Hello everyone! I have been a little MIA this week… This cold has held me hostage and today is the first day in about 8 days that I feel decent. I did teach my normal class on Monday and it was a struggle cardio wise but it was very rewarding. I did something a little different. I put all of the heavy climbing at the end. I did a two song ascend and then a descending climb with sprints for the end. I could hear all of the heavy breathing and loved all the “Woo-Hoo’s”. Not only did everyone come to work, but people came to work hard and it was one for the books. With fall in full swing, my classes pick up with newbies and the outdoor riders and runners come indoors for their workouts. I love the energy I feel during my fall classes. So tonight I will be teaching the same format with a few different jams thrown in there. Here are the honorable mentions below…

First up is Kiesza’s ‘Give it to the Moment’. I was driving in my car and this came on in my iTunes. The choreography for this came to and had a great amount of work with rest. Start on a low hill, right at the base. When the music starts to pick up a bit, bring it up into standing and then at the break – PICK THAT PACE UP then bring it down to the saddle to regroup. I’ts a quick song, and you move around so you keep your mind off how heavy you are breathing

Another is ‘Booty Call’ by Timeflies. A student/friend in one of my classes recommended their new album and I found this  gem on there. Great song for isolations. We spend the whole song out in 3rd…Isolate for the verse and let it go for the chorus. 3 rounds!

Mako’s ‘Children of the Night’ for me just screams SPEED. So I used this a descending climb and as the last song before the cooldown. So before we start our 2, 30 second sprints we take down the resistance from a 7 to 5 by taking it off in quarter turn increments. Obviously a quarter turn is different for everyone, therefore I tell people “Quarter turn is a guideline, but take a little off into you feel a change and that means its enough”. I’m all about honesty here. Since the song is placed here after heavy ascend, by the time you start your first sprint on a 5 (enough resistance to engage those quads and hamstrings while pushing against something strong not HEAVY) you are almost craving it.

Miguel’s ‘Simple Things Remix’ featuring BREEZY AND FUTURE!! love love love THIS for my cool down. I JUST WANT YOUUUU OH YA YA YA YA YA… I have a small obsession with all things Miguel.

Well here is the official playlist! I’ll be back soon!

Thanks for reading.



Hill XO


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