Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Review

Since I have gotten back from NYC I have been obsessed with this one purchase that I made. It is the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow in the color Bette. I wanted Marie Antoinette but Bergdorf Goodman had sold out of it! It was such a fun experience to buy it at Bergdorf’s. What a beautiful store.

Ever since Charlotte Tilbury did a makeup look on Lisa Eldridge’s Youtube Channel, I fell in love with her. Her fiery red hair, pale, creamy skin, and just inherent love for beauty…NOT TO MENTION THE BRITISH ACCENT – she’s just so marvelous. I also love how she wears a lot of black! She’s like a mix between a witchy woman and sexy siren. Teni Panosian recently did a makeup tutorial using her products and it was beautiful! The story behind the tutorial was even better. Teni was at NYFW and Charlotte came up to her and pulled her aside then proceeded to give her all of this fabulous makeup from her collection…swoon worthy!

Without further suspension, I have been testing out this cream eye shadow and have been loving it and have worn it every day this week. My MAC 239 brush has been my weapon of choice when applying this stuff. The consistency is VERY creamy and quite moussey. I thought it would crease, but with a little bit of my NARS Pro Prime underneath, I have had ZERO issues. The color is amazing and makes my eyes look pretty un-basic. It’s great for glasses-wearers as well. I will show you three looks that I did with it. DON’T JUDGE THE PHOTOS. I have a pimple on my forward that has literally been there for 10 days? Wtf? Also, I hate smiling that close with my teeth so I always do the tight lipped, forced smile so I apologize for the corny photos but let’s focus people it’s about the look!

Monday ~ So for this look I applied the shadow, used a medium brown through the crease and did my lashes on the tops and bottoms. Here it is with glasses and may I add, I took this picture at the end of the day – 5:45pm. Still looks good! I used MAC’s blush in Whole Lotta Love on my cheeks. It’s a great blush to use with gold colors for some pop!

IMG_6393 IMG_6400 IMG_6403

Tuesday ~ These photos were taken AFTER my workout! With this look I did a liner on the top and put some brown through the crease and left my bottom lashes bare. I wanted to keep it kind of simple for the day! Look at how good it still looks after a full day of work AND a workout!

IMG_6407 IMG_6411

Thursday ~ With this look, I thought I would take photos in natural light and not in my bedroom. This was taken around lunchtime. I put the shadow on my lid and lashline then took a medium brown and concentrated it on the outer corner to give it a little bit of a winged effect without anyone thinking “Oh she winged out her eyeshadow”. I used Bobbi Brown’s Slopes blush for my cheeks. I wanted to keep the look nude.

IMG_6417 IMG_6420 IMG_6422

So these are the looks! I also bought her lipstick in Penelope Pink which is what I am wearing in the photos right above. It is a great peach nude for olive skin tones. It smells a little bit like MAC’s lipsticks and I never have to worry about my lips feeling feathery. I hope you all enjoy this gold cream eye shadow rant. Golds are great for all year round and can be so versatile!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO


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