has now ended. I have learned that eyebrows are not twins…they are sisters and we need to seriously embrace that. I found this awesome brow chart form Intothegloss (my favorite). Which brows do you have?!??!

I am fully aware at how ROUGH I look….just keep your eyes on da brows!

IMG_0029 IMG_0030

IMG_0071 IMG_0072 IMG_0073

Thanks for reading!!!

XO Hill