Monday Spin Playlist

To my fellow group exercise instructors, I think this is a post that will hit home with many of you. So, I have not taught my Monday night Spin class in two weeks. Last week was Labor Day and the week before I was on vacation. Question: I guess its technically three weeks since I have taught that class, but do we say two since I have only missed two classes…either way let’s put it this way…the last time I taught this class was August 24th. I always feel VERY guilty when I secure a sub. I get almost jealous of the subs and wish I could be there. I think I am one of those instructors who teaches spin because I love it so much but also because I love having control! I will come right out and say that. I love being the one girl that gets to ‘tell’ everyone what to do. However, in class I let everyone know that I am their ‘guide’ and ‘coach’ not a bossy little biatch (of course the nicest biatch favorite phrase is “Don’t cheat unless you need to. Make sure you are on a hill!”). So, when I am not in class I feel a lost sense of control. Even when I was on vacation I was thinking about my two classes “Oh look, its 6:30 they all must be getting going”. I even look at my phone after the class expecting that text from my peeps saying “The sub was good, but WE MISSED YOU”. I know that many of us instructors love fitness and motivating people, so instead of psychoanalyzing my need for control, I am just going to let it ride because it means I’m passionate and plus there are other parts of myself that I should work on…Like how pissed I get when my wifi doesn’t work in my room after 8pm *breathe Hillary, you do not need to watch this nail polish collection video right now*. So anyways! Below is my playlist that I did in yesterday’s class. It is a 45 minute class *yes* and I had a lot of good movements and transitions. Below I will describe what we did for each song!

WARM UP: Jax Jones – Yea Yea Yea (Radio Edit)

~Ugh in love with this jam! We started in the saddle on a flat road and do a few pick-ups to get in the groove. 3 pick-ups total: 1st and 2nd = 15 seconds and the 3rd for about 40.

TAP BACKS & JUMPS: Redfoo – New Thang

~Ok…this is a good first song (in my opinion) because it makes you think a little bit and helps you get into the zone for class. We started in standing, hand position 3 and did fast 4 counts of tap backs for about 20 seconds. Then after the chorus (it was one of those songs that started with the chorus) we did the same fast 4 counts from standing HP2 to the saddle. There is a small 15 second break between the jumps and the tap backs after the first set so that everyone can reset and get ready to tap back. It requires a little bit of concentration, even for me. I had to worry about my breath, counting the students down and then guiding them through the movements.


~Students should have had enough resistance to feel like they are on a hill that goes perfectly with the beat with a little bit of effort but nothing too much. We started in the saddle working the beat and then added a quarter turn, came up to standing HP2 and then during that chorus we added another quarter turn and moved to HP3. When we returned to the saddle we took the two adds off. We cycled through this three times. The third set was very short and I love when that happens because it’s a nice surprise for students and when the beat breaks for that last chorus its usually a little more robust in the sound so it can be extra motivating.

STANDING CLIMB, HAND POSITION 2: Outkast – Ms. Jackson (San Holo Remix)

~One of my favorite movements. A steady standing climb. We started on a 5 (just enough to come up into standing without pedaling out of control). We added quarter turn by quarter turn to get to quite an uncomfortable resistance but still maintaining a good pedal stroke. I always encourage students to finish in 3rd or the saddle in case it gets too uncomfortable while standing.

STANDING CLIMB, HAND POSITION 3: Will.i.Am f. Justin Bieber – #thatPOWER

~Love this song just as much as when it came out. I play it once every couple of months. Get on a 6.5 (good sized hill, close to a medium sized one) and move from the saddle to 3rd. Do 3 sets of 45 second pickups on the edge of those handlebars. I encourage students to really use the beat for motivation…45 seconds can really be tough!!!!

SEATED LADDER: Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself

~I’ve heard this on the radio a couple times but really got into it after this Saturday night. I listened to this during the pre-game and it just really spoke to me. We did a ladder on a 5 and stayed seated. We started at 65% of max, then 75% then 85%. One round is 45 seconds so you do 15 seconds at each pace and we repeated 3 times. The first set was only 30 seconds so that works out perfect so the class can get a feel for the work coming in the next few minutes. CRANK THIS ONE, BABY.

ISOLATIONS & A SEATED CLIMB: Kygo f. Ella Henderson – Here For You

~Alrighty. For this we climbed and hit some isolating holds in 3rd. We started with the isolation in a standing climb on a 7.5 (medium sized climb with a quarter turn to just make it feel heavier than a “medium sized hill”), HP3 for about 30 seconds and then when the beat picked up a little bit, we brought back a touch of bounce just to break up the hold of the isolation. Then when the full beat came back in, we added a quarter turn and sat in the saddle and worked the tension in the saddle. 2 rounds of this! If those legs start to shake during the isolation, you are doing something right. Isolations are not for everyone so if they gotta sit and take a break…that’s cool!

JUMPS: Peking Duk – Feels Like

~After all the climbing, these jumps came at a great time. We were in a standing climb the whole time working from HP2 to HP3. We started with slower 4 counts during the verse and then faster 4 counts during the chorus. We went through twice! Heart rate comes up but not too much!

STANDING CLIMB: The Weeknd f. Lana Del Rey – Prisoners

~If you like The Weeknd and have listened to his album, this song has GOT to be a fave. I get really quiet during this song in class because I want people to listen to the lyrics and know that we are what we are because of our decisions. We start at a 7.5 and come out into 3rd twice and after the second time we add a couple of quarter turns to get really into that heavy ass hill while the song goes acapella. I get chills just thinking about it!

STANDING CLIMB & SEATED DUO: Florence + The Machine: What Kind of Man

~This is one of those songs where I played it in my car SO many times and no choreography ever popped into my head. Then all of a sudden, I had an idea…Use it after last song’s climb. Come out into 3rd at a 7 and just go with the beat and then come down to the saddle at a 5 and pick that pace up a little bit…this should feel good. I stressed nothing too fast. I wanted to use it sort of as a flush but without actually calling it one.

SPRINTS: Calvin Harris f. Alesso: Under Control

~I typically do one sprint song. I tend to recap evrythig we’ve done and how this is the final push. I always do the “THIS IS YOUR LAST MILE IN YOUR MARATHON” spiel just to keep people in the game. We got on a 5 and then started with 75% of max for 15 then finished off with 100% for 15. 2nd time through we did 75% for 15 and then the full sprint for 30!

COOLDOWN: Nelly f. Jeremih: The Fix & The Weeknd: In the Night

~Bring that heart rate down and stretch

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.37.47 PMHere is the image of the ride. For some reason I couldn’t capture the two cool down songs but here is the bulk of it!

That’s it! I thought it was a good hard ride. Rides can always be modified so do what you can and when you are ‘can-ing’ give it 100%+.

Thanks for reading



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