Happy Friday everyone! This week just sort of seemed to drag! I could honestly care less about it being Halloween. I think I would rather spend the money on a NYE dress than buy a costume. Just my opinion. I am going home to RI for the night to see the fam and my boyfriend and then will be coming back up to Boston forSaturday. I honestly am really looking forward to going home for just one night and seeing some of my favorite people.

Last night after work I randomly decided that I was going to go out for a run no matter how late I got home or how tired I was. There was something about the temperature being in the mid 70’s in October and knowing that it was probably going to be one of the last times I could run after work with it still being light outside. As soon as I got home, I laced up and took to the streets of Southie. It was such a great run. I had no expectations and enjoyed my music without doing counts for spin. I went straight to Castle Island for my run and the sunset was just MAGNIFICENT. The wind was so strong that I felt like my obliques were taking a beating but I felt so alive and just fought through it. I ended my run by HAULING ASS up G Street which is straight uphill. I have ran up it many times and sometimes I make it to the top without stopping and sometimes I only last about 30 seconds. I kept repeating over and over in my head “FIGHT FOR IT”. I didn’t stop once and then it was only about 5 minutes to home from there. I felt like I could have kept going by the time I reached my place.

I very rarely run anymore. In college I always ran and took spin to supplement my soccer training and then after college I started teaching spin right away so I never really harvested my running skills. I have run two 10-mile road races in my hometown which are a blast and this past summer I really wanted to run it for my third time, but my allergies were horrible and I couldn’t get a handle on them, I was really stressed out at my job and then I started a new job…the timing was just awful. But after last night’s run, I can say it was one of the best runs I have ever had and it seriously motivated me to hit the streets!

Here is one of the pics from my run! Thanks for reading everyone and I will talk to you this coming week! Everyone have a FAB weekend!!



Hill XO


NYC Koreatown Haul – The Face Shop and Tony Moly

I finally have gotten around to writing my skincare haul from Koreatown in NYC. I feel as if this shopping experience was meant to happen. Our hotel was on Madison and East 31st.  and I was so fortunate that The Face Shop and Tony Moly were so close. The shops were about a street away from my hotel and little further west. On Saturday when my family and I arrived to NYC we got settled in the hotel, had some pizza (duh) and then headed straight to downtown. After we had decided to head back to the hotel and relax before dinner…I took a quick nap…ditched my mom (I had kind of figured she wasn’t going to be that interested in this little endeavor I had planned) and then headed out. I had looked online to find some hidden Asian skincare stores in NYC and Face Shop had come highly recommended. I also went to Tony Moly which was on the same street and had no idea it was even over there so I of course popped in! The stores in Koreatown are just stacked one on top of the other. You look up a building and you see all different stores on such high floors. Also, some of the smells were just amazing. LOTS of awesome sushi places and I wish I could have gone into all of them!

I will say, I was very proud of myself for discovering these gems, executing the walk over there (without getting lost) and just enjoying something that was for ME only! I think that is part of the traveling spirit I have. I sometimes want to be alone and see what I want to see instead of people being like “OH LOOK OVER THERE!! THAT LOOKS COOL”…no…I want to look up, look down, stop and window shop on my own small excursion. Maybe some of you are the same and maybe some of you are like “Damn, this girl is FREAKING CRAZY”…but it’s those little moments that you lead yourself to experience that you treasure the most.

But! Here is a pic of everything I bought.


The Face Shop Chia Seed Water ~ I squirted this on the back of my hand and it was over. It is an essence and is used after your toner as a hit of hydration. It is quite liquidy for an essence but I love the effect. The smell is natural, and quite dull but I think it is a good edition. Maybe not for every morning, but at night I think taking more time for your skincare is essential…ITS SELF CARE PEOPLE.


The Face Shop Blan Clouding White Moisture Serum ~ I needed a new hydrating serum and this one was relatively cheap, light and since I was in NYC I was all about making this purchase. I have to say – I love it. It is not greasy, does not irritate my skin and works so well under my other creams and makeup! I am so happy I found this!


The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Cream ~ The only thing that I can think of is that this reminds me of Pond’s. It’s cooling, soft and does not irritate my skin. This stuff was $8 and they had a ton of different options for these creams. I don’t think this is a holy-grail cleansing cream and it is not a good option for removing eye make-up but after a long day, getting something that is refreshing on the face feels all kinds of right.


Tony Moly Gold 24k Mask ~ Gold. Face mask. Done. I saw it. Had to have it. Put it in the basket. Wham bam thank you m’am. I used this right as soon as I returned to the hotel for a bit of radiance boosting. It is supposed to tone and give you a bright eyed effect and supposedly does have some gold in it…? I have to use this a little bit more to see if I like what it does, but for starters – no irritation.


Tony Moly Timeless Placenta Hydrogel Mask ~ I should have bought multiple of these because now I am waiting for that right time to use this…do I do it before an event…do I do it on a Friday night pamper session…AHHH!!!!!! Look at that packaging. I love hydrating masks and am always on the quest to find the perfect one. Maybe this will be it! For $6 I had to buy it.

Tony Moly Intense Care Snail Foot Mask ~ This was a shoein…teehee. My feet have been just God awful.giphy

I think that after my next pedicure that I will use this to keep my heels smooth and maybe cut down on my blisters from refilling up with fluid…I’M SORRY. BUT WHEN YOU WALK HOME DRUNK ONCE AND THEN GET BLOOD BLISTERS THEY ARE REALLY HARD TO GET RID OF WHEN YOU ARE ATHLETIC AND STILL GRAB YOUR SEXY SHOES FOR WORK. OK? Ok. Anyways! I wish I had bought two of these as well. I promise you I will report back on this one. We gotta make serious love to our feet…they support our weight and do a lot!


So there is my Asian skincare roundup when I was in NYC. I hope you all enjoyed reading this. A little humor…a little self exploration…and a whole lot of dough spent on stuff we rub on our bodies to feel good. Can I get a hell yea??!?!?!

Thanks for reading!

XO Hill

Monday Blues


Hey people. I hate Mondays…still. I had a pretty decent weekend but still have not felt 100% cured from my cold…Still very phlegmy. I  started my weekend off with a killer workout on Friday night. My roommate and I did a mix of HIIT like start jumps, mountain climbers and burpees and then did some good core work and weights for the arms. On Saturday we walked from our apartment to Beacon Hill. It’s a little bit of a trek but it was a nice, cold day with nothing planned until later. We ended up at Sephora and I can’t say I wasn’t a naughty girl! UGHHHHH. ZERO WILLPOWER. On Saturday night my roommate and I went out to Brahmin for a birthday party which was quite fun and luckily since we were with an event we had to only wait in the small line. For those of you that live in Boston that ever go to Brahmin, you literally have to start your pregame at 3:00pm in order to get there without a huge ass line! It’s one of those places that always has a line and it takes like 2 hours to get through it. Yesterday was nice and relaxing! My roommate and I headed over to her mom’s place in the Seaport and she made us food all day long as the Pats played. We mostly napped and ate and moved from the bed to the couch…lol so sad

Here are some pics below! Everyone have a great week!


The nachos my roommate’s mother made us!!!

FullSizeRender (10)

Le Purchases…squeal



Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Review

Since I have gotten back from NYC I have been obsessed with this one purchase that I made. It is the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize Cream Eyeshadow in the color Bette. I wanted Marie Antoinette but Bergdorf Goodman had sold out of it! It was such a fun experience to buy it at Bergdorf’s. What a beautiful store.

Ever since Charlotte Tilbury did a makeup look on Lisa Eldridge’s Youtube Channel, I fell in love with her. Her fiery red hair, pale, creamy skin, and just inherent love for beauty…NOT TO MENTION THE BRITISH ACCENT – she’s just so marvelous. I also love how she wears a lot of black! She’s like a mix between a witchy woman and sexy siren. Teni Panosian recently did a makeup tutorial using her products and it was beautiful! The story behind the tutorial was even better. Teni was at NYFW and Charlotte came up to her and pulled her aside then proceeded to give her all of this fabulous makeup from her collection…swoon worthy!

Without further suspension, I have been testing out this cream eye shadow and have been loving it and have worn it every day this week. My MAC 239 brush has been my weapon of choice when applying this stuff. The consistency is VERY creamy and quite moussey. I thought it would crease, but with a little bit of my NARS Pro Prime underneath, I have had ZERO issues. The color is amazing and makes my eyes look pretty un-basic. It’s great for glasses-wearers as well. I will show you three looks that I did with it. DON’T JUDGE THE PHOTOS. I have a pimple on my forward that has literally been there for 10 days? Wtf? Also, I hate smiling that close with my teeth so I always do the tight lipped, forced smile so I apologize for the corny photos but let’s focus people it’s about the look!

Monday ~ So for this look I applied the shadow, used a medium brown through the crease and did my lashes on the tops and bottoms. Here it is with glasses and may I add, I took this picture at the end of the day – 5:45pm. Still looks good! I used MAC’s blush in Whole Lotta Love on my cheeks. It’s a great blush to use with gold colors for some pop!

IMG_6393 IMG_6400 IMG_6403

Tuesday ~ These photos were taken AFTER my workout! With this look I did a liner on the top and put some brown through the crease and left my bottom lashes bare. I wanted to keep it kind of simple for the day! Look at how good it still looks after a full day of work AND a workout!

IMG_6407 IMG_6411

Thursday ~ With this look, I thought I would take photos in natural light and not in my bedroom. This was taken around lunchtime. I put the shadow on my lid and lashline then took a medium brown and concentrated it on the outer corner to give it a little bit of a winged effect without anyone thinking “Oh she winged out her eyeshadow”. I used Bobbi Brown’s Slopes blush for my cheeks. I wanted to keep the look nude.

IMG_6417 IMG_6420 IMG_6422

So these are the looks! I also bought her lipstick in Penelope Pink which is what I am wearing in the photos right above. It is a great peach nude for olive skin tones. It smells a little bit like MAC’s lipsticks and I never have to worry about my lips feeling feathery. I hope you all enjoy this gold cream eye shadow rant. Golds are great for all year round and can be so versatile!

Thanks for reading

Hill XO


Hello everyone! I have been a little MIA this week… This cold has held me hostage and today is the first day in about 8 days that I feel decent. I did teach my normal class on Monday and it was a struggle cardio wise but it was very rewarding. I did something a little different. I put all of the heavy climbing at the end. I did a two song ascend and then a descending climb with sprints for the end. I could hear all of the heavy breathing and loved all the “Woo-Hoo’s”. Not only did everyone come to work, but people came to work hard and it was one for the books. With fall in full swing, my classes pick up with newbies and the outdoor riders and runners come indoors for their workouts. I love the energy I feel during my fall classes. So tonight I will be teaching the same format with a few different jams thrown in there. Here are the honorable mentions below…

First up is Kiesza’s ‘Give it to the Moment’. I was driving in my car and this came on in my iTunes. The choreography for this came to and had a great amount of work with rest. Start on a low hill, right at the base. When the music starts to pick up a bit, bring it up into standing and then at the break – PICK THAT PACE UP then bring it down to the saddle to regroup. I’ts a quick song, and you move around so you keep your mind off how heavy you are breathing

Another is ‘Booty Call’ by Timeflies. A student/friend in one of my classes recommended their new album and I found this  gem on there. Great song for isolations. We spend the whole song out in 3rd…Isolate for the verse and let it go for the chorus. 3 rounds!

Mako’s ‘Children of the Night’ for me just screams SPEED. So I used this a descending climb and as the last song before the cooldown. So before we start our 2, 30 second sprints we take down the resistance from a 7 to 5 by taking it off in quarter turn increments. Obviously a quarter turn is different for everyone, therefore I tell people “Quarter turn is a guideline, but take a little off into you feel a change and that means its enough”. I’m all about honesty here. Since the song is placed here after heavy ascend, by the time you start your first sprint on a 5 (enough resistance to engage those quads and hamstrings while pushing against something strong not HEAVY) you are almost craving it.

Miguel’s ‘Simple Things Remix’ featuring BREEZY AND FUTURE!! love love love THIS for my cool down. I JUST WANT YOUUUU OH YA YA YA YA YA… I have a small obsession with all things Miguel.

Well here is the official playlist! I’ll be back soon!

Thanks for reading.



Hill XO


Happy Friday to one and all! I hope everyone’s weeks went by quickly…With Monday being a holiday , four day weeks sometimes tend to drag and be extra busy. After being in NYC, being exposed to my boyfriend who was sick as well as my roommate, I inevitably also came down with a cold. It was not one that knocked me on my a$$ or anything, but definitely one that was JUST SO ANNOYING. At least today I seem to have more of a productive cough but I still feel under the weather. However, here are a few things this week that I am currently loving.

This ring I bought from Bauble Bar is so simple but I have reached for it almost everyday since I bought it. I think tortoise is so classic and this square shape makes it unique. Since I have been wearing a lot of black, this ring just feels like the right choice. It was only $18! STEAL.

FullSizeRender (9)

C.O. Bigelow Cold and Flu Soak ~ I picked this up in NYC and thought “Well I know I am going to get sick soon so I might as well buy this”…and POOF! Just like that, here I am with a cold. I used this in my bath last night. This helped me feel so much better. Just when I thought the menthol and eucalyptis scent was dissolved, I turned on the jets and it was restored. This stuff just keeps on giving. If you don’t like a lot of sud action, then this is nice. The liquid is thin and I love the color of it. I highly recommend this, but an easier alternative to get a hold may be the Kiss My Face bath soak. It’s very similar and a little bit cheaper.

C.O. Bigelow Cold and Flu Soak Herbal Formula - No.122

Even though I kept felt worse as the day went on, I forced myself to head out for a walk after work. I didn’t start walking until almost 6:00, but the sunset was beautiful. Here are a couple of pictures. The sky went from pastels to this firey orange and blue. The crescent moon was stunning. By the end of my walk, I felt better and felt so relaxed. When you’re sick it is so important to listen to your body. I knew I couldn’t have handled a run or an intense lifting session, but I knew the walk would help me take my mind off being sick. In the fall I love being outside at night. The cool air does so much for me!

IMG_6382 IMG_6383

Here is my lip trio for the week. Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk followed by Revlon’s Silver City pink for a little bit of a pink frosted pop and then finished with Rimmel’s Stay Glossy Lip Gloss in Non Stop Glamour.

FullSizeRender (8)

Everyone enjoy your weekend! I’ll be back on Monday!

Thanks for reading,

XO Hill

Pixi Review & Asian Skincare Chat

I will preface this post by saying that I have been spending quite a bit of dough recently on skincare, clothes, and makeup. I love fall and in my defense I hardly spent any money this summer. I did treat myself to a few new pairs of shoes and a couple of basic tees, but other than that I was a very good girl (insert halo). Now that I have settled into my job a little bit more and I have established a new routine, I feel very inspired this fall by the current trends. Living in Boston is so much fun around this time of year. The foliage is beautiful, you can dine out and the windows will still be open without sweating, and the energy in the city is great… school’s are back in session and it’s more bustling. Therefore, I have been enjoying trying out new makeup trends and exploring new releases and products that have hit the market. SO LET’S GET TO IT.

I will say that I love ALL of these products and the best part is that they are affordable. Besides May Coop, you can find them at Target. Pixi skincare has finally made its way into American stores (all hail Pixi Glow Tonic) and I am so happy it’s finally happened. I also am loving all of the skincare buzz that was really catapulted by BB Creams making their way over here.

FullSizeRender (4)

First up – Pixi Glow Tonic. We all know Caroline Hirons would marry this stuff if she could… I never believed her until I purchased it. I have used MANY exfoliating toners and eventually gave them up because I became red and irritated with frequent use. This stuff is gentle, smells cute (you know what I mean) and works. I use it every other night and I wake up with smoother skin that feels more refined. I have very sensitive skin and was nervous it would be too much, but it is so perfect. You need a tiny amount and I look so forward to this step in my routine. This product is here to stay in my regimen.

Then we have May Coop’s Raw Sauce. I love the name. The main ingredient is maple tree sap which is known to be very nourishing and penetrates deeply into the skin. I bought this at Sephora in their checkout aisle of doom…I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT HERE…If you are a total sucker for toiletry/sample sized products RAISE YOUR MITTS. Anyways, I thought for fifteen bucks I would try it. Let me tell you, $15 is going a long way. I use about two to three drops AFTER my toner and press this into my face. It’s a little bit cooling and since it’s an essence it’s a little bit thicker than a liquid toner. I think this bottle will last awhile. I brought it on my NYC trip and it fit perfectly in my toiletry bag. For those of you interested in the Asian sector of skincare, here is an awesome article that I found online at Marie Clare. I also have included some info on May Coop that I found on http://peachandlily.com/collections/may-coop which is a great site for Asian beauty.

FullSizeRender (5)

While also perusing Pixi’s section in Target one day, I was intrigued by the Glow Mist. This is a spray to use before make up as a sort of primer to just give yourself one last hit of hydration. It looks a little oily in the bottle, but I can assure it is a very fine spray. I have used this a few times and really enjoy it on days that I use a lighter skincare routine – more serums and light layers as opposed to heavy creams. I can’t say I noticed a difference in my skin as the day went on, but I think that my make up did sit a little bit more pretty. If you would like a cheap option for a priming spray – I think this fits the bill.

FullSizeRender (7)

NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer…I had to. It was ten bucks and said it had gold flecks in it for radiant skin! Now, because it also has honey added to the mix, its thick and almost gloopy. I know that is not preferable for many primers, but I still like this!!! Like all of the other products mentioned in this post, you do not need a lot. I focused on applying this more towards the center of my face and sheered it out. I adore NYX and their affordable makeup, and I must say I am enjoying this primer as well. It is great for an overnight trip because its small and will not take up too much space. With continued use, we shall see how it ranks among other brands such as Hourglass,YSL and Laura Mercier.

FullSizeRender (6)

I hope you all enjoyed the ramble!! Be back soon with more products.

Thanks for reading, Hillary xo

Tuesday Blues – Since yesterday was a holiday!

HELLO EVERYONE. I hope all of you had a great Columbus Day Weekend. In the Northeast we had some great weather. It was in the high 60’s with NO humidity (DA BEST) and since I spent the majority of the time outside, feeling that nice warm sun was such a treat! I went to NYC for the weekend with my family. My brother wanted to see Columbia’s campus since he is highly interested in the Teacher’s College for a Master’s in Anthropology. We tackled a lot of the city and I made some SERIOUS purchases that I will save for another post. But, instead of going on and on about how fabulous the Concrete Jungle was, here are some pics and descriptions! I hope everyone had some time to relax, explore and have fun!

An awesome 'wave' life building in Times Square... right outside Bergdorf Goodman.

An awesome ‘wave’ like building in Times Square… right outside Bergdorf Goodman. No filter needed for this!

Chamomile grappa...If you are Italian you probably know how potent this is. It definitely puts a little bit of hair on your chest.

Chamomile grappa…If you are Italian you probably know how potent this is. It definitely puts a little bit of hair on your chest.

One of the cutest little coffee shop in the Flat Iron on Broadway...So great for people watching.

One of the cutest little coffee shops in the Flat Iron on Broadway…So great for people watching.

FullSizeRender (2)

We went to this cafe twice. Here is my espresso. It was divine. The place was called La Pecora Bianca which means white sheep.

Macaroons from Laduree. The best. The Orange Blossom offering is in my opinion the best.

Macaroons from Laduree. The best. The Orange Blossom offering is so unique. You get a hint of orange  but it is very floral. 

My bro and I on the library steps of Columbia. AMAZING.

My bro and I on the library steps of Columbia. AMAZING.

This is a C.O. Bigelow down on 6th Ave. Not only does it carry C.O. Bigelow but it has so many high end brands, barrettes and cute makeup bags. A one stop shop for all things beauty.

This is THE C.O. Bigelow down on 6th Ave. The building has been there since the late 1800’s. Not only does it carry C.O. Bigelow but it has so many high-end brands, barrettes and cute makeup bags. A one stop shop for all things beauty…It also has a pharmacy? Who wouldn’t want to pick their birth control up here?

NO words. It was a beautiful site when we got there. I wish people were more respectful of the events that occurred.

NO words. When we made our way to Ground Zero, it was worth the walk. The footprints of the two towers were beautifully made into memorials with cascading waterfalls.

Thanks for reading!


Spin Updates & Playlist

I have been subbing a lot lately and yesterday was the end to the madness. When I first started teaching I was subbing whenever I could and would teach sometimes 6 times a week. Now that I have been teaching for about 3.5 years I don’t jump at every chance to sub but when that perfect situation presents itself I do take it. By perfect I mean…where is the gym…what time…can I get there with no traffic…do I have to do work for grad school…do I like that specific location…should I take the T home…etc. It all has to align for me and if I sense that it is too much of a hassle or if I will be spread too thin by taking it on, then I don’t do it. It’s important to say ‘No’ when you are active. Your body is literally your temple (I KNOW I KNOW CORNY, but we only have ONE bod) and if I am not 100% comfortable with adding to my current load, then I just don’t commit.

Yesterday I taught at 6am at my gym in Southie and then taught at 6pm at Government Center. My manager at my Southie gym was in a serious bind for her 6am class so I said I would just do it. Teaching twice a day is NOT my preference but I would rather teach at two different times of day than to teach a double. Whenever I teach in the morning I cannot sleep the night before…my adrenaline pumps all night long thinking about class and my counts and how many people will be there… what if my alarm doesn’t go off? I drive myself mad, so yesterday I was running on fumes! Plus my boyfriend’s mom was in a horrible car accident and I rushed out of work to help her (she’s ok) but it was a long day. By the time 6pm came around I was dog tired but was so happy to get on a bike and teach again!!

It was a steamy class…speed…hills…hills with jumps. Sometimes when I am tired, I care less about what I throw on the playlist and its usually harder than ever with a big finish. Here is the lineup below. Roses and Sugar are my current loves for hills. Roses just speaks to me for some reason and I used all parts of the bike for it. We started in the saddle, came up to standing and then moved to 3rd for some slow, two count jumps all while on a heavy hill. Sugar is a remake of Baby Bash’s hit and I used this as a medium sized hill out in 3rd and then as pickups in the saddle during the chorus. My motto is: if you can get a decently high cadence in the saddle with a sizable amount of resistance and keep your pace for 30 seconds…you have made it in the spin world. That was one of the HARDEST things for me to master as a teacher and a student. New sprint jam is A1…this is a workout playlist must. Whenever it comes on, I instantly feel the need to ramp it up.

IMG_6279 IMG_6280

Thanks for reading!

XO Hill

The Alternative to MAC Coppering

We all know that coppery eye looks are currently on trend and I cannot say I’m a huge fan because I do think its difficult to find your perfect copper shade. MAC Coppering I know is the ‘end all, be all’ shadow that is literally in everyone’s September Favorites, however I must say that I found a less intense version that has a little bit of shimmer in it and may suit more skin tones.

Enter in MAC Mythology. A little more on the bronze side than Coppering and with some shimmer. I think that this offering is dressed down and a strong option for daytime. I am trying to find the best way to wear it and I must say, I have been enjoying using on my upper and lower lids. You can wear Mythology on its own with a simple wash of color or you can wet it to get something a little more intense. For this look, I put it up into my crease, and wet my liner brush to place it underneath. Then I went in with my MAC Costa Riche eyeliner to line my upper and lower lash line and then I blended it out slightly with my fingers. For me, I need a little bit of liner to secure the look. I did not use any other color for my crease to transition the shade but I did blend out the color with my MAC 217.

I think that copper is a nice alternative to bronze and gold looks so I am kind of enjoying this slightly different look. My Revlon lipstick Champagne on Ice is a great pairing with the eyes and keeps the look nude-ish. The blush I have on is an oldie but a goodie – Rimmel Santa Rose…looks like nothing but gives the perfect hint of something.

IMG_6262 IMG_6261 IMG_6257

Thanks for reading you guys!

Hill XO