New Mascara Faves

Everyone’s eyelashes are unique and beautiful in their own way. Of course we all seem to covet the type in which we have the total opposite of, however I am a firm believer in working with what you got and get yourself on a mascara ‘regimen’…meaning, don’t use just one! If you are someone like me who doesn’t particularly like applying mascara but loves the effect of a solid routine of two to three mascaras, then I know you will feel me on this post. I tend to use three mascaras every day. I start with volume, then move in with something lengthening and then finish things off with something a bit defining and/or waterproof. I very rarely switch up my mascaras. Major shoutout to L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes and MAC’s Extended Play. These two are usually the openers and closers to my little regimen I have. These new additions below are specific to that second step!

Maybelline’s Colossal Chaotic

One thing that I love about Maybelline’s mascaras is that they always come out with bigger and better versions of themselves. This one is a prime example. I have used Maybelline’s Colossal as a first step and while its not my favorite, it still is pretty damn good. It never flaked out on me and the brush is big and fluffy. This mutation of the Colossal is INSANE. TIMID LASH GIRLS BEWARE. As mentioned previously, I have the straightest, and darkest eyelashes. This stuff brings it to another level. After I use my volumizing mascara, I go right in with this sucker to sort of mess things up. I can get down with the ‘Twiggy’ look but nothing too obscene. The brush on this one is interesting. It is slightly crooked. The tip comes to a bend and its on the more dense side. I have had this for almost two months and do not notice any sign of drying just yet. This type of brush and formulation can be troublesome when it starts to dry out. With a name like “Chaotic”, I slightly cringe when I imagine it drying out. I would give this a whirl if you want something a little different and want a more of an intense look!

IMG_5989 IMG_5990

Covergirl The Super Sizer

I’ll say it first… I am very loyal to L’Oreal mascaras. This is one of the very few mascaras from Covergirl I have tried. THEY NAILED IT with this. What lured me was the brush. I love the brushes that have small bristles and look sort of uninteresting. MAC’s Extended Play is similar and so is Maybelline’s Lash Discovery. I have been using this after I let my first coat of voluminizing mascara dry a bit…no more than two minutes I would say. This is so great because you can still keep your look subtle but you can build it. There are a couple of paths you can take with this which is why I really enjoy it. The other component that really draws me is that I can really get under and pull up from the roots of my lashes to get a nice coating of product. It makes my eyes look a little wider, which works great because I have quite hooded lids. I highly recommend this as a mascara that can wear many hats.

IMG_5991 IMG_5992 

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