Monday Blues

Another beginning of the week. I hope everyone has been enjoying the start of this autumn weather… I know I am. I have worn booties once and I currently am writing this to you all bundled up in my favorite black scarf. This weekend for me was pretty good. I feel like I might be getting sick, so I tried to relax as much as I could (so I obviously got a pedi and paid for the extra massage and callus remover…oh yea and I got my hair did). I taught spin four times last week and I went for a 4 mile run yesterday and surprisingly I felt quite loose…no tightness in my hips, no sensations in my IT band, which is great. Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to a bar for the latter half of the Pats game and went in on some nachos and wings. I drove to work this AM from Rhode Island, and it was a brutal commute with the traffic but thankfully and unthankfully, I have spin tonight so I can get right into my workout groove. Even though I am still tired today and want to just cuddle up under my cube and take a nap, I know that after a good sweat sesh tonight I will feel like my week has officially started!  I hope everyone had a little fun and got to relax! I’ll be back later this week. Here are a few pics for ya!

This is my childhood bed. I still love coming home and laying in it.

This is my childhood bed. I still love coming home and laying in it.

image2 (5)

I swear by Kombucha. The chia seeds are great for your GI tract and this stuff is packed with antioxidants. Plus it serves a nice post-breakfast snack.

image3 (5)

I randomly picked up this gloss by Rimmel… In love. I bought it in the shade Blushing Belgraves.

Andddd I caved and bought these from Banana. The peep toe, the bootie, the buckle…I just couldn’t help myself.

Thanks for reading everyone! Talk soon!

Hill XO

The Updated Face Routine

Happy Friggen Friday!

I have an updated base routine to share with you all. With fall swooping in sort of quickly this year I have already started to change up my routine a little bit. Below is my current regimen/chat/review of products.


Don’t mind my glass desk….Sorry it looks like my bronzer has a plug coming out of it…

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

I first was introduced to this brand while gallivanting the isles of Target about a year ago. I had never seen so many products in a brand dedicated to hydration. The first product I picked up by Laniege was their Balancing Emulsion, which is amazing. It is lightweight, does not make me shiny and does just the trick to top off my skincare routine. Not to mention, the value is unreal. I am still making my way through the bottle. So, when I started to see the bottom of the pot of my Fresh Rose Mask (so overrated, I cannot believe I spent that much money on that product and cannot believe they are repackaging it  for its 15th anniversary) I remembered I saw this ‘sleeping mask’ and zoomed over in my VW Golf (it’s a diesel….the travesty…I know…When I eventually trade it in, its literally going to be worth $5) to pick it up at my local Target. Let’s just say….this product is a holy grail. It’s a gel like formula that is very nourishing, fast absorbing and of course hydrating. I have  been using it every 2 or 3 nights and it just sets me up for my base the next day so well. It is 23 bucks…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Go claim yours!!!


Too Faced Hangover Rx Primer

I have had this for a few months and picked it up randomly. I did not go to Sephora on the prowl for it. I saw it…liked it…put it in my basket and it stayed there until check out. After seeing it, I knew I needed to have it. It’s nourishing, hydrating, and smoothes everything out. I love this stuff and will absolutely repurchase.


IT Cosmetics CC Cream

Ok. I know I am kind of late to the party with this. Makeupbytiffanyd and Viviannadoesmakeup have raved about this CC Cream and I just caved. I’ve had it for about a month and just adore it. What I like about it is I do not have to really put concealer on and it applies better with fingers than a brush. It smells of lemons and is very blendable….almost velvety. The color rang is minimal but this stuff is so good that I would still use it in the wintertime mixed with something lighter. I wear the color Tan and it suits me perfectly right now. It helps enhance my post summer glow and still lets my skin show through. The pump action is perfect for travel and the tube will last awhile.


Here is the before and after with just the CC Cream. I love this stuff. I gotta work on my resting bitch face/deer in headlights. No laughing.

IMG_6220 IMG_6221

Guerlain Four Seasons Bronzer

Need I say more? I have been using this as a contour. I have been applying it in the hollows of my cheeks, forehead and jaw to get a little subtle definition. It’s so natural looking so working with a slightly heavier hand won’t hurt you. I have been going straight in with this bronzer after my CC Cream and have not needed to powder prior, which I love. Everyone’s skin is different, which I totally get, but with this bronzer being so high quality, I doubt people will have a tough time!

MAC Blush Whole Lotta Love

My favorite blush. It looks a little intimidating but gives me a bright peachy, pink look. It brightens my whole face. I don’t care if people think when they see me, “Oh she has blush on” I just don’t want people to think, “Damn, CHILL Raggedy Anne”. If I was on a deserted island I would bring blush and lip gloss…Forget bronzer, blush is what is going to make you look alive and well. Anyways, this blush has lasted me forever and is so pigmented. I use a very light hand with this and sweep it on the apples of my cheeks and try to focus it there so it doesn’t interfere with the contouring. I use this blush in the winter and in the summer. In the winter time it gives me a more flushed look and in the summer it looks like a touch of sunburn in the most glamorous and adorable way possible.


MAC Prep and Prime Fix + Yuzu

Ugh. Love this setting spray. I only use it after I apply my makeup  to help everything set in. I am still in love with this stuff. If you do not have a setting spray, go get one… and if you do have one PICK THIS UP. It just takes that edge off…I know I wrote in a previous post about this, so keep scrolling to find it!

And here was the final look. I of course did some brow work and did my eyes but this post was strictly to talk about DA FACE. Base is something I am so passionate about since I have suffered from cystic acne the past few years after college and I finally feel like I am getting back into a glow-y groove here. I am loving that I can lighten up on the concealer and head out with just a BB, CC or light foundation. BTW – I definitely should have did my hair for the day and THEN took this photo! Yikes. Have a great weekend everyone!


Thanks for reading. I will be back next week

Hill XO

Monday Blues

Ughh Hey Monday…I still don’t like you. I hope everyone had a great weekend. I did not want it to end! I stayed in Boston and my boyfriend came up. We ordered Tasty Burger on Friday and Saturday night because we are just SO healthy and we spent Saturday night on a close friend’s new roof deck which had nothing less than a spectacular view of Boston. I did go to M Street beach on Saturday which was great because it was just the perfect temperature and hardly anyone was there. Then of course we participated in Sunday Funday by spending the day at Stats to watch the game! Here are a few pics from my weekend. I’ll be back this week!

Thanks for reading!

Hill XO

IMG_6194 (1)

What does this picture NOT capture of the Boston skyline? South Boston views are pretty impressive. 

image1 (5)

I took a little trip to Neatly Nested and picked this candle up. I loved it because it didn’t smell too much like fall and not a whole lot like summer. I’m loving it.

image3 (4)

A busy Stats for the Pats game. Their buffalo chicken spring rolls are AMAZE.

image4 (6)

M Street Beach. I love the colors in this photo – the gradient nature of the blue sky, the teal undertones of the water and the neutral sand. Small piece of heaven.

image2 (4)

Another purchase from Neatly Nested. I needed a new makeup brush holder. The wider the top, the better. Lesson learned.

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Hill XO

The Underestimated L’Oreal Liner

Featured image

I started wearing eye liner on my upper lids probably in 9th grade but made it sort of my signature look in college. In high school, I would curl the crud out of my lashes and use only waterproof mascara and go sans liner. By the time I was in college, I grew tired of the pressure I was putting on my eye balls to fully cleanse my eyes and started only curling the tips of my lashes and ditching the waterproof routine. Because I was eliminating that big wide eyed effect by not curling like a maniac, I felt that liquid upper eyeliner was a great addition to my regimen. I must say that mastering that winged look was not very hard for me. I thoroughly enjoyed (and still do) trying out different brands. Of course I had those days where my flick literally touched the tail of my eyebrow and the liner pretty much covered my whole lid, but sometimes we just have those days. I know you all feel me.. See pic below…

Now, I will admit I did jump on the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner bandwagon, but I will NOT repurchase. I truly believe that drugstore liners are just as good and I am talking about L’Oreal specifically, however I will admit that, I do want to purchase the Estee Lauder Little Black Liner since its double ended (such a sucker for shit like that). But anyways, the liner I want to inform you all about is the L’Oreal Blackbuster Liquid Eyeliner. I bought it in a pinch. The nib is quite thick and I thought before I used it “Great…Hillary why didn’t you just buy an eyeliner you had purchased before? Of course you picked up the liner with the thick ass point. This is going to go from classy to crack whore in about three seconds”. I’m glad I told my a$$hole inner thoughts to be quiet because this stuff rocks. The thick point made it quite easy to get close to my lashes. I was able to really use the point to keep things smooth and even.

image4 (5)image3 (3)

image5 (5)

Because the formula is a little bit drier and dries matte, I felt that I had more control over the product. The flick which is where I tend to have issues, was almost effortless to make. I used the tip to map out my angle and then rolled it onto its side to help make that sort of swoosh to join up the tail and lid. It lasts all day. I went to a spin class after work and it STAYED PUT. 10 points for Hufflepuff on that one.  Here are some early AM selfies of the look I did with it. Do not judge my lifeless face…I needed another cup of coffee and a cheese omelet.  It’s about the eyes, OK?

image1 (4)


WELL that is it! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Monday Spin Playlist

To my fellow group exercise instructors, I think this is a post that will hit home with many of you. So, I have not taught my Monday night Spin class in two weeks. Last week was Labor Day and the week before I was on vacation. Question: I guess its technically three weeks since I have taught that class, but do we say two since I have only missed two classes…either way let’s put it this way…the last time I taught this class was August 24th. I always feel VERY guilty when I secure a sub. I get almost jealous of the subs and wish I could be there. I think I am one of those instructors who teaches spin because I love it so much but also because I love having control! I will come right out and say that. I love being the one girl that gets to ‘tell’ everyone what to do. However, in class I let everyone know that I am their ‘guide’ and ‘coach’ not a bossy little biatch (of course the nicest biatch favorite phrase is “Don’t cheat unless you need to. Make sure you are on a hill!”). So, when I am not in class I feel a lost sense of control. Even when I was on vacation I was thinking about my two classes “Oh look, its 6:30 they all must be getting going”. I even look at my phone after the class expecting that text from my peeps saying “The sub was good, but WE MISSED YOU”. I know that many of us instructors love fitness and motivating people, so instead of psychoanalyzing my need for control, I am just going to let it ride because it means I’m passionate and plus there are other parts of myself that I should work on…Like how pissed I get when my wifi doesn’t work in my room after 8pm *breathe Hillary, you do not need to watch this nail polish collection video right now*. So anyways! Below is my playlist that I did in yesterday’s class. It is a 45 minute class *yes* and I had a lot of good movements and transitions. Below I will describe what we did for each song!

WARM UP: Jax Jones – Yea Yea Yea (Radio Edit)

~Ugh in love with this jam! We started in the saddle on a flat road and do a few pick-ups to get in the groove. 3 pick-ups total: 1st and 2nd = 15 seconds and the 3rd for about 40.

TAP BACKS & JUMPS: Redfoo – New Thang

~Ok…this is a good first song (in my opinion) because it makes you think a little bit and helps you get into the zone for class. We started in standing, hand position 3 and did fast 4 counts of tap backs for about 20 seconds. Then after the chorus (it was one of those songs that started with the chorus) we did the same fast 4 counts from standing HP2 to the saddle. There is a small 15 second break between the jumps and the tap backs after the first set so that everyone can reset and get ready to tap back. It requires a little bit of concentration, even for me. I had to worry about my breath, counting the students down and then guiding them through the movements.


~Students should have had enough resistance to feel like they are on a hill that goes perfectly with the beat with a little bit of effort but nothing too much. We started in the saddle working the beat and then added a quarter turn, came up to standing HP2 and then during that chorus we added another quarter turn and moved to HP3. When we returned to the saddle we took the two adds off. We cycled through this three times. The third set was very short and I love when that happens because it’s a nice surprise for students and when the beat breaks for that last chorus its usually a little more robust in the sound so it can be extra motivating.

STANDING CLIMB, HAND POSITION 2: Outkast – Ms. Jackson (San Holo Remix)

~One of my favorite movements. A steady standing climb. We started on a 5 (just enough to come up into standing without pedaling out of control). We added quarter turn by quarter turn to get to quite an uncomfortable resistance but still maintaining a good pedal stroke. I always encourage students to finish in 3rd or the saddle in case it gets too uncomfortable while standing.

STANDING CLIMB, HAND POSITION 3: Will.i.Am f. Justin Bieber – #thatPOWER

~Love this song just as much as when it came out. I play it once every couple of months. Get on a 6.5 (good sized hill, close to a medium sized one) and move from the saddle to 3rd. Do 3 sets of 45 second pickups on the edge of those handlebars. I encourage students to really use the beat for motivation…45 seconds can really be tough!!!!

SEATED LADDER: Hailee Steinfeld – Love Myself

~I’ve heard this on the radio a couple times but really got into it after this Saturday night. I listened to this during the pre-game and it just really spoke to me. We did a ladder on a 5 and stayed seated. We started at 65% of max, then 75% then 85%. One round is 45 seconds so you do 15 seconds at each pace and we repeated 3 times. The first set was only 30 seconds so that works out perfect so the class can get a feel for the work coming in the next few minutes. CRANK THIS ONE, BABY.

ISOLATIONS & A SEATED CLIMB: Kygo f. Ella Henderson – Here For You

~Alrighty. For this we climbed and hit some isolating holds in 3rd. We started with the isolation in a standing climb on a 7.5 (medium sized climb with a quarter turn to just make it feel heavier than a “medium sized hill”), HP3 for about 30 seconds and then when the beat picked up a little bit, we brought back a touch of bounce just to break up the hold of the isolation. Then when the full beat came back in, we added a quarter turn and sat in the saddle and worked the tension in the saddle. 2 rounds of this! If those legs start to shake during the isolation, you are doing something right. Isolations are not for everyone so if they gotta sit and take a break…that’s cool!

JUMPS: Peking Duk – Feels Like

~After all the climbing, these jumps came at a great time. We were in a standing climb the whole time working from HP2 to HP3. We started with slower 4 counts during the verse and then faster 4 counts during the chorus. We went through twice! Heart rate comes up but not too much!

STANDING CLIMB: The Weeknd f. Lana Del Rey – Prisoners

~If you like The Weeknd and have listened to his album, this song has GOT to be a fave. I get really quiet during this song in class because I want people to listen to the lyrics and know that we are what we are because of our decisions. We start at a 7.5 and come out into 3rd twice and after the second time we add a couple of quarter turns to get really into that heavy ass hill while the song goes acapella. I get chills just thinking about it!

STANDING CLIMB & SEATED DUO: Florence + The Machine: What Kind of Man

~This is one of those songs where I played it in my car SO many times and no choreography ever popped into my head. Then all of a sudden, I had an idea…Use it after last song’s climb. Come out into 3rd at a 7 and just go with the beat and then come down to the saddle at a 5 and pick that pace up a little bit…this should feel good. I stressed nothing too fast. I wanted to use it sort of as a flush but without actually calling it one.

SPRINTS: Calvin Harris f. Alesso: Under Control

~I typically do one sprint song. I tend to recap evrythig we’ve done and how this is the final push. I always do the “THIS IS YOUR LAST MILE IN YOUR MARATHON” spiel just to keep people in the game. We got on a 5 and then started with 75% of max for 15 then finished off with 100% for 15. 2nd time through we did 75% for 15 and then the full sprint for 30!

COOLDOWN: Nelly f. Jeremih: The Fix & The Weeknd: In the Night

~Bring that heart rate down and stretch

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 8.37.47 PMHere is the image of the ride. For some reason I couldn’t capture the two cool down songs but here is the bulk of it!

That’s it! I thought it was a good hard ride. Rides can always be modified so do what you can and when you are ‘can-ing’ give it 100%+.

Thanks for reading


Monday Blues

I hope everyone had a great weekend! As always, today I am struggling a little bit. I whooped it up a little too much on Saturday night and was cursed with a lovely hangover yesterday. However, I literally faked it until I made it. I told myself I was not going to sit in my bed all day and sit in my own self loathing. It was the first weekend I stayed in Boston THE WHOLE WEEKEND since the beginning of July, so a night out was needed I guess you could say. Yesterday, my roommate, her friend and I had a lovely meal at D’Angelo’s (so classy, I KNOW) and stopped in to a Target for some Starbucks. Later I met up with my mom in Chestnut Hill for a Blue Mercury date and oysters. Later I returned home for a marathon game of Sorry! (literally so fun…I still struggle with the rules and read every card which pisses everyone off but I don’t care. I am a slow learner but then NEVER forget)…I thought I did more but I guess I really didn’t. I hope everyone’s week went well. I know that with having Monday off that four day week was great! Here are some pics of my week!

Dahlia's for the Den

Dahlia’s for the Den

Spinach and Orange Smoothie

Spinach and Orange Smoothie – One whole orange, handful of spinach, one scoop protein powder, little bit of vanilla extract, cashew milk and frozen pineapple!

$45 Bathroom Revamp

$45 Bathroom Revamp

YSL Shine Volupte hanging at a restaurant opening

YSL Shine Volupte hanging at a restaurant opening

Exchange Place on Friday Night

Exchange Place on Friday Night

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Working out while on vacation…

Working out on vacation? It’s tough. For someone like me who has always been active, I feel so guilty when I don’t work out. I grew up playing soccer and when I hit my teens I would head over to the gym on my days off and either lift, run or go to yoga. In high school I was ALWAYS grounded and the gym was never a restricted place for me so I used to walk on over and get a sweat sesh in. Fast forward to today, at the ripe age of 24 I do find it hard sometimes to STAY MOTIVATED to hit the gym. I constantly find myself playing the game of cost-benefit analysis or psyching myself up, “Should I go today after work or just force myself to get up tomorrow AM before work” or “Ok…you have to hit the gym tonight…drink more water, don’t eat those donuts”.  Now, add in these internal thoughts while being on vacation. Because I only went home to RI for the week it was a bit like a staycation. I got to see my family and my boyfriend EVERYDAY for almost ten days, it was glorious. I did workout but if I missed a day…SO WHAT. I told myself, “Don’t judge yourself if you didn’t work out today. It will all be ok. IT’S VACATION”. I think the key for me was to see how I felt that day. If I slept well, was not up late and my schedule allowed for a workout, then I went ahead and did it. Luckily I was at home and went to a gym that I used to teach spin at and knew the area but below I am going to give you a few of ideas and trips that help get me through working out while on vacation.

If you are vacationing on or near a beach…walk it baby

After some champs and a nice beach nap why not fit in a little in a little exercise?

The beach is a great piece of equipment. The sand ups the degree of difficulty quite a bit when trudging through it. The uneven surface is a great way to hit those abs as well. The non-vacationing version of myself would normally be like “Let’s run the beach” but when I’m on vacation I just want to walk it, ok? Walking is JUST as good. So, what I do is I tend to put my headphones in and clock it on my Nike Running App or Mapmyrun and get a sense for the distance. I try not to say things like, “AIIGHT WE DON’T STOP UNLESS ITS 3 MILES”.  I just go until I have walked the whole beach, need water or chaffe. Usually I chaffe first and then realize I have like another 15 minutes of walking until I hit my beach chair and in that case I just endure the chaffing as a reminder to work on those damn wobbly inner thighs…this is your punishment and Balmex will be your bail.

Try something spontaneous

With this one I don’t mean like go out of your way to get to a local Barre class or Barry’s bootcamp *stomach churns* but I mean maybe that’s what you want to do and if it is KUDOS. When I’m in vacation mode, I tend to like not give a crap about what I look like or I feel a little adventurous so I may integrate in a move I know I haven’t done in a while, saw somewhere in Shape or just want a quick change of direction. For example, while walking on the beach one day, no one really was around so I started hitting some lunges and then sat in the sand to do a few lamely attempted V-sits. I normally do these things but their timing is a little more well thought out during a workout and not random. Another example is I wanted to work out before I had my three doctors’ appointments on my first day of vacation (had to do it and get it over with) so I did something in my den real quick and since it was brief, I ended with ten pushups. Pushups and I do not really get along. I can chatarunga all day, but good ol’ fashion pushups are a b*tch for me so I decided, screw it, I am just going for it, no one is watching me and I am in the mood. I think vacation brain can really help us take the thinking out of our regiment and into just doing it (corny Nike reference BUT TRUE).

Get on a track

Normally track workouts are not my thing but where I live there is a school about a quarter mile down the road with a little walking path around a field. I think it is a little more than a quarter mile around but it was a great resource for me. It’s free and you can do a lot with it. If you are vacationing somewhere and there are schools nearby maybe give it a whirl. I started off with running around twice and then would run one lap then do lunges, side lunges, or squat walks for maybe 100 meters or less and then run the rest. It’s a good way to pack some strength in while still getting some cardio. Time flies by with the alternating. Then I started jogging 100 meters and then doing 35 crunches at the end of every 100. Then for the second lap I held 20 second planks instead of the crunches. I ended with sprinting 100 meters and then walking 200. I did the sprints three times and then stretched for a bit. Tracks are mindless. You can forget what lap you are on so if you want to mix it up with walking/running/sprinting and then integrate in some strengthening moves with a fun playlist, you will be surprised that you can get in a total body work out.

Think about how you will feel afterwards

You have no plans until the evening and you are just relaxing but you feel that because you are on vacation you don’t want to work out…Well guess what, this is the day you should workout. When there is a lull in your vacation plans and you had a great lazy morning, it’s time to get moving. I think one of the best ways to go from slouch on the couch to up and at ‘em is to think about how good it is going to feel when its over. Endorphins are legit people so endure the first painful ten minutes and then after that its smooth sailing. You know that corny old song that goes, “HOOKED ON A FEELING”, ok yes just channel that chorus line to get you moving. If you genuinely feel worse after a workout, then you are probably sick but 99.9999% you feel like a boss afterwards so put the work in, be in the moment when you burning those cals and I guarantee you will be surprised at how long you went, how easy it was to keep going and how awesome it felt afterwards.

Link to that song here …share with a parent. They will love you even more because you know a song from their era.

No pressure

Lastly, don’t put pressure on yourself to make it the best workout ever. If you want to just go through the motions and even just lace up for 15 minutes… you still are awesome and you whoop everyone else’s ass that decided to just not do it. And if this is the only form of exercise you’ll be doing…

image2 (1)

at least tuck your belly button to your spine to activate those abs for a nice cannon ball.

I hope some of you find this interesting or helpful. Please share your own tricks… I am always looking to strengthen my vacation workout game!

Thank you for reading


Fresh Purchases

I recently bought a couple of things from Sephora that were MUCH NEEDED. I have not bought a bronzer in 3 years and I just made the plunge! The other purchase I made was one that I have not been longing over for too long but was necessary…See below for pics, descriptions and swatches…

Guerlain Four Seasons in Brunettes – Moyen

I have been salivating for about two years over this bronzer. I finally splurged because I am just bored with my bronzer situation. I have hit pan on my Tarte one, my Laguna smashed (and it’s so overrated!) and the Arbonne one just has to be laid down to rest. I do have my Chanel Bronze Universale, but its cream and I needed a powder option (since I grab the powder more frequently). Why did I spend THIS much money on a bronzer? I HAD TO. I believe a good makeup stash needs one solid option that you want to reach for time and time again. I wanted something that I could commit to for awhile but that was a little fancy and diverse. Guerlain checks off those boxes for me. It has four matte  shades that can be tailored to whatever season you are currently in. The packaging is gorgeous and even came with a polishing cloth. The powder is very light so I do not think I will have issues with this ever being cakey. It does have a scent but is nothing too crazy but smells powdery but fresh. The color I chose is in the “Brunettes” group which did make it a little easier to decide which one might be best for me however, I think that it should not be a deciding factor for those of you that are interested. I did go back and forth between the Brunettes Moyen and another option in Blondes. There was another one in the Brunette group but I thought  it would have been better suited for those with not as warm undertones. All I have to say is that I am so excited that I finally have this in my possession!

image6 (1) image4 (2)

image5 (2)

Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette

So, I had not been coveting this as much as I had been the Guerlain bronzer but I was on the prowl for a nice matte palette. My current favorite matte palette is one from either L’Oreal or Revlon. I can’t even tell because they don’t make it anymore and the brand rubbed off. I can’t believe, I can’t tell the difference because I am a total drugstore addict but that also speaks to how long I have had this small quad. I was in desperate need of something with a few awesome matte options that would last a long time when I was wearing them in regards to shelf life. I was considering going really high end or doing MAC but this just spoke to me. I love how the names are written underneath and not on the back (because obviously the names make that much more fun) After swatching them on my arm, I am so excited to get into it with these!!! With my dark brown and hooded eyes, I am finding that mattes are WAYYYYY better options for me. I wish I could rock more sparkle, but I do like achieving a sultry, lived in look. Even though these don’t look like much in the pan, I think that is the best thing about neutrals and mattes…they are the hidden gems of our personal collections because they anchor a look. I know that Wanderer and Power Player are going to be my besties and Multi-Tasker will probably be my new go-to powder eyebrow shade!

image1 (1) image2 (2) image3 (2)

Thanks for reading!


New Mascara Faves

Everyone’s eyelashes are unique and beautiful in their own way. Of course we all seem to covet the type in which we have the total opposite of, however I am a firm believer in working with what you got and get yourself on a mascara ‘regimen’…meaning, don’t use just one! If you are someone like me who doesn’t particularly like applying mascara but loves the effect of a solid routine of two to three mascaras, then I know you will feel me on this post. I tend to use three mascaras every day. I start with volume, then move in with something lengthening and then finish things off with something a bit defining and/or waterproof. I very rarely switch up my mascaras. Major shoutout to L’Oreal’s Voluminous False Fiber Lashes and MAC’s Extended Play. These two are usually the openers and closers to my little regimen I have. These new additions below are specific to that second step!

Maybelline’s Colossal Chaotic

One thing that I love about Maybelline’s mascaras is that they always come out with bigger and better versions of themselves. This one is a prime example. I have used Maybelline’s Colossal as a first step and while its not my favorite, it still is pretty damn good. It never flaked out on me and the brush is big and fluffy. This mutation of the Colossal is INSANE. TIMID LASH GIRLS BEWARE. As mentioned previously, I have the straightest, and darkest eyelashes. This stuff brings it to another level. After I use my volumizing mascara, I go right in with this sucker to sort of mess things up. I can get down with the ‘Twiggy’ look but nothing too obscene. The brush on this one is interesting. It is slightly crooked. The tip comes to a bend and its on the more dense side. I have had this for almost two months and do not notice any sign of drying just yet. This type of brush and formulation can be troublesome when it starts to dry out. With a name like “Chaotic”, I slightly cringe when I imagine it drying out. I would give this a whirl if you want something a little different and want a more of an intense look!

IMG_5989 IMG_5990

Covergirl The Super Sizer

I’ll say it first… I am very loyal to L’Oreal mascaras. This is one of the very few mascaras from Covergirl I have tried. THEY NAILED IT with this. What lured me was the brush. I love the brushes that have small bristles and look sort of uninteresting. MAC’s Extended Play is similar and so is Maybelline’s Lash Discovery. I have been using this after I let my first coat of voluminizing mascara dry a bit…no more than two minutes I would say. This is so great because you can still keep your look subtle but you can build it. There are a couple of paths you can take with this which is why I really enjoy it. The other component that really draws me is that I can really get under and pull up from the roots of my lashes to get a nice coating of product. It makes my eyes look a little wider, which works great because I have quite hooded lids. I highly recommend this as a mascara that can wear many hats.

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