Monday Blues

Today I actually woke up feeling refreshed. Yesterday my day consisted of moving from my bed to the couch to the fridge and then to the Assembly Row to see The Intern. It was an awesome, feel-good movie. Robert De Niro is just the cutest and I wish he was my grandpa. Anne Hathaway is not my fave because I feel like she’s actually a bitch but in this movie, her clothes were so cute and I loved her character.

I subbed a spin class on Saturday morning which I was kind of dreading since I had subbed quite a bit last week and felt a little tight (I did a crazy TRF workout on Thursday and was still store on Saturday) and tired but it was an hour class, which I have not taught in a long time and it was so detoxifying. The room’s AC was broken and normally I would get so ticked about that, but I actually did not mind it. The class was definitely not used to my cueing and music, but I didn’t really care because it’s good to get pushed out of your comfort zone. I don’t do 2 count jumps (at this gym anyways) or arms or any of that sort of stuff…so I am sorry that I am not sorry for making you get on a heavy hill and then take it off for sprints without a 5 minute flat road in between…just sayin’. My roommate took the class and so did some of my Monday night people who absolutely kill it, so I was glad to see some familiar faces  that wanted to work hard.

Has anyone seen this episode of the office…Hilarious. It’s really not ever THAT BAD


On Saturday afternoon my mom and stepdad came up for my mom’s birthday and we went to so many places to eat. We started at Barcelona on Tremont, then went to Row 34 in Fort Point and ended at Pastoral for tequila shots. We had a blast. My roommate came with us and so did her mom. The fun is always amplified when your mom is friends with your roommate’s mom.

I actually did not take any pics this weekend which is a total rarity for me! I was really focused on being with my mom and enjoying some great company. I hope everyone stayed warm and relaxed. It was a good weekend for it! I’ll be back this week!

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO


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