Monday Blues

Ughh Hey Monday…I still don’t like you. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did not want it to end! I stayed in Boston and my boyfriend came up. We ordered Tasty Burger on Friday and Saturday night because we are just SO healthy and we spent Saturday night on a close friend’s new roof deck which had nothing less than a spectacular view of Boston. I did go to M Street beach on Saturday which was great because it was just the perfect temperature and hardly anyone was there. Then of course we participated in Sunday Funday by spending the day at Stats to watch the game! Here are a few pics from my weekend. I’ll be back this week!

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO

IMG_6194 (1)

What does this picture NOT capture of the Boston skyline? South Boston views are pretty impressive. 

image1 (5)

I took a little trip to Neatly Nested and picked this candle up. I loved it because it didn’t smell too much like fall and not a whole lot like summer. I’m loving it.

image3 (4)

A busy Stats for the Pats game. Their buffalo chicken spring rolls are AMAZE.

image4 (6)

M Street Beach. I love the colors in this photo – the gradient nature of the blue sky, the teal undertones of the water and the neutral sand. Small piece of heaven.

image2 (4)

Another purchase from Neatly Nested. I needed a new makeup brush holder. The wider the top, the better. Lesson learned.

Thanks for reading,

Hill XO


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