Fresh Purchases

I recently bought a couple of things from Sephora that were MUCH NEEDED. I have not bought a bronzer in 3 years and I just made the plunge! The other purchase I made was one that I have not been longing over for too long but was necessary…See below for pics, descriptions and swatches…

Guerlain Four Seasons in Brunettes – Moyen

I have been salivating for about two years over this bronzer. I finally splurged because I am just bored with my bronzer situation. I have hit pan on my Tarte one, my Laguna smashed (and it’s so overrated!) and the Arbonne one just has to be laid down to rest. I do have my Chanel Bronze Universale, but its cream and I needed a powder option (since I grab the powder more frequently). Why did I spend THIS much money on a bronzer? I HAD TO. I believe a good makeup stash needs one solid option that you want to reach for time and time again. I wanted something that I could commit to for awhile but that was a little fancy and diverse. Guerlain checks off those boxes for me. It has four matte  shades that can be tailored to whatever season you are currently in. The packaging is gorgeous and even came with a polishing cloth. The powder is very light so I do not think I will have issues with this ever being cakey. It does have a scent but is nothing too crazy but smells powdery but fresh. The color I chose is in the “Brunettes” group which did make it a little easier to decide which one might be best for me however, I think that it should not be a deciding factor for those of you that are interested. I did go back and forth between the Brunettes Moyen and another option in Blondes. There was another one in the Brunette group but I thought  it would have been better suited for those with not as warm undertones. All I have to say is that I am so excited that I finally have this in my possession!

image6 (1) image4 (2)

image5 (2)

Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

So, I had not been coveting this as much as I had been the Guerlain bronzer but I was on the prowl for a nice matte palette. My current favorite matte palette is one from either L’Oreal or Revlon. I can’t even tell because they don’t make it anymore and the brand rubbed off. I can’t believe, I can’t tell the difference because I am a total drugstore addict but that also speaks to how long I have had this small quad. I was in desperate need of something with a few awesome matte options that would last a long time when I was wearing them in regards to shelf life. I was considering going really high end or doing MAC but this just spoke to me. I love how the names are written underneath and not on the back (because obviously the names make that much more fun) After swatching them on my arm, I am so excited to get into it with these!!! With my dark brown and hooded eyes, I am finding that mattes are WAYYYYY better options for me. I wish I could rock more sparkle, but I do like achieving a sultry, lived in look. Even though these don’t look like much in the pan, I think that is the best thing about neutrals and mattes…they are the hidden gems of our personal collections because they anchor a look. I know that Wanderer and Power Player are going to be my besties and Multi-Tasker will probably be my new go-to powder eyebrow shade!

image1 (1) image2 (2) image3 (2)

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