Spin Updates & Playlist

I have been subbing a lot lately and yesterday was the end to the madness. When I first started teaching I was subbing whenever I could and would teach sometimes 6 times a week. Now that I have been teaching for about 3.5 years I don’t jump at every chance to sub but when that perfect situation presents itself I do take it. By perfect I mean…where is the gym…what time…can I get there with no traffic…do I have to do work for grad school…do I like that specific location…should I take the T home…etc. It all has to align for me and if I sense that it is too much of a hassle or if I will be spread too thin by taking it on, then I don’t do it. It’s important to say ‘No’ when you are active. Your body is literally your temple (I KNOW I KNOW CORNY, but we only have ONE bod) and if I am not 100% comfortable with adding to my current load, then I just don’t commit.

Yesterday I taught at 6am at my gym in Southie and then taught at 6pm at Government Center. My manager at my Southie gym was in a serious bind for her 6am class so I said I would just do it. Teaching twice a day is NOT my preference but I would rather teach at two different times of day than to teach a double. Whenever I teach in the morning I cannot sleep the night before…my adrenaline pumps all night long thinking about class and my counts and how many people will be there… what if my alarm doesn’t go off? I drive myself mad, so yesterday I was running on fumes! Plus my boyfriend’s mom was in a horrible car accident and I rushed out of work to help her (she’s ok) but it was a long day. By the time 6pm came around I was dog tired but was so happy to get on a bike and teach again!!

It was a steamy class…speed…hills…hills with jumps. Sometimes when I am tired, I care less about what I throw on the playlist and its usually harder than ever with a big finish. Here is the lineup below. Roses and Sugar are my current loves for hills. Roses just speaks to me for some reason and I used all parts of the bike for it. We started in the saddle, came up to standing and then moved to 3rd for some slow, two count jumps all while on a heavy hill. Sugar is a remake of Baby Bash’s hit and I used this as a medium sized hill out in 3rd and then as pickups in the saddle during the chorus. My motto is: if you can get a decently high cadence in the saddle with a sizable amount of resistance and keep your pace for 30 seconds…you have made it in the spin world. That was one of the HARDEST things for me to master as a teacher and a student. New sprint jam is A1…this is a workout playlist must. Whenever it comes on, I instantly feel the need to ramp it up.

IMG_6279 IMG_6280

Thanks for reading!

XO Hill


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