A Word on Milani Blushes…

Does anyone remember these?
Milani Runway Eyes Fashion Shadows
If you do, they were my introduction to Milani. They had these Runway Eyes in pinks and grays as well.  I used these LONG before UD ever came ever with their Naked palettes. In college these palettes were my go-to!!!! After purchasing a couple I started to really enjoy Milani and what the brand had to offer. Their lip glosses smell divine and are pretty pigmented, plus very easy to store in your pocket for a night on the town….you know those nights when you don’t even want to bring a clutch and just want to be a free bitch and not have to worry about “LIKE OMG WHERE DID I PUT MY CLUTCH?! I think I left it in bathroom…Oh shet, maybe I left it at like the bar”. We all know it has happened. But anyways, this post is about their blush. I think we all know that drugstore blush can be difficult. If you are someone like me who LOVES BLUSH I tend to take my ass to a Sephora or friggen MAC where my favorite formulas and colors thrive, however these two from Milani are high up there on my favorites.
So the great thing about these two blushes is that they are great for day or night and what I love most is that they are fabulous for those days when you want to wear a bold lip. I think it is really important to have an arsenal of blushes that look well with your more statement lipsticks because no one wants to see a girl that looks like a Madame Alexander doll and also its sort of a skill to find THAT right blush to go with THAT bold lippy.
Baked Powder Blush in Luminoso
So versatile. Puts that radiance right back into your face piece. I not only wear this in the summer time on top of bronzer but in the wintertime. Because it has a great amount of sparkle and pizzazz I think it is a great light reflection option. It gives a healthy oomph to the face in the winter time but does not make you look like a disco ball in the summer. It deposits just the perfect amount of peachyness and does not get ruddy so you can use this quite generously. I have a lipstick called Sangria by Milani that is a matte, dark grape color and this pairing is awesome. Sometimes if I just gotta get out the door, I use this and sculpt my cheek bones with it. I apply it to my apples and then sweep up back towards my hair for that subtle but healthy look.
image3 (1)
Rose Powder Blush in Tea Rose
This blush is one of their newest additions to their collection and I must admit I am a sucker for the rose shape. My roommate and I would go into a CVS and gawk over how cute they were. One day, I came home and she had bought one for herself and one for me. ANOTHER SHOUT OUT TO DA ROOMIE. She chose Coral Cove and mine is Tea Rose. Tea Rose has got a hint of mauve and applies so smoothly. The color is a mix of things. It’s a little peachy and a little pink but gives the most beautiful warmth to the face. It is matte which I love and there is a lot of blush in that pan! I use it maybe once or twice a week and that rose design has yet to breakdown. You can build it up if you wish, or just do a light dusting if you are a little blush timid.
image4 (1)
I highly recommend either of these colors and/or the range. They are priced perfectly and are great for everyday and can transition nicely for a night time look. They don’t feel chalky and are so light on the skin PLUS easy to blend. Milani I think is the hidden gem of drugstore brands so I am so giddy to share this post!
image2 (1) 
Thanks for reading!

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